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Badthink: the Netherlands is for the Dutch.



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  1. I posted this response:
    Geert is still a slave in his mind; in “Netherlands belongs to the Dutch”, “the Dutch” is his euphemism for the Dutch government, which is certainly a different group of people than all Dutch people (who have different opinions in all these areas, after all).

    #1 in that list is taken care of by the simple expedient of making those Dutch who want to welcome refugees, welcome them into their own homes and made personally responsible for them. That will work. Anything more than this – making unwilling others subsidize them – is imposition, thuggery, the exact opposite of tolerance.

    Then extend that principle to all the rest of the list; for example if some Dutch want to subsidize windmills or foreign aid, let them do so out of their own pockets to voluntary organizations that have that particular agenda.

    He might take a look at panarchy, which is a political idea born in The Netherlands, after all. The fundamental problem is the premise nobody questions – that rulers are special people who may legitimately impose on all the rest of the population, through such facile excuses as “democracy” and “representative government” – both of which are frauds.

  2. Nationalism is rising across the world as the failures of the leftist universalist ideology become clear. For most European states there is some hope that they return to their roots. They are for the most part defined by their ethnicity, that is Poland is the state belonging to the Poles, the Czech Republic the one belonging to the Czechs.

    A few seem to have several large ethnic groups sharing a country: Belgium has the Flemish and the Walloons.

    American Nationalism, if it can be cobbled together at all, is an all together different sort of beast. Whites do make up a majority in most parts of the USA, in some regions it’s quite a solid majority but we have never been a homogeneous people. To give a trivial example, nearly 100% of Polish people are Catholic. In any American neighborhood, even one that isn’ suffering from an overdose of diversity, you are likely to find Catholics, Lutherans, no-brand-name evangelicals, Mormons, Seventh Day Adventists, and on an on. Ethnic heritage likewise is a complete stew.

    And of course the unfortunate history of black presence in America is an ever-present irritant factor in the body politic that makes any sort of true nationalism impossible.

    The “white nationalists” hope to create a synthetic nationalism based on race alone. Their fifty year old dream doesn’t seem any closer today than when it’s first advocates began pushing it back in the 1960s. And of course “facts on the ground” have moved decisively in the opposite direction. Few of the WN’s can even describe a process by which their vision can be realized, most often falling back on some sort of zombie apocalypse (often described as “SHTF”) as the dreamed for catalyst.

    So in America we are left with some sort of synthetic nationalism that is based on self-identification and creed. This is the mix that Trump has stirred together to power his campaign. Explicit racialist appeals (except to blacks) is not part of the formula. Implicit belonging to the majority group, which is defined in sort of Fox News terms as “real, patriotic Americans” and fidelity to the New American Creed, which is something like the first few lines of the Declaration on Independence as articulated by Cadillac’s marketing department a few years ago: “life, liberty and the pursuit …”

    This is weak sauce compared to what Wilders is offering his countrymen, and it’s hard to see how we could ever get the a full true-nationalist program in America.

    Even if the much longed for devolution of the United States into smaller constituent pieces were to happen, the same problems remain in most states. A wildly heterogeneous population with few organic markers of peoplehood. Would Austin really want to be part of a Independent Texas? Would the millions of Mexican heritage people in the State? Would the 3.5 million blacks?

    As ineffective, and at times pathetic, as the “proposition nation” nationalism of the mainstream conservative movement is, when you look at the problem with a critical eye it is hard to come up with a workable alternative. I take it as obvious that a giant RAHOWA as desired by the most extreme White Nationalists is neither possible or ultimately desirable. The few people I know who have survived such things (such as the failure of Yugoslavia and resulting multi-sided ethnic cleansing and war) suggest that there is little to recommend them.

    Even here, the advocates of such programs are reluctant to actually discuss their plans, and continue dodging the hard questions behind feigned outrage over things like the Confederate flag.

  3. Paul,

    An insightful comment with a rock solid point however, there is another path. The pursuit of a common entrenched belief. The legitimacy, the reality of a core common belief is in many aspect irrelevant and can take many forms, from religion to political dogma but the key is that any group without a core common belief system, whether a group of 30 prepers, or 150 million adults in the united states will be disparate and at odds.
    Historically culture, race, and religion are the core common ideals that have held people together, any one of them or all 3.
    The current racial and cultural make-up of the US at this point makes forming a common core around race or culture unlikely unless in a regional scenario that arises from balkanization. Religion is also unlikely as the core progressive shift throughout society has devalued both formal religion and unorganized spirituality, without even going into the internal religious corruption that has been widely on display in recent times and has only acted to further de-legitimize that pathway.
    The obvious question then is what core ideals, or beliefs are available to consolidate the nation around because, that is what holds a a naton together. If there are no obvious ideals or beliefs to consolidate the nation around then can a consolidation occur on a regional basis?

    I struggle to find a core belief system that sustains a cohesive untied states. However, I do see the possibility of regional cohesion. Unfortunately regional cohesion probably implies balkanization and the migration of minority populations in culture, race or belief system, out of the newly formed cohesive regions into so called “metrop[olitan” areas. This would probably not be a peaceful process.
    I can see the mechanism for this arising naturally. If any sort of regional breakup of the US were to begin through secession or social unrest you will see populations begin to move to where they have similiar ideals and cultuires. In the regionalization scenario, the libertarian prepper is not staying in NY state no more than the blue blood progressive liberal is staying in Wyoming or Texas.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      Yes but it will come down to base tribal instincts and it will divide along racial lines.

  4. The Regime is working hard to make sure there are no cohesive areas left in the USA. That’s why they are importing Muslims and Mexicans, and using churches and crooked politicians to make sure then end up in places like Twin Falls, Idaho. (Site of the notorious rape of a five year old girl by three Somalian boys).

    And you have this problem in these areas, people in places that have had little exposure to 3rd World immigration don’t get why it’s a problem. In much of rural Oregon the only Asians for 100 years have been a few families that have been in the town and maybe run the Chinese restaurant. So if you tell them you want to relocate some Hmong there isn’t an instinctive “hell no, not here” rejection from most people. (That rejection is starting for Muslims, who have made themselves hated as a group in much of America because of their insistence on maintaining their anti-Western culture, and their sponsorship of terrorism and jihad, including ISIS)

    Still most states are already fully cucked. My sense is the regime completes the cucking / forced integration of the “redoubt” before any movement towards secession even begins.

    Please be specific and suggest the region that might secede? In previous comments I have pretty well deconstructed both the South (Mississippi 33% black, slightly lower but still huge numbers for the rest of Dixie) and the Pacific Northwest, the fictional homeland of the white nationalist movement.
    (Tacoma – only 60% non-hispanic white, Portland & Seattle – liberal zoos, etc.). Maine / New Hampshire and Vermont are the most uniformly White states, but Vermont and New Hampshire seem to have opposite political visions, Vermont having selected the Jewish Socialist Bernie Sanders to represent them for decades now.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      This is why as I stated above it’s going to come down to race just like in prison. Bass tribal instincts.. race Mark my words.

    • Correct. 42 million niggers who get to be American citizens are a problem.


      Mr. Jackson: The situation in Twin Falls exists because the MEN of Twin Falls allowed it to happen. The Leviathan does what the Leviathan does. Remember the French Revolution. It was the Fishwives With Knives who led the storming of the Versailles. It was not the men.
      When the Muslim Rape Event happened to the innocent little girl and the butt-ugly dyke U.S. Attorney in Boise threatened to prosecute anyone who posted anything on social media about it with a hate crime, the balloon should have gone up then. Did night letters go out? Did any politician’s gas tank get the pancake syrup treatment?
      Then, I was treated to the spectacle either on this site or Breitbart, of some fat, bald, grinning, Twin Falls City Council hack bloviating about the folks exercising their First Amendment rights concerning this heinous crime. I have changed my tune. Claire Wolfe is mistaken. It is time.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Absolutely beyond belief that the locals haven’t a pair of balls in the entire valley. Seems to be an international problem, or is it just a white problem?

  5. Jackson,

    I’m not the uber social dynamics guru. I recognize that the feds have disrupted social cohesion to such a degree that without a major catalyzing event succession is unlikely. I try to take into account that I don’t and cant recognize all the dynamics at play and while perhaps the odds are negligible at this time, the only constant is change. Bigger picture, I think the most likely scenario for secession would be regional due to a major catalyzing event, not a single state going it alone. I concur with your point that at this point in time its not a realistic scenario.

    Even though the Feds believe they are masters of the universe and control the outcome of this current grand experiment (arguable started in the 1930’s), that control is temporary. The current status quo is unstable, requiring the issuance of unfathomable quantities of debt to feed the “machine”. As soon as the rate of debt fed to the machine even slows (not stops, just slows) things will begin to fall apart at the seems. Once the rate of debt fed to the machine slows I believe we will see dynamics start to shift and it is at that point that we could see organic alternatives begin to arise.
    Whether you talk about the Pacififc Northwest, the Southeast, or NH/VT, all the current political constructs depend on free flowing debt and a full belly. When the check bounces for Bernies socialist handouts and EBT stops working, or working intermittently everything changes.

    All that being said, the damage is great and the challenges significant. Even among an individual culture such as American whites, you have a broad spectrum that has widely divergent ideas and beliefs.

    Without a catalyzing event we could be facing a very long slow grind similar to parts of the roman empire. In order to see cohesion arise a catalyzing event will be needed that drives people to put aside the constructed political differences.

  6. Unlike most or all of our enlightened posters here, I actually know personally and have worked closely with Dutch colleagues for years. PVV is very much on point with the average Dutchman.

  7. Jackson:

    “And you have this problem in these areas, people in places that have had little exposure to 3rd World immigration don’t get why it’s a problem”

    You are absolutely correct. One of the bigger challenges is the progressive mindset that everyone must have equal ability, the tortured deformed cousin of equal opportunity. Even the thought of questioning whether someone is capable of or desirable as part of society sends the average Joe into convulsions of progressive shock. If we cant even have that conversation we are light years from even beginning the harder discourse on the path forward. the next 20 years will truly be trial by fire for those capable of independent critical thought.

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  9. A lot of research has shown that 1.At least 50% of behavior is genetic, and 2. Intelligence is at least 70% genetic and possibly as much as 90%. There’s your culture for you….there will be no assimilation of any group that’s not white European (preferably Northern European), and there has been. For example, Blacks have been in North America for 400 years…..Of course, some individuals will be exceptions….

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Has to be genetic, ever seen the pics of the blacks chimping out here and in Africa? Exact same behavior, and they have been separated by several hundred years of both culture and education, but behavior stays the same. Every penny spent in American public schools is a complete and total waste on these people, the few that actually learn to behave themselves still have a guilt trip over whether or not they’re selling themselves out to the whites. And then there’s also the latent gene that hates whites, never mind these people have never spent one day of their lives chained up and picking cotton. But they still hate us, and it’s getting worse.
      And the big question is; what is going to happen about this? No one will address the issue that these people are getting more and more violent every year, breeding like rats, wanting more handouts, and…….getting more violent because they feel neglected, they’re not getting enough money or handouts, so they want to get violent and exercise their fury on anyone or anything that gets in their way. White America better wake up, or die, because that’s what’s coming to every big city across this continent.
      Black Violence Matters.