Brushbeater: LNR End-Fed Trail Friendly Antenna AAR


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3 responses to “Brushbeater: LNR End-Fed Trail Friendly Antenna AAR

  1. A simple end-fed is a thing of beauty in a zip-loc if one equates that term with functionality. Whether you buy one pre-configured (not a bad idea) or assemble your own using a 9:1 UNUN they are incredibly versatile, stealthy, and like most wire antennas have an extremely low wind-loading. Properly secured, whatever you’re hooked to will be snapping down before the antenna (being a wind you’d want to take note of). And in a deciduous suburban environment they can disappear as well.

  2. Please excuse this post, but it is the closest to this subject.
    I posted this info a while back and running through you again.
    Step One – QC Motor Generator:

    Step Three – Home Power Station:

    Again, I do not have any $$ interest on this. Just think
    it is worthwhile to consider for SHTF or even daily off grid.

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