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  1. Somebody once said to me, “I disagree with almost everything you say, but I’d die defending your right to say it.” (Obviously, quoting Voltaire, although he didn’t know that — for him it was a pretty slogan.)

    My response to him was, “That is what I am counting on.”




    David W Johnson
    “Possible play for the Democrat Party… IF it’s apparent near election day Hillary’s health worsens and Trump is favored to win, Hillary will withdraw days before the election. I don’t know the exact laws, but the Democrats would make a play to suspend the election until an adequate replacement has been chosen. If the election isn’t held before Jan 20th, I think the Speaker of the House assumes the presidency temporarily until an election is held.”


    • They’ll just nominate Kane.

    • Factor in the possibility that a “National Emergency” could be declared owing to a natural disaster, terrorist attack, economic meltdown, etc., or even a very loose interpretation of “the law” pushed out to all propaganda outlets, to be hammered on a 6 minute cycle for 48 hours, then read the EO pertaining to such an event.


      As you will see, no “martial law” declaration would be necessary.

      But just in case, Paul Ryan has carried the water for the Oval Office quite effectively. I have no doubt he will continue to do so.

    • For over a year I have felt that the magic negro would not leave office. He is the communist organizer in charge and once those pricks get power…. they tend to hold on to it. Just like any other banana republic in the Americas, I give you Chavez and Maduro of Venezuela. It’s almost a certainty, that the the second tyrant from Illinois will not leave office, especially now with Hitlery’s health issues. The current dictator from Illinois can easily suspend the elections with his pen for any “crisis” made up or not. Hell, honest Abe rigged the elections in LA during the war for Southern Independence after New Orleans fell, so if honest Abe can do it… the magic negro from Shitcago can do whatever the hell he wants and the chances are the CONservatives will do nothing. it’s what happens after that, that will be the real problem..

      They have no intention of even letting you vote, because of what happened in the UK on the BREXIT vote. I’m probably wrong but that’s the way I see it right now.

      Grey Ghost

      • Clinton and Trump are owned by the same overlapping Kabbalah of Zionist-globalist Tikkun Olam billionaires: the Wall Street (((mob))), the Las Vegas (((gang))), and the Hollywood (((crowd))). It does not make one iota’s worth of positive difference which one “wins” the “election”. Thus, there will be an “election”. On the negative side, Mrs. Clinton is better for those of us on the hardRight because A) she will not throw a patriotard shroud over the Right, and B) she will polarize the country into hot Civil War.

      • =You are the resistance

    • tfA-t,

      “Thoughts ?”

      Should that scenario (election suspension) possibly come to fruition I suggest you verify zero on your longarm NOW ! Know your reticle. Secure an IFAK.

      As you know, that treasonous bastard Johnson of DHS (courtesy Bush II & T. Ridge) has already expressed his desire to “monitor” the voting booths in each polling site throughout the fruited plain. soetoro-obama is getting ready to complete his “fundamental change” with an open coup d’etat.

      Are you, I, we, us, prepared to accept our lives to be over as we once knew them ?

      Never give up your guns.

      • Do you know where “Law Enforcement” live in your AO? Or do you STILL not understand that it is THEY who enable all this treason???

        • MM,

          The enablers of treason are your family, friends, neighbors and strangers on the street. The badged thugs enable nothing in the realm of treasonous actions by those sitting in the halls of power. LEOs didn’t create the diktats, civil and criminal, that the enablers, the citizenry, allowed their sitting elites to create and administer. The elected scum created what we have today.

          Law ENFORCEMENT are just that, the enforcers of the diktats of the ruling elltes sitting in capitols across fUSA. The enablers are the citizenry.

          So MM, enablers, enforcers. Call it semantics. I do not. There is a difference between the two.


          • You better figure out who is going to kick your door in and shoot you in the face, your neighbors, or the thugs?


            • You’re focusing on privates instead of generals.

              • Barry,

                “You’re focusing on privates instead of generals.”

                Reminder. You’re no longer at Bragg. It is nearly 20 years since you got the heave-ho. You military analogy is innacurate.

                • I understand you are publicly educated, so I will explain.

                  Door kickers are following orders. If they do not get any orders they will not kick down doors.

                  Really, that’s about as simple as I can make it for you.


                  • Barry,

                    You didn’t explain a thing….all you did was use another ridiculous metaphor in a lame attempt to apply Alinsky’s Rule #5. No wonder nobody read that rag you authored at Bragg.

                    • Nah, he’s got a point. Whatever your opinion of him he’s essentially simplifying exactly how to prosecute a war against a highly structured enemy. Ask ol’ GW the reason a British officer was not conducive to a long military career fighting the Continental Army. Command and control is rather essential, but perhaps I’m wrong. I’m no expert but it would seem there is some kind of hierarchy in LE/.mil/TLA where said agents/soldiers don’t get to throw a dart at a map, grab their buddies and go do whatever they want to. At least that’s the impression I got, given the rank structure and a bunch of the UCMJ.

                    • Door kickers are following orders. If they do not get any orders they will not kick down doors. Very simple.

            • GS,

              Really now. What the fuck is wrong with you asking the stupid question you did ? How long have you read my remarks MF’ing the badged thugs ?

              The remark prompting the exchange with Mr. Mattis was his calling the badged thugs “enablers”. I called and clarified them as “enforcers”. Just what does that word mean to you in your evidently limited vocabulary ?

              Were you inebriated when you asked me that inane question of “neighbors” or “thugs” ?

      • –You are the resistance


      As long as the freebies, government checks, and other perks keep flowing, the Sheeple, the FSA, and the rest of the folks riding in the wagon will take whatever corrupt, mendacious. and staged situation in stride. The majority of useful idiots would not give a hoot if the Devil himself/herself was in the White House. Come to think of it, that is already the case.

    • One does not need to know or understand laws to comprehend that those who act with total impunity against a nations laws can and will do whatever they damn well please whenever they damn well please. Not a thing will be done about it either. See 9/11… They create the reality they want us to experience.

      I think the above scenario is entirely possible. I can also imagine one is which obongo maintains “control” till things calm down from the suspension of the national “election”. Order out of chaos… create the chaos, impose the order. The presstitutes would eagerly support such while portraying dissenters as dangerous, evil and in need of forceful suppression.

    • You are the resistance

  3. “My response to him was, “That is what I am counting on.”


  4. Campaign for ODG. Get people to make it an initiative proposition. After all, we get at least a couple of those on the ballot every couple of years. That’s how one of our local municipalities opted out of the Big Cit Bus System and the taxes collected to support it.

    The little city’s government was against it. They bowed to the law that says if you get enough signatures on a petition, whatever-it-is has to go on the ballot. If it wins– if people vote their way out of something! — the government has to go along with it.

    So go ahead, give it a shot! Just remember…you have to gain popular support. It could be done…if you can refrain from calling them a bunch of statist poopyheads who ought and deserve to be part of a 100K-200K die-off and the sooner the better, more, faster.

    THAT, I think you would find difficult.

  5. Romaine Tenney voted too, sadly he voted against himself like most of these moronic personality cult worshiping drones will in November.

    He should have sat on a ridge with a sandbag to cast his vote.

    Then came judgment day, it was either money or by force
    I had to lose my land, now I had to make my choice
    The neighbors begged me “take the deal and move away”
    But I was born on this farm, until I die I plan to stay

  6. The democrat party has a golden opportunity here … to be rid of the Clintons once and for all. Just let hellary go into full-blown flopping fish epileptic swallow-the-tongue mode, while at the same time arranging an “orgy” for bill at Ft. Marcy Park. Chelsea and other would-be avengers would get the hint and STFU, the skeletons would remain safely in the closet, and then the party would be free to go full-blown communist as they have been wanting to do since FDR.

    What’ya say, DNC? Feeling frisky?

  7. Interesting quote but the author does not understand where we are financially. You would be agreeing to a second mortgage on your assets.

    Interesting idea ODG, but watch out for the second order effects.

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  9. You would be surprised how many around where I live think (very seriously think) that prior to the election that one of the two ‘contenders’ will die (killed?) and thus throwing the election into a complete Chinese fire drill (not that it has not already started off as one): while there have always been up and downs in our country, I for one never once thought I would live to see what we are witnessing, Planned or not planned – at this point it doesn’t matter because as I have stated in the past, the bus is really over the edge and we are only in the ‘free fall’ stage of decent – no going back at this point in time. One is either down with the idea that we (the dirt people) are on our own or not ……………….prepare (if you have the means and time), get your mind right (if you have the capacity) and most of all become a ‘true believer’ (because that’s about the only thing that will get you and your through the upcoming festivities).