Robb: The Terrorism Tax


Even a slow bleed will eventually kill the patient.

Either directly or by allowing other infections to establish themselves.

Fortunately, Jeh has our backs here in glorious FUSA.

Just don’t ask him about the OTMs.

jeh is on the job

25 responses to “Robb: The Terrorism Tax

  1. This ‘terrorism tax’ is really a huge issue and one I brought up a few months ago. Bracken’s excellent ‘ Tet Two’ failed to discuss the economic fall-out. The socialist EU has run off almost all manufacturing and it survives economically on tourism and banking. The EU is Amerika’s biggest customer and a financial crash or decline in the EU hits Amerika too. It hasn’t crashed as fast as I thought it would but the downward spiral is unavoidable and unstoppable as long as the drip drip of terrorism continues. The numbers given in the article are of course false and are much worse. France lied about the true horrors of the Bataclan theater massacre and the EU is certainly fudging the actual scope of the declines in tourism. An economic crash and the chaos that will follow is and almost certainty now in the EU.

  2. I hope all tourism in France, and Europa generally,. fails spectacularly.

    Such might mke ’em realize their plight, and it’s source…..

  3. Oh, yes… “Jeh” Johnson…

    …and the rigged coat tails he rode in on.\

    The List.

  4. once the urban white cosmics have been liquidated by the Blacks/Browns/Muslims, skin color = uniform. This will minimize friendly fire incidents. Blacks are so noxious that there will probably be some local White/Latino alliances against the ‘groids…won’t last though. Once the Blacks are gone, last stage of the RaceWar will be Whites vs. Browns. Browns might actually win, because they – unlike the Kosher Culture of Death devastated Whites – are still reproducing and will have “external” support from Mexico.

    • I was born (1951) and bred in L.A. Below is a dirty little secret anyone from there has known about forever:

      Latinos loathe niggers. The gangs in East L.A. have been sending out death squads to South Central for decades as part of their initiation rites. And woe unto Blacks who dare venture into E.L.A.  They are chased out or exterminated post haste.

      I taught in Lynwood (Jr. High) for 15+ years and personally watched  the niggers literally bread out or exterminated outright in that brief period.  The same has happened in cities like Inglewood, where that cunt Maxiene Waters is from. Good riddance too. The Mexicans at least had some measure respect for my profession and, if not, just one parent conference would result in an ass-kicking at home that very night. I would have taken them *any* day over Blacks. Not to excuse our porous border policy but at least the Mexicans had some semblance of civilization that the niggers never did.

      The above link is on the money and worth the read.


        Word. I worked as a Peace Officer in SoCal for over thirty years. I would much rather interact with the Latino community. They have self-respect, a work ethic, and a positive family culture. I have dealt with them as friends and neighbors. The positives mostly outweigh the negatives.
        However, make no mistake. When they become the majority in any neighborhood, watch out. After they marginalize and eliminate the blacks, the whites are next. That is why we had to evac my father-in-law and stepdaughter out of Menifee, CA in 2014. The brown wave had crested. Those not of the same tribe who were left behind are now prisoners in their own homes.
        Yes, when the balloon goes up, your uniform will be your skin color.

  5. Regarding the “refugees” and “undocumented immigrants”. I have thought for quite a while now that American citizens should be able to go into the residences of those people in the usa regularly and take what they see fit, this is what they do to the country.
    I can definitely see a future where some people have had enough and get a group of people together and start doing it and they would be completely right to do it, as far as I am concerned.

  6. The arrogant look on that fucking scumbag monkey’s ass jeh johnson… It just makes me want to beat the living fuck out of him, just bash his face in with a 2×4 until it explodes. He reminds me of ohomo so much. If you don’t burn with hatred for these pukes, you deserve it done to you too.

    • I went into a packaging supply store today in Newark, DE and I’ll be damned if they didn’t have a life size cardboard image of that lying, communist whore Klinton right by the door….and it’s for sale. (Had one of Trump too!)

      I thought about buying it and putting it on the rifle range I use….but don’t feel like potentially losing my membership over something like that.

      My burning hatred for that woman is total.

    • outlawpatriot

      Well, this is my shocked face. I woulda thought you appreciated arrogant looks. 😀

      • I only come across as arrogant to some of you.
        It must be my high standards. 🙂
        I can fit in with drug addicts or executives.
        I know 100s of both.
        In some cases – they’re one in the same.

        • outlawpatriot

          Thanks for that bit of info. Further confirms just how fucked up you really are.. 🙂

            • outlawpatriot

              Make no mistake, I appreciate arrogance. In my enemies it is worth a company or so. Not to be tolerated amongst my people though. Always death follows.

              But you keep sluggin’ there T-Fat. Nobody here with half a brain is buyin’ your shit. 🙂

              • I’m not selling anything so it’s all good HUH?
                The last thing I need is more money. For fucks sake, i can’t spend it fast enough. I’m closing on another waterfront home to use as a rental in the morning on the other side of my island. Oh, I’m paying CA$H.

                Money talks and OP walks. tee hee hee.

          • Alan,

            You’re a Klinton supporter, correct ?

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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  8. Stealth Spaniel

    Aliens like Jeh Johnson should be gone-how is optional-because they scare children and irritate most people.
    I would have purchased the cutout of Hildabeast, gone to some friendly Government Forest of the People, way deep down in a holler, and shot the shit out of it. Then I would have left it by a roadway with a sign that says “Never underestimate the power of a Government CuXt.” Let that burn on the 6pm news.
    A terrorism tax is nothing but a jiza tax. And I hate Muslims. No Muslims=no tax. Simple.