90 Days: How Much Food?


More than you think.

Kudos to George Patton, with h/t to Kenny for the link.

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  2. The thing of it is, if there is an ‘event’ and depending on the duration ….. everything in life will change and not necessarily for the better (obviously). Assuming that you (or me) has food, strict discipline is critical. No one with the exception of the cloud people will have their usual diet (whatever that may be) – those smart enough and who have had the foresight to obtain long term storage items must adhere to a strict diet as opposed to their casual eating whatever they may want (this includes any and all who may be part of the ‘tribe’). Think basics (rice, flour and such as a main stay) and go from there. Also think along the lines that your ‘supplies’ will run out and to that end, what are you going to do? steal from others? Maybe have the ability and means to grow you own – try that now and see how it works out – more work than you can imagine.

  3. Got chickens?

  4. Great info – thanks for posting

  5. Bad Attitude

    (I’m posting my comment here because George Patton’s blog requires a WordPress account to post a comment.)

    In the article’s comments, someone discussed water. I want to emphasize water, especially when dealing with freeze-dried/dehydrated foods, legumes, or grains. Water – sometimes lots of water – is necessary to turn these products into something that can be eaten.

    Also, energy to boil water and cook the food is necessary and overlooked in most of the discussions I see about food storage. Unless you live in the middle of nowhere surrounded by trees, fuel could quickly become a problem. I don’t expect the electricity and natural gas to remain on for very long. In the suburbs, the few trees in yards and parks are going to disappear quickly.

    I don’t have good answers to these issues. I’ve got some water and water filters. I’ve got a variety of fuel sources to provide up to a few weeks of energy for cooking, but not enough. I’ve got canned/wet foods that can be eaten cold (yuck).

    I would like to see a serious discussion about water and fuel requirements to accompany that 90-day supply of food.

  6. this is the advantage of living deep in hostileLand. I have 4-6 months food/liquids stockpiled, and probably won’t need anything like that much. Also, you can blind fire in almost any direction and hit a White cosmic collectivist and/or hostile ethnic.

  7. I question the assumption that everyone will be eating the same diet in a major grid down event. You can live for a very long time on 1200 calories a day if they are reasonably nutritious, especially if you are carrying a few extra pounds. But in any event, I think people should store as much as they possibly can of high calorie nutritious food that can be consumed without cooking, and has a very long storage life. Fat will be the scarcest, and most valuable element in a survival environment, so maybe ghee (clarified butter), nuts, spam…This stuff can be stored for years without a problem. Sealed containers of honey will also last indefinitely…

    • People won’t last long at 1200 calories a day if they are traveling on-foot or doing heavy work (plan for “Earthquake Recovery”). Using surplus body fat as a nutrition supplement is not as good as being fit and storing food. I would call that an excuse for not losing weight and being more functional now.

    • Properly prepared smoked cured Virginia style hams. It provides both the fat and protein to support a active diet without requiring refrigeration. Rendering of pig fat into a tallow and canned is shelf stable for years.

  8. outlawpatriot

    90 days probably ain’t enough. Clean water is probably the larger challenge. 🙂

  9. tfA-t’s place is HEAVILY wooded at the very edge of US territory on a road which consists of 4 other homesteads: 3 farms, and a cattle, horse, and livestock ranch. The extremely dense property backs up to deep navigable fresh water. With a view of the Canadian Mountains across the river and trans-Canadian Hwy. Only the strong survive up here.

    • Damn! Sure looks like there’s alot of bears there!
      When being in bear territory, usually would be black
      bears and grizzly bears, so one needs a loud whistle
      for black bears to scare in advance, and a huge can of
      pepper spray for grizzly bears. Then one looks around for
      droppings to see what bears are around, so, the droppings
      from the black bears have berries n’ shit, and the gryzzly bear
      would have mixed in it a whistle and a chewed up can of
      pepper spray 🙂

  10. Heads Up – If Interested
    “Ground Control to Major Tom,
    Take your vitamins and put your helmet on”
    A good friend recommended this a few years back. I sent about 100+ seeds
    from tree here a week or two ago to the midwest to spread to family/friends etc:

    “Perhaps the most utilized component of Moringa is its leaves, which can be dried and ground up into a nutrient-dense, tart-flavored powder. According to another report in the Manila Bulletin, Moringa powder contains seven times the amount of vitamin C typically found in oranges, four times the amount of vitamin A in carrots, 36 times the amount of magnesium in eggs, 25 times the amount of iron in spinach, 50 times the amount of vitamin B3 in peanuts, and 50 times the vitamin B2 in bananas. (http://www.mb.com.ph/articles/215853/moringa-the-miracle-plant)

    Like Ben Oil, Moringa leaf powder does not spoil, which makes it an excellent long-term survival food. Particularly in third world countries, Moringa powder provides nutritional sustenance at a level unparalleled by most other food plants. And because Moringa seeds can grow to full-size, harvestable trees in as few as 65 days, the Moringa plant is a highly-sustainable source of food that is virtually unmatched in its viability and usefulness.

    If you live in U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Hardiness Zones 9, 10, or 11, you can very easily, with very little maintenance, grow your own outdoor Moringa trees at home. If you live in a cooler climate, you can either grow your own Moringa trees indoors or in a greenhouse, or purchase pure Moringa powder, oil, and tea products from various online vendors”

    Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/037735_Moringa_superfood_health_benefits.html#ixzz4JhcltifW

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

    • Re: Moringa trees.
      Moringa is not limited to zones 9-11 if you think of these trees as annual crops. I am in zone 7b and I grow the trees to about 10′ high in a normal season before the first frost kills them back.

      • drdog09, yes, from what I have heard when going below let’s
        say 40 something degrees they die, except the root system
        (even the roots are beneficial) which will sprout again.
        Have you tried keeping one or more sheltered indoors?

        Unlike fruits which sugars lock in nutrients/elements/compounds
        via dehydration, Moringa Tree Leaves, as any other herb/plant
        matter, should be dried cool indoors maintaining green chlorophils[sp?]
        and not letting decomposed/rot brown out. When I dry moringa leaves
        I put in paper bags, enough to be able to shake from time to time
        during the day so they are evenly spread and dry to a crisp crunchy
        state, then grind (coffee/herb grinder) into fine powder, that way
        the body absorbs best, plus loooong shelf life.

        I tell you, first time I had some, the energy was quick from
        head to toe. Oh, and further research continues to come out
        about its many healing properties – you know, Immune Up –
        dis-ease down 🙂

        Not confirmed yet, but I heard that oil form its seeds is being
        used for lubrication on Rolex watches – Viscosity – yeap, that’s
        the ticket, if so. 😉 while the remains of the seeds after cold pressed
        have water filtering coagulative quality.

  11. oldanddecrepit

    Speaking of food. You can buy a 50# bag of corn, used as a feed supplement for livestock, for $8.99 (and it’s just corn, no additives.) On Ebay, you can find a grain mill for $20 and up. So for $35, give or take, you could have 135 cups +/- of cornmeal, and the ability to make more from additional feed purchases, home grown stock, or bartered produce. For comparison, a 5# bag of cornmeal yields about 13 cups, and costs about $3 and up. And once it’s gone, that’s it.

    • We grew up on “mieliepap” (grits the texture and firmness of mashed potatoes) in South Africa.
      Putu ( mieliepap) is still a daily staple in most rural small villages in Southern Africa)
      A bowl of that with some meat/vegie/tomato-based sauce added for extra flavor is fairly nutritious
      Or add milk and some sugar for a sustainable breakfast

  12. The manner in which meals are consumed will have to change also; sitting down together without security will be too dangerous.

    Slam a main course, then rotate, slam a 2nd course, rotate, slam a dessert, rotate etc.

    Same goes with personal hygiene, rest, maintenance, and other priorities of work.

    Stay out of the bread lines, and be the hardest target possible.

  13. 90 days sounds fine but go look at a calendar and a frost map of the US. Depending on the time of the year and latitude you will need more than 90 days.

    Optimal scenario: Spring is in the air when SHTF comes and you can plant (and know how) immediately. 90 days may get you by till the first harvests come in.

    Dismal scenario: You are at the latitude of detroit or new york and it is now September when SHTF comes. You won’t plant till march at the earliest — 7 months. You will all be dead as I pinch your seed packets for the coming spring.

    You can figure any options between those two extremes. My plan is 180 days of consumables. Calendar, latitude and attitude are what you must analyse for your personal situation.

  14. The LDS church originally suggested three years of storage, back when the country was more agrarian. As progressivism and reliance on the government seeped in, it became harder to get people to store, and now we’re down to three months. One year isn’t enough if harvests fail and other supplies aren’t available. Does three years sound right to work on a garden?

    Also remember, the commercial storage stuff can be surprisingly low quality, and even without that, you need to be planning well over 2000 calories a day for lively times, be it farming or fighting.

    • Even 2000cal might not be enough. If one is reduced to farming tech of the early ’30’s having double that amount maybe required. Then ask yourself as you look at pictures of that period, ‘is that enough cals?’, cause you don’t see many fat people in those old ag pictures do you?

      • Early 30s? Does that include horse drawn equipment, because that would be my fallback for the end of the world farm, though I’d imagine modern engineering could make some pretty cool stuff. I suppose anything designed for an early tractor could be done with a team though.

        MREs are something like 3500 calories. There’s you something to plan for. Don’t forget recipes for field rations.

        • Have you seen mikebrownsolutions dot com’s steam engines?
          He has other info there of other organizations meet-ups/developing
          such. Mike Brown has, from what I have seen, 1, 2 & 3 Horse
          Power engines. He also has info on the availability to get plans
          to build your own if you have access to good precision machine

  15. Yesterday, we received an email from an Oregon state senator, from another part of the state. He stated in substance, that we all need to start prepping, that he has for the last three years ” gamed ” the situation in the PNW, with the military, FEMA, and their likes, for disaster preparedness.

    As the head of Oregon’s veteran affairs and disaster preparation for the state, he is keenly aware that their is NOBODY, coming to help the people. He goes into depth regarding exactly who, what, where, and why we should all be prepping, and exactly what to have for that event.

    I’ve lived in Oregon for 34 years now, I’ve never ever received an email like this, I find the timing oddly interesting. I also had a U-2 doing touch and goes, at the local F-15 base yesterday, which I’ve only seen one other time, 25 years ago.

    Further , I’m a Martin Armstrong ” Armstrong Economics” follower. He has been wickedly accurate with his computer models. He called 2015 .75 as the start of the anti govt, anti NWO, movement, and even in 2015.75, stated that 2017 will be off the hook.

    Straight up, violence is coming to a country near you. how your react, how you respond, how you stage your kit, WILL,or NOT, determine your terms of survival.