NYT: US SecDef Warns Russians To Stay Out Of US Elections


Understand: All of this Russophobia is happening because Saint Hillary the Tussive’s internal-only polls show a real risk of failure.

Failure would mean a break in the GoldmanSachs continuity of government project.

So there is being enacted – in real time as we speak – the info/battlespace prep for two possible end states:

1) Delegitimization of the 2016 Presidential election “due to foreign manipulation of electoral processes”, requiring a temporary interim government while Bush vs. Gore cubed is litigated before a 4-4 SCOTUS, and/or

2) If needed to maintain proper ownership of the keys to both 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue and the launch codes, a no-shit shooting war with the Russians, their Chinese allies, and anyone else who can be dragged into the fight.

Madness, right?

Doubters can read today’s Bloomberg piece from 3 hours ago on how the US would launch a nuclear strike.

Tempus fugit.


48 responses to “NYT: US SecDef Warns Russians To Stay Out Of US Elections

  1. “Understand: All of this Russophobia is happening because Saint Hillary the Tussive’s internal-only polls show a real risk of failure.”


    But it also indicates they are willing to go all in if she loses. The Dims can’t construct a Hillary win and keep their hands clean. Meaning… A vote for Trump may be a vote for CWII.

    • It’s worse than that.

      They are going to go BEYOND all in to prevent her from losing.
      IOW, a pre-emptive strike so that there is no chance that she’ll lose.

      If the world isn’t annihilated, and the vag-criminal is inserted in the oval office, she will promptly “miss” her numerous medications and after the long drawn out funeral ceremony down Penn Av they’ll install who they want.

    • It ain’t just the “Dims”, dear sir, but also the GD Rove Republicans as well.

  2. PsyOps at it’s best.
    It ALL goes so deep. And yet, right in our faces. They’re flaunting it.
    Hillary Clinton Will Destroy Us All & Has ‘Elite Immunity’

    • The oven mitt is the last resort of the fuckers. They really screwed the pooch on that one. There is no one left fucking crazy enough to be the sock puppet of the banking families.
      The inbred insestious elites have lost all touch with reality.

  3. The superlative Bruce Charlton has a bit of Ol Remus advice on the hubris of the one world order ideologs. Very sublime and well said:

    The Establishment doubling-down on self-destruction, and beginning the time of final choice

  4. I bet the Russian’s are really worried about that warning!

  5. Fucking liberals will stop at nothing to make sure she wins

  6. This, from the MMPDUDS*, after Nuland et al phucked the Ukranian people after their legit elections booted NATOs petboy plant

    Yes ! …. Russia is screwing us, importing Muzz n mestizos, ruining the economy, putting 45 yo trannies in young girls bathrooms

    Russia ! dey de prollum

    The architect of red high heels for recruits and Tranny brigades is behind Bongo …. Russian Defense Minister Shoigu trembles before him NOT

    [MMPDUDS : Muslim Marxist polydrug using dicksmoker]

  7. Funny, just reread U. I. Lots of people feeling the same?
    Grumpy Old Vet

  8. Command staff should carry K-Bar’s and handguns, to secure a POTUS who gives first-strike nuclear war orders on nations who have not attacked the US mainland with atomic weapons, especially Russia. If the world is to end, it needs debate in the Senate first, and an affirmative declaration of war by the Congress.

  9. First off, doesn’t Dr. Strangelove look like a combination of Joe Biden and Tim Caine?
    The elites are in full panic. Trump has finally hit his stride and drawn even in the polls and hacking Hillary looks to be heading for a hospital or a hospice. Hell, last week she admitted that the reason she gave Amerika’s top secrets to the Russkies is because she got brain damage from a fall. In my 50 years of watching elections I’ve never seen a candidate so hated and feared by the elites and the ruling class as Trump has been. Look for anything to happen. The whole country is on Flight 93 and the people in the cabin see 10’s of millions of us from flyover country with pitchforks and torches and were headed for the cabin.
    But what the fuck do I know. I’m just a peon with a pitchfork and a torch.

    • I realize you are being sarcastic but you never know when it comes to homeland security; IF an election is allowed and they are allowed to “stop the Russians” then you know it’s rigged, I humbly suggest you are gonna need more than pitchforks and torches.

      Grey Ghost

  10. ALCON,

    For nearly 8 years I’ve railed about soetoro-obama’s constitutional illegitimacy. He, his handlers, the Republicans, the 4th Estate and the bulk of the Amerikan people ignored and accepted the lie that is soetoro-obama. And NOW folks are shocked, surprised and urinating in their panties over this hypothetical, yet plausible, scenario ?

    Spare me the wailing, the gnashing and the tears.

    Never give up your guns. Verify your zero.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “the bulk of the Amerikan people ignored and accepted the lie that is soetoro-obama.”

      A lot of people did react to that stuff, but the ultimate question was what was to be done? The legal remedy is impeachment, but that was a dead-end. The GOP wouldn’t bring it, and, even if they had, the Dems would have blocked any conviction. The populace could try whacking him or deposing him, but that would require a lot of organization and leadership, and it comes with a whole host of other problems, and most folks probably wouldn’t agree to that, anyway.

      One of the big failings of the Constitution is its lack of a clear enforcement and penalty provision for violations.

      • Jimmy,

        We’ve had a Republican-controlled Congress under the usurper soetoro-obama. Yet, the Congress has given the illegitimate soetoro-obama EVERYTHING he wants. In fact, they don’t even give it to him….they let him TAKE it !

        Sotomayor and Kagan, two dykes, far-left dykes nominated for SCOTUS…confirmed for the usurper by the Republican Senate….they could have said “No” to soetoro-obama. They did not. Every single Republican Congressman could have stood on the floor of their respective chambers and denounce the usurper, the illegitimate, the not natural born barry soetoro. They did not. Not. One. Single. One. Not one single member of Congress denounced barry soetoro’s usurption of the US Congress.

        How about obamacare….Republican John Boehner could have denounced it as the machinations of an illegal POTUS and stopped it from being passed. He did not.

        soetoro-obama has taken unconstitutional executive actions including immigration and gun control initiatives, from the West Wing; not through Congress. Congress could have and should have stopped these Executive actions as both Constitutionally invalid as POTUS does not make the laws. But, of course on the grounds of Barry’s illegitimacy. But, they haven’t.

        Impeachment ? I disagree with you. Nixon was impeached for much, much less. soetoro-obama could have, should have been stopped regardless of Democrat objections. But, face it. The weasels in Congress didn’t have the testicular fortitude or courage of their convictions, to arrest the ahem….”first, black president”.

        Jimmy, I could go on and on and on with examples of what the Congress COULD have done to de-legitimize the illegitimate soetoro-obama. But, it is a moot point as they didn’t do their sworn duty to remove soetoro-obama.

        To close out this reply, I wholeheartedly agree with you on the Constitution’s lack of enforcement and penalty provisions for violations. Basically, the document is flawed to the point of being near worthless.

        Thank you very much for your thoughts on my remarks. You make me think.

        • Good post, and basically right, except for: ” But, face it. The weasels in Congress didn’t have the testicular fortitude or courage of their convictions”.

          It’s not lack of courage or anything like that. They are doing what they want – Republicans are complicit in the fraud. It’s just good cop/bad cop writ large. The entire lot of them are corrupt and worthless.

    • Better they are coming to the reality late than never staying an Ostrich.
      Welcome to the party motherfuckers!
      The only way, aside from the sonofabitches being their own worst enemy, we dirt people beat them is together as people we know the truth and reject them. Remember, they need us as slaves more than we need them.
      There is no other ways out of this.
      Shooting the bastards is a small part of the larger picture.
      Hearts and minds.
      Everyone counts.
      At some point they begin to really add up.

  11. If these psychotic motherfuckers start a war just to retain power, ALL bets are off and it’s open season on politicians on both sides of the aisle. You know damn good n well they and their fucking spawn wont be participating in the hell they’d send your children into. Fuck them to death. I’d recommend cops be VERY careful about who they defend should this come to pass. You shitbags aren’t immune to the list..

    • Nice. Reminds me of “Without rule of Law works both ways.”

      • If they get to cherry pick the laws they abide by, why wouldn’t We the People retain that same right? Long ago they broke the social contract they had with me, personally. I have ZERO respect for my government and knowing full well I probably wont see the back side of this, neither do I have any fear of them. I’ve nothing left for them to steal from me and it’s liberating in a way. I also have no qualms about how and where and whom……. None. I didn’t ask for this and I sure as fuck didn’t start it but if they want to dance, I’ve got a quarter for the gawddamn jukebox. The percentages alone tell me one for one is a fair trade, anything above and beyond is icing on the cake.

      • 15,

        “Reminds me of Without rule off Law works both ways.”

        Yep. Agreeing with LoL, “All bets are off….”.

        What comes around goes around.

      • It is beginning to dawn on the many the only rule is there are no rules.
        The zeitgeist that counts is when they can’t hide behind the illusion of rules that protected them any longer.
        And Hillary Clinton, for all her political power is exactly why the above is going to become actuality, just because her power is so corrupt it corrupts everything it touches absolutely.
        This isn’t the last election, remember, armed dirt people still get to vote, it is the last president imposed upon us. That is the gestalt. It is the last sock puppet of the former united states, because this election is the last unarmed peaceful great fuck you, because this election is the dying days of the illusion of legitimacy.
        You can’t go back to what was, and there is the great question of did this republic ever really exist as advertised to begin with.
        Regardless, the elites have lost. You ever see such a collection of psychopaths and retards in your life? They are a regime of the lowest common human denominator. They have to resort to an over sold over blown cadre of fags and deranged lesbians, 60’s retread commies, brainwashed government plantation niggers, an american Nomenklaturer in the form .fed payroll patriots, and a raft of free shit army moochers to stir up shit and be cultural warrior proxies for an ideology that has never worked through 5000 years of human history?

        Talk about a collection of total fucking misfits and useless idiots.
        And that’s all they got.
        The money has run out.
        The narratives are beyond stale.
        It’s crunch time.
        This blame the Russian’s game is the last dying gasps of an elite who has shot their last rounds and their ammo pouches are empty.
        But whats really fucked up is they are all so fucking bat shit insane they are beginning to believe their own lies.
        Thats desperation with a capitol D.

    • Well, then its time then too bring hell to them.
      They will fold so fast it will blow everyones mind.
      Remember, they all share one thing in common, like you said, they never get blood on their hands.

    • I’ve had the opportunity to interact with an ex-LEO who is working as a bank guard. He retired after 25 years with the L.A. police department and he tells me that nearly ALL of the officers on duty at any time are against the present administration and will not enforce any orders to protect TPTB. He’s no longer in the L.A. area but has made acquaintance with police and sheriff’s officers here and believes they too will act in the best interests of the people WTSHTF.
      My stepson is a Marine with nearly fourteen years of service and he tells me that the rank and file soldiers will most likely follow the orders of their company commanders rather than those of the general officers who have been compromised by Obama.
      All in all, I feel somewhat better about our chances when (not “if”) the war breaks out. I know I won’t automatically attack random police or military without some good reason.

  12. I don’t comment much here, but that picture is fucking perfect.

  13. DIII,
    I could not agree more. I have done the same as you and been ridiculed by friends and family for most of the past 7-8 years. Now most can see the current situation MIGHT not end well and they are more than a little worried.

    And when they call me now and ask me what I’m doing… I say that I’m upgrading and cleaning my weapons from my last range session. Zero verified each time I go.

    Sadly some of those folks are just NOW considering buying a firearm and stocking up on a few days of food. I say nothing to them anymore about prepping or purchasing firearms… events will make them do it or not. My voice to them is like a candle in the wind. Fortunately I have a small group of friends and neighbors who are “up to speed”.

    Grey Ghost

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. Pretty much spot on with what I’ve been saying. If it looks like she’ll lose they’ll delay elections etc.

    Also remember a month or two ago – the media reported that most leftists are perfectly fine with an Obama third term (cancel elections).

    … And if that happens, what will team freedumb do? 99.999999% sure… Nothing.

    • How is that any different than her being “elected”? So why does that matter?
      Did it ever occur to you if you believe nobody will defy resist and revolt you are tacitly doing exactly what the fuckers need people to do to stay in power?
      I’m not busting your balls friend. I’m asking you a forthright question that gets right to the heart of why resistance is never futile.

  16. Risible & Farcical. The whole planet knows who the planet’s terrorist’s & War Criminals are. It doesn’t take an advanced bogus degree to figure out the Black Propaganda, predictive programming, Dis / mis information being bandied about. These guys have got to be Hung for they’re lies, War Crimes against humanity. Red Queen Theory of Evolutionary Dynamics in play 100%. The perhaps people will realize while we necessarily don’t drink from the Skulls of our enemies anymore at least we can distinguish who they are & let civilization know there are Watchers of Righteousness that will do the right thing. The planet is truly watching how America reacts to this tyranny. That includes Russia, China, North Korea, Iran et al. I know where the Boogey man is & I don’t need CNN – MSLSD – even FOX News to point me where the REAL threat is.

  17. “NYT: US SecDef Warns Russians To Stay Out Of US Elections”

    A ruse to delegitimize Trump’s victory over that disgusting lump of labia majora.

  18. Sounds a lot like Hugo Chavez blaming the US for everything. Trying to steer the people to blame an outside party rather than the corrupt leaders.

  19. Mr. President, I have a plan. Meine Fuhrer, I can walk!

  20. Simply stated, The powers that be aren’t nearly as smart as they believe nor are those of us out here in flyover country half as dumb as they wish we were. We see right through them and it’s beginning to dawn on them that they’ve painted themselves into a corner with their own greed and avarice. They’re terrified and THAT puts a smile on my face.
    I have to disagree that we can’t “go back”. We have to hold tightly to the concepts and principles of our founding fathers and make it known that any elected official unwilling to defend those principles will be dealt with harshly. The more folks we can get to take responsibility and share in this task, the easier the job will be.

  21. if only for the sake of the hysterical Trumpaholics on this thread, I hope the Donald does not win. The buyers’ remorse will so intense as to occasion mass suicides on the alt-Right. IOTW, the Zionists have nothing to fear from Mr. Trump.

    as to a nuclear WW III, it remains highly unlikely in the proximate future; had nuclear weapons existed in 1914 (and been used, say, to end the Franco-Prussian War), the Sarajevo hit and related issues would likely have been papered over. This said, one does have to worry about the (((neo-con))) warmongers clustered around Mrs. Clinton: they may have reached the conclusion that, in order to avoid being holocaust’d again, they have to kill everybody. Themselves included.