SLL: Corrupt & Deranged



Wait ’til they get more desperate.

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  1. “In our own time, the obvious conclusion that the warfare and welfare states are morally and fiscally bankrupt, doomed to collapse, remains confined to the fringe.”

    Yes but in this case the fringe is correct. I was early on avoiding the dot com crash, moved my entire (measly but important) 401k to cash 4 minths before it alk turnedd to shit. Took a LOT of shit for that but in the end I knew it waz all built on smoke. It could not atand and it did not. Early here too but not wrong directionally. New plates crash to the ground daily, Their ability to keep them spinning is fading and they know it.

  2. Great write up of the current state of affairs… though I disagree with his statement that Trump WILL fold like a cheap suit if elected. He might but he might not. It’s a coin flip, which is better than a rigged coin with only one side… Hitlery.

    I am not convinced there will be an election but IF there is and Trump somehow wins nor am I convinced that he will “fold or die.”

    Grey Ghost

    • he won’t need to fold. Just be himself. He and the Zionist Uniparty Congress, just like Obama and the Zionist Uniparty Congress, will get along fine. Electoral hot air aside, the actual behavioral/policy differences between Trump and Clinton are miniscule; in fact Trump might even prove to be a marginally worse warmonger and domestic socialist than Clinton.

  3. How does the Left expect to win with a plainly ill Narcissistic Sociopath like Hillary?
    By cheating of course and that other thing that Hillary is good at, murder

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. Centurion_Cornelius

    Regret to say this is all TRUE. That’s for sure–plain and simple. Thanks again, Robert! You usually hit the bullseye or at least the 10 ring,

    YET–this is all from the 30,000 foot level–nice to contemplate, to debate, to ponder upon in more luxurious times. Time is what we ain’t got much of.

    As I and a renowned naturalist from SC observed a huge hawk pounce on an unsuspecting squirrel, which immediately became lunch, I heard my friend utter his usual credo:

    “Hawk is jess trying to make-a-livin by turning squirrel into hawk.”

    Come what may–how are you going to ‘make-a-living’ knowing all this?

    Time’s a wastin! Which one you plan to be: the EATOR or the EATEE?

    • MichiganderJim

      Nice pic. I’m guessin’ the hawk doesn’t spend a lot of time wondering what the squirrel is thinking or doing.