MDT: August Rural Buddy Team Essentials Course AAR


BLUF: “…If you don’t have the basic building blocks of the “Individual” and “Buddy Team”, trying to be a “Fire Team” and/or a “Squad” is a moot point. Building your skillsets with a solid foundation can be the difference between success and failure, and in this case “failure” might be loss of life of loved ones or yourself…”


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  1. In your classes, do you train for clearing buildings? During the coming unpleasantness, is it better to clear the building or burn it to the ground and shoot them when they come out? Kind of like the Feds did at Waco.

    • No. That’s a class in and of itself (minimum of 2 days) and it’s hard enough to include everything I believe is essential in a weekend, and still have the time to drill it enough to have a solid grasp of what’s being taught.

    • To answer your question with regards to burning the building.

      Depends (much like the answer to most tactical questions).
      Do you need to go into the building for some reason?
      Can you just bypass it?
      Can you not simply put it under observation and ambush the occupants when they leave on a supply run?
      Burning it down is an option.

      Bottom line is your mission goals dictate.
      You do have mission goals right?
      You did do a mission plan right?
      If you have no plan then you might need to take the penalty, lose 5 yards an punt.

  2. I suspect this place is going to sink down to total ethnic warfare. Genocide will be the norm. Burn it and kill those fleeing will be seen on all sides. There were cases of this in the recent Ukraine fighting.

  3. Too close to Nov 8th-Jan 20th , to not share this information, and in spite of the inevitable allocutions displayed herein, this information may be of some tactical use to someone.

    Start with the basics; conduct a link up (day and night). Its been 15 years since I’ve regurgitated this information, but here are some FM 7-8 residuals; what must be accomplished to conduct a simple but successful Link Up with another entity…the simplest missions are tough; too much to go wrong.

    1. Depart Secure Area/Friendly Lines (Passage of Lines)
    2. Movement towards the link up site
    a. Security Halt; Stop Look Listen and Smell (SLLS)
    b. Use In-route Rally Points (IRRPs)
    c. Dog Legs
    3. Establish a Security Halt; site must be
    a. Defendable
    b. Recognizeable
    c. Out of sight and sound of the OBJ or L/U Site
    4. Far Recognition Signal with other unit
    a. FM radio (use code words or brevity matrix)
    b. Other man-made signal
    1. When the church bells ring at noon
    2. When the Train whistles at 2300 hours
    5. Brief Security/Halt Team
    a. Running Passwords
    b. Actions on Enemy Contact
    c. Who is on the L/U Team
    d. What to do if L/U Team fails to return
    e. Succession of Command
    f. Expected Duration of L/U
    6. Movement to L/U Site
    a. Conduct S/H Departure Procedures (count people out etc.)
    b. SLLS
    c. Dog Leg (pace counts are imperative)
    d. Move to the final defensive position short of actual L/U site
    1. Set Local Security Emplacements
    2. Confirm emergency signal(s) and actions
    7. Move to a point just outside of hand grenade range (50 meters?)
    8. Near Recognition (# combo or visual diagram; day or night)
    9. Move to within 10 meters
    10. Execute a Challenge and Password procedure or facial recognition.
    a. Establish a defensive posture in sight of your security team
    b. Brief/Confirm Actions on Enemy Contact Plan during Link Up
    11. Conduct Link Up Business
    a. Resupply
    b. Disseminate information
    c. Prisoner Delivery
    d. Other coordinations
    e. Maintain Noise and Light Discipline
    f. Bound Away From L/U Site (Successive or Alternating)
    g. Collect Security Team
    1. Quick or hasty dissemination
    12. Move back to Security Halt Position
    a. Far and Near Recognition with Security/Halt Location
    b. Enter Security Halt Position
    13. Disseminate Information & Re-distribute Loads
    14. Plan Movement
    15. Disseminate Route(s)
    16. Maintain Noise and Light Discipline
    17. Exit S/H
    a. 100% accountability
    b. Sterilize S/H site
    18. Move to next Security Halt position to prep for Passage of Lines
    a. SLLS
    b. Dog Leg
    c. IRRPs

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