The Post-Heroic Age


Wretchard illuminates, without approval, the modern way.

That, notwithstanding the generationist hype, will defecate immediately upon the approach of someone – anyone – with the will to win.

Got courage?

You and your people are going to need it.

8 responses to “The Post-Heroic Age

  1. The federally funded public school system. Preventing boys from becoming men for over 30 years. All of a piece. And all intentional.

  2. The millennials are fucked, whether they “deserve” it or not (debatable).

    And we are too, and our culpability, to whatever degree, is debatable but undeniable. We had the knowledge and the responsibility and we exercized neither.

    It’s down to the last resort now, which is always and ever violence.

    May God forgive us, for we should have damned well known what we were doing.

    Anyone who doesn’t know what we must now do is either the Enemy, a fool or a coward.

  3. Not all of us are limp-wristed faggots afraid of their own shadow. The so called gray-beard millennials are the ones who took a hard right turn when Ron Paul made his run and are old enough to remember some of what has been stolen from them. Look at the primary drivers of the alt-right and other reactionary movements against the statists. It’s the wrong answer but at this point the only people with nothing to lose and enough time left on the planet to see it through are the late Gen-Xers and older millennials. Just my .02¢.

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