Probably Nothing (Again)


FP: Why Moscow Considers An HRC Presidency To Be An Existential Threat

I am sure that such stories are nothing more than neo-Soviet sexism.

I mean really: who doesn’t trust Hillary?

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  1. Well-written piece. Been trying to convince some fence-sitters of the very same for awhile. Thanks for posting.

  2. Moscow is just being sexist.

  3. Stealth Spaniel

    I would have liked to have read the article, but it wouldn’t let me close the order window. Not to worry, you gave me the best line of the political race!!
    —> I mean really: who doesn’t trust Hillary? <—
    I am beating every Liberal Jackass that I run into with that line. LOVE it!! 😉

  4. Photo reminds me of a local gal here. Maggie. She’s the cocktail waitress down at the Waterbed Motel. She even has that trans hand that looks like it belongs to an longshoreman.

  5. женоненавистничество = misogyny in Russian…. can’t imagine why….//s

  6. That looks like the punk-ass-pussy, Ben Shapiro, with his hands inside her depends…

  7. I have seen this pic before and now I am starting to think that the left hand holding the scotch is actually the hand of the kid behind her. Working her like a puppet, not sure I want to know where his right hand is…

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