“2016 is the Flight 93 election: Charge the cockpit or you die.”


Even the proper folks at Claremont get it.

Do you?

TINVOWOOT notwithstanding, Saint Hillary the Tussive will be an unmitigated disaster.

Look hard at your people and your METT-TC.

You ready for the Jugoslavian Break-Up Blues?

Are your people?

135 days.


46 responses to ““2016 is the Flight 93 election: Charge the cockpit or you die.”

  1. If the voters elect Hillary, the voters WILL be punished.

    • Know what Nemesis means? A righteous infliction of retribution, manifested by an appropriate agent.
      That psychobitch is going to be the straw that breaks the camels back. We all know she is a crazy lyin’ commie bitch. They know she is a blood thirsty murdering absolutely corrupt whore. And anyone one with a brain cell knows the polls are a total lie. If it wasn’t for the false narrative press she couldn’t win an election for a garbage collector in a one horse town. Too many of us have had enough of this elitist tyrant bullshit crammed up our ass’s.
      By standing up on the national stage, grabbing us by the ears and rubbing our faces in her foul barren vagina she is creating a nation of Nemesis’s.
      It will, go too far. It has already been decided. You fucking know it TINVOWOOT.

      It won’t be about restoring a republic, or rule of law, or mom and apple pie. Nope. It is gonna be about extermination. Total unstoppable payback is a bitch. Too long this crap has been going on, too long us dirt people have turned the other cheek and endured, for too long we have tolerated this happy horse shit.
      When the dam breaks, the cold anger and insult to dignity has built to the point there isn’t going to be anything to stop it. It is going to be a tsunami of unorganized pure revenge. The other shit can wait.

      Malum prohibitum is the state. It is an instrument of administrative dictatorship.
      There is no going back, only forward and better. This administrative state of tyranny is also the fertile ground in which the seeds of resistance and revolt sprout up to become a crop of rejection of the state, and springs forth the fruit of revolution, and a harvest of liberty is reaped.
      We aint the same three percent we where 235 years ago, and we ain’t the same people as the rest of the world. The real shit is going to hit the fan when we get to it, and we are getting all the help getting to it the kind of 3% we are need.
      The kind of resistance and revolution coming is evolutionary, it takes time, it goes in little steps, till one day like sweeping the floor under the rug you turn around and it is a mountain of had enough of this shit, and it’s on like Donkey Kong.
      We may have our faults, but there is no one on Earth that fights like Americans when you got them cornered. We don’t know how to quit or give up.

      Nemesis is spelled Three Percent.
      Because Fuck You Thats Why.

    • if Trump wins, an a 4-to-8-year-long patriotard shroud gets thrown over the Right. Same as Bush43. Mrs. Clinton, though, will provide the spark that starts a conflagration.

      • Yo Anton,

        You related to the taqiyya-practicing moslem Haxo/Stuka Pilot/(Not So) Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed ?

  2. This essay is a Masterpiece.

  3. Truly the last word on this election, thanks for finding it.
    What is astonishing to me is how many people don’t see it. I count among my acquaintances dozens who are reflexive Hillary voters, and a few who are voting for Gary Johnson, as if that’s going to help anything.

  4. I have tried twice to reblog this and it will not allow me to do so 😦

  5. The probable impact of Hillary’s inauguration is breakup similar to William Lind’s ‘Victoria’ and a lot of population reduction….

  6. Excellent and thorough essay…

  7. Never seen a more articulate, reasoned commentary on the situation.

    Solid place mark on where, exactly, we’re at…

  8. Dudes, we’re already dead. Although, Trump has gotten a whole lotta people in it that have not been in it before; there’s still many single issue people and sit at homers if you don’t fit in their box people; that I’d bet my car trump loses and it’s not close,
    Might as well go full Thelma and Louise and go over the cliff with a smile because we are going over it.

  9. Hmm ya. Let’s roll!!! Bwaahhhahhhaaa!

    Sorry couldn’t resist that.

    This message was brought to you by the good folks @ Building Seven, we’ll leave the light on for ya…

  10. I well into (This is reading #X for me. I love the book and read it cover to cover a couple times a year at least) the definitive blueprint on what and how to deal with the rotten SOB’s in DC and state houses. Its title is ‘Unintended Consequences’.

    What would Henry Bowman do?

    Semper Paratus

  11. “The election of 2016 is a test—in my view, the final test—of whether there is any virtù left in what used to be the core of the American nation. If they cannot rouse themselves simply to vote for the first candidate in a generation who pledges to advance their interests, and to vote against the one who openly boasts that she will do the opposite (a million more Syrians, anyone?), then they are doomed. They may not deserve the fate that will befall them, but they will suffer it regardless”.


  12. I took a poll today in the ‘big city’ where the majority of votes are cast..

    • My unscientific poll in a southwestern city doesn’t disclose much support for Cankles, but that’s to be expected.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. I was watching fox news earlier and crazy Hillary came on and addressed gun control. Looks like cankles wants to use the terrorist watch list as a means of taking gun rights. With her in office you can only imagine who will begin to populate the list. If she is elected you can count on an uprising.

  15. Spot on. Spot on.

  16. Who on their death bed wouldn’t do anything for one more day ?
    Trump will give us a little more time.
    (If he lives thru it. )

    • Well ya Man, talking about the same maniacs who destroyed Libya to keep the North African nations from starting a gold and other tangible commodities based economy disconnected from the one world bankster syndicate. Kadafhi was on the brink of getting it going, if his niebhor African States where left alone, they would have been unstoppable, the banisters would have been stopped from fucking with their money and economies. They would have been truly sovereign economically.

      Think of the 100’s of thousands of dead in Libya because of what the psychopath in an oven mitt and the usurpers in the whiite house helped orchestrate.
      Assassinating Donald Trump is nothing to monsters like the above.
      Besides, they can not permit anyone but their own ilk from control of the FUSA.
      The stuff these people have done is beyond any possible way of covering it up without that control.
      Then they are power mad insatiable greedy scum to boot.

      TooT TooT! Next stop banana republic Bitchez.
      I mean come on, thats how these shitheads think and act.
      They will bring to America what they have imposed on the outside world.
      And it will end up all hanging by a thread whether we make it or not by the smallest of minority of Americans who will resist defy and fight.

      You watch Brother. It is what it will come down to. Those maniacs don’t stop till they are. They ain’t got the system of crime and tyranny they have organized because they want to make nice with us dirt people.

  17. colddeadhandsdays

    I couldn’t agree more. To the never Trump crowd or anyone who votes for a different candidate I say. Fuck you:) I hope you perish in a painful way:) we have one chance to stem the advance and final victory is leftism here in the USA.

    • Sadly, it seems some people are just incapable of *getting it*.

      For the life of me I will never understand how sentient people can choose another person to rule over them.

      “If a persons intellectual capacity is so diminished as to choose another to rule them then it matters not whom the ruler is – they simply hope to lessen the abrasive nature of the noose.”
      –gs, 2099

      I’ll remind you, “All politics now are simply dress rehearsal for full scale civil war.” (Bill Beck, circa 21st century)

      There will be a war as there is no other way to take on the manifestations that are occurring now. How you transcend this war is dependent upon how you face the lead up. Trying to choose a better ruler only continues the past and the war will commence none the less but your cowardice will expand. Kicking the can down the road is over no matter how much you wish it to not be true. Facing the truth and taking it on like a man is the only course to the other side.


  18. We can talk about individual votes and polls all day long, but if Hillary has the electoral votes in the bag, then by God, she has already won and the popular vote matters little.

    • Bingo!! Remember Stalin’s comment, paraphrasing, it ain’t who you vote for that counts but who counts the votes…….with electronic voting, we gave up any means of a paper trail……Hillary will be the next President regardless

    • She doesn’t have any electoral votes. No one has voted. Popular or electoral. The popular vote determines who gets the electoral votes. Altho’ I do understand that the electors don’t have to cast their vote for the person who won the popular vote. Only about 150 electors have not voted as the popular vote went since the country was founded and it never changed the election outcome.
      The media are lying about everything related to Hellary. The lying scum are salving their souls with what they hope is the outcome.
      Hope is not a plan.
      It’s Trump or it’s over for ‘Murica at lightspeed.
      The bandaid is either pulled off quickly w/Hellary or slowly w/Trump.
      We need more time to group, re-group, prep and pray.

      • colddeadhandsdays

        Exactly and people on this site should full well understand this…Seems many do not.

    • Waiting in Idaho

      I think Obama and Jeh Johnson have a little plan cooked up if it looks like the Coughing Vagina is going to lose. They will clam the election was hacked by the Rooskies, void the results and reschedule a new and DHS supervised election. Those results will fit their plans. Or we get Martial Law until an election can be settled, after the fighting ends. Just sayin’.

  19. They are going to kill Trump if that is what it takes to install the next oven mitt of the FUSA.
    Lookin’ like at this point there is nothing to loose and everything to gain charging the cockpit. Better to go out dying like a man.
    You don’t have enough ammo.
    Never give up your rifle.

    • NightWatcher

      My thoughts have evolved in recent memory:

      1) I don’t trust Trump (note, not the same as distrust) because of lack of knowledge on my part, but I do trust Hillary, to absolutely destroy liberty.

      2) If the people/organizations desperate to destroy Trump are any indication, he should have my full support.

      3) I am cynically looking forward to Hillary as president, but my vote will be for Trump.

  20. There is no political solution to establish Constitutional government. It could be won only with blood. It’s been 4-1/2 years since the Obama/McCain NDAA essentially destroy our Bill of Rights. Patriots did jack.

    We don’t have what it takes. We cling to our guns while the enemy gets ready for a war where guns will be irrelevant. That will be our legacy. At least the Confederates fought evil federal tyranny.

    • There were rumblings of secession by the South as early as 1820, so they suffered with the North for at least 40yrs.
      We’re what ? Sixteen or so years into this ? 25 ?
      The rumblings of discontent are heard once again as we are essentially two different nations, tho’ not divided along state lines so much as last time.
      It ain’t over yet.

    • What would you suggest? What would you recommend as a course of action? What does “it” take? and for what reasons(s). Why will guns be irrelevant?
      V/R VoorTrekker.

    • “Patriots” are still wondering what they are exactly patriotic to. The concept has a long learning curve, I find.

      By the time this rolls out, we won’t be “patriots.” We will be domestic extremists, terrorists, thugs, insurgents, white Christian separatists, and dozens of other newly coined descriptors.

      Not speaking for anyone other than myself, I have been very busy since 2008…by the time 2010’s march on DC was answered by the passage of the Healthcare Act, I picked up the pace a bit.

      Obama/McCain NDAA was just confirmation of that niggling suspicion that all was going according to the master plan devised by a majority from both sides of the aisle. When they talk bipartisanship, this is what they mean…never mind what we want to believe.

      Agree there is no political solution, but I will show up and cast a vote for Trump. Given my state’s flyover status, low electoral college vote numbers, and the political leanings of the majority, it won’t matter in the least…but never let it be said that I missed an opportunity to say “BFUTW.” to all political parties and their whores.


        True that. When the fools in Wisconsin and Arizona returned Ryan and McCain to the November ballot, I just threw up my hands. Most card-carrying members of the Dead Elephant Party are clueless, blithering idiots at best, or cowards and traitors at worst. I have not yet registered to vote. If I do, I will vote for the Hildabeest. I am selfish. I want to get this party started before I am too old to do anything but ring my hands in frustration.

        • Is it the “card-carrying members of the Dead Elephant Party“, or is it the Dead Elephant Party machine with their vote fraud? My understanding is that Walker is still governor of Wisconsin because of that fraud. Why would they not also use it for Lyin’ Ryan?

  21. In the first debate, while Hillary is having a coughing fit, we’re going to see an alien chestbuster event, exercised out of that demonic queen bitch by the white shark trump, that will be the most watched TV “Program” in the history of tele-vision.

    She’s dead meat. If the mulatto isn’t going for a third term under martial law, after she dies on stage, then Trump will win in a Landslide.

  22. Whether Trump wins or loses, the salient point is that IT’S ON, BITCHEZ.
    He either goes full retard himself in turning things back, or they shift to wholesale efforts to hamstring him and stop him before he even gets out of the gate.
    Or, Shrillary wins.

    In none of those scenarios is it anything other than go-time, sooner or later.

    But good as the piece is, the author’s assumption that conservatives don’t think we’re heading off a cliff is too long informed by the Washington intelligentsia, and too little by regular visits to the local gun store Saturday morning, or local service club’s bar on a Saturday night.

    When both college ‘tards and septuagenarian grandparents can be found shopping for “bug out bags” at the local surplus emporium, without shock or shame, the knowledge that the fix is in, and things are heading for “sporty” is beyond common, and approaching universal.

    Everyone with two wits collected knows, and has for some notable time, that what can’t go on, won’t, and that the trajectory of the republic is about at the tipping point between stall speed, and plummeting to the ground.

    “Prepare to defend yourselves.”

  23. Conservatism is dead. Look at these morons who say “Trump isn’t a conservative.”

    Jeb Bush?

    What NeoCon idea is conservative?

    Republicans want open borders.
    Republicans was trade deals that benefit every other nation.
    Republicans want deficit spending.

    Every Congressman and every Senator who gates Trump and says “He’s not Conservative” have no conservative beliefs in their core.