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  1. 1) Doing as best we can.
    2) Done and growing together.
    3)Outside more than we are inside.
    4) As frequently as we can.
    5) Constantly, and honing what we know.
    6) I’m here.

  2. Secession was called a revolt 150 years ago, it wasn’t then and won’t be now. It is a legal and moral action.

  3. She will be on the list of rare and endangered species. Or the final solution list. I am glad i am the age I am.

  4. Go against the goads. Its a lifestyletjat does bot equate to having many friends/supporters at times.

    Its way too easy to just be a sheep and do as your told. Its so much harder to research and make informed decisions and know your life and the life of your chilc will be that much harder because of it. f ’em and their bleeting sheep who think you nuts for not going with the flow.

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