Z Blog: The Low Trust State


Welcome to the Third World.

F/k/a FUSA.

Good luck.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. I have attempted to label or categorize the sensation in my body when the federal government enters into a conversation or thought process. Nausea is not explicit enough. A cat retching up a gelatinous slimey hairball is as close as I could come. For the sake of expediency, I will utilize the term low-trust. However, I will modify it a little.
    Dirty cocksucker,scum-sucking shitbag,low trust, dicknoses. Thank you.

  3. From experience after being a “crime watcher,” has actually
    turned into watching crime, I have come to the conclusion that
    misprison of felony is up down/down up and the soup of the day all
    over, every day.
    Came to the reality that it is just history repeating itself, and for me
    at least (can only speak for myself), the solution is to strive to do an
    about face and go the other way – The Way.
    Been beat up pretty good, but of course it is because I got into that
    ring and decided to get out, for as the saying goes, once one is in,
    one can’t get out, so that other worldly form say.
    My advice or counsel, and no, I am not practising law without a
    license (UPL) is- “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness.”
    The gates of hell have been opened, but there is another door which
    cannot be closed from entering.

    That is all – As you where….

  4. Let me rearrange it for you.
    Bible, beans, bullets.
    in that order

  5. Penny Pincher

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  6. This essay is a pretty good SITREP and I think there is some truth in it. I think he’s correct in assessing that Trump is a trumpet for the disenfranchised “bitter clingers” (ps I count myself as a happy clinger as well), but I don’t believe he’s slated to win. You can see his true purpose in the video below if you forward to 1.09 minutes in. He’s our Jerry Cooney.
    As always just my own .02 here.


    The folks who didn’t die in Building 7 did not approve this message.

  7. This photo is indicative of the truly fucked up state of sycophantary. It is a pic of a “press Conference” for the oven mitt. These are the bridgehead useful idiots. They are the public mouth pieces of mass brainwashing of the public. There is something terribly, deeply wrong with these human beings. They are so far past the outer limits of the rational and the cognitive it is difficult to fathom what kind of mental illness they posses. And possessed they are. A more perfect mark of the beast to be found?
    I truly believe the press is collectively malicious on a scale and level normal folk have no reference of, that they are of a collective level of madness.
    But you got to ask yourself, what possesses these people to discount the spectacular blatant obvious character flaws and mind bending level of corruption of Hillary Clinton?
    How much lower can the standards of human behavior go, is there actually for this media even a lowest common denominator where they look at what people like obama and the clintons, the raft of federal corruption, the usurpations of even the most basic premise of the idea of decent human character, before even these mindless sycophants and appratchiks are appalled and reject the status quo of the elites?
    These are what pass for representatives of the “free press”.
    Trust? Trust has nothing to do with it. It is a bedraggled forlorn worn out gutted idea like a two week old dead possum runned over flat of the DC beltway. As dead to these useful dupes as the idea of a republic and the dirt people of flyover land. The one rule to rule all rules is nothing can be trusted, and in that way everything that is untrustworthy is revealed.
    Sweet meteor of death where art thou when we needith you?
    Look at these fucking idiots faces, their near to drooling rapture:

    -from http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-09-07/what-americas-objective-media-looks

  8. “There’s a lot not to like about the man, but he is honest, he loves his countrymen and he is not doing this for the money. Whether or not he understands his role and the movement he is leading is unknown. ”

    You were going good up to that point. That he’s honest is a stretch as he rounds the bases with wife number 4 as a former NY real estate developer cum global real estate developer. That world ain’t filled with honest hard working folk. Honest people don’t put Bill n Hill in the front row of their weddings. Honest folk don’t claim Pedo’s like Jeff Epstein are great guys. Go ahead look that up. Pedo. Great guy.

    Evil exists boys n girls and he we are looking it in the eye. I’m not perfect, I have sinned in my life and I’m profoundly sorry for those sins but I will not turn away from this evil, whether I go up or down matters not now, my life is unimportant to me. You who are busy funding baby parts stores like NAPA will have to kill me first. Just remember, it’s always a coin toss.

    I hope you understand that there are many like me. Your time at the wheel of this shitmobile is ending. As it should.

    • Like any of us ever have never made a mistake in judgement of character in our lives? Or for the sake of just being friendly for savings grace’s sake we looked past others faults of lack of morals and principles and where just decent to others in a friendly way?
      Ah Dude, you don’t know people who you consider ones you would never trust, but treated with appropriate respect regardless because they hadn’t gotten around to screwing you over yet?

      Like Ann Barnhardt put it so well, you have to be some kind of sociopath or psychopath to run for president. You want perfect, employ some cognitive dissonance and vote like everyone else who did for obama or will for the oven mitt.

      What boggles my mind is, and I’m pointing my finger right at you Tom because you opened the door, after the string of tyrants and crooks that have been foisted on us all since the war of northern aggression, all you can point to is the peccadillo’s of a guy who isn’t a carpet bagging in the bag ideologue, bankster mouth piece or commie ideologue out to destroy this country and you and my freedoms and prosperity?
      You want perfect? There is no such thing, just as TINVOWOOT.
      What Trump is or isn’t ain’t worth a bucket of warm spit.
      It’s who we are that matters, you and me, and what we are gonna do about it. Trump or no one but us is going to save us.

  9. “Our Father, which art in Washington…”

  10. “There’s a lot not to like about the man, but he is honest, he loves his countrymen and he is not doing this for the money.”

    That right there is one enormous leap of faith.

    • Not even REMOTELY, dear sir. Trump is indeed not the Messiah. He is a human with plenty of faults and foibles. But he does love his country and his countrymen, and is astounding MORE honest than any other presidential candidate in the past twenty years.

      May God have mercy upon your soul for what you are doing.

      • Trump is a liar, a scoundrel, an amoralist, and a con-artist. Trump cares about Trump. Much like Mrs. Clinton and herself. The only person running for Prez who isn’t a complete piss-ant: Jill Stein. And she’s merely a Red Jewess.

      • So Mark, by your comment, am I to assume you know Mr. Trump personally and have for enough years that you can personally vouch for the mans honesty, integrity, love for us, and all that? If so, please enlighten me, as I am far more likely to believe what someone here says than elsewhere on the interweb. Or, as is far more likely, do you just believe what you hear Mr. Trump and the “gateway pundits” say, because you hear it said on the TV and you WANT very badly to believe it? Critical distinction. How do you KNOW Mr. Trump is honest? Is it not possible (probable even) that he’s just an awesome liar?

        The Bible informs me this way regarding people in general…

        Jeremiah 17:9… “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked: who can know it?”

        I therefore can not KNOW that Mr. Trump is as honest as you believe him to be. I have had zero personal experience with the man. I have had experience with others like him. I have found them to be anything BUT honest and loving. Deceitful and selfish would be far more fitting (and scriptural) terms to describe them. What I WANT to believe about the man has absolutely zero to do with the reality of who or what he is.

        Might Trump be a “better” president than Hiligula? Could he be the “lesser” of two evils? I truly doubt it. When a man or woman stands up on a presidential stage seeking an honest reckoning of what took place on Sept. 11, 2001 he or she will have my undivided attention. When someone stands up seeking to dismantle 90% of what fed.gov has become, I will “rock that vote” for all I am worth. When that someone gives a clear and simple testimony of salvation (Christ died for me!), I will have found someone worthy of my absolute support. That is my litmus test.

        Until that time, they ALL (Trump, Hiligula and all they represent) are just liars, thieves, scoundrels, murderers and co-conspirators of the highest degree in my book (and in His). I will pray that each and every one of them finds salvation through Christ as God has ordained it. There is change I can believe in. This is the beginning of wisdom, without which only disaster looms (as can be clearly seen all around us).

        But you do what you think is best. We’ll all give an accounting.

        God has had mercy on my soul Mark. He sent His Son to die in my place on the cross. By the cross, He reconciled Himself to me (and to all mankind) and in turn, by accepting that freely offered gift, I have reconciled myself back to Him. Can you say the same? I sure hope so…

  11. Everyone seems to be looking for a man to save the situation, and they will find some one, but they will never find a perfect one. True in any age. As we all have faults, so will he. The best course is to find the man with the fewest, and least troubling faults. The worst course is to pick the man. or woman, who doesn’t think he, or she, has any faults. No one gets everything they want. But a lot of times, you’ll get things you didn’t bargain for, and worse.

    • Here’s the thing. America, if it improves, those improvements will be DESPITE the input of our politicians, not because of anything they do. It’s up to the people and we’re about to find out what a minority of committed responsible Americans can accomplish against a tidal wave of their opposite. We’ve tried compromise, we’ve tried appeasement, hell, we’ve even tried to ignore the corruption and greed pulling us under and it’s brought us to this point. I’m unwilling to pretend like I care what my enemies think of me for even 1 more minute. Make no mistake, the people we face ARE our enemies. I’m a “racist”? Cool. I’m a “misogynist”? Cool. I’m any number of vile accusations they can hurl at me? Cool….. What I am is indifferent to their hysterical screeching and ludicrous demands, no more, no less.

  12. If someone isn’t voting, and isn’t shooting, then what’s the point? Do one or the other. Waiting doesn’t count.

    • Waiting does count. You see, we’re proving our moral and ethical superiority by ALLOWING them every opportunity to do the right thing, because it’s the right thing. When the time does arrive and, it will, they will literally have no defense for their actions. Think about how many times over the last 3 decades we’ve turned the other cheek….. It counts, Larry. Their moral high ground? Yeah, it’s imaginary.

    • Working, saving, planning. Voting is almost-nothing. Shooting brings attention. You call it waiting, I call it getting loose of bonds woven 100+ years before my birth.

  13. Can’t remember how long ago
    It was when I last trusted anything any of them had said. And I am not that old.

  14. The Usual Suspect

    The media darlings won’t always be smiling like the
    shit eating dogs they are.