Probably Nothing


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  1. Nothing, yea, sure…….. Watch two areas, Crimea and Damascus. My money is on Syria suddenly becoming a large black hole in the ground.

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  3. My question – How many times did these babies get deployed over say, the last ten years ?
    If the answer is zero, I’m worried.

  4. Ya have to say I just saw at approx 6-615 EST a large bomber profile with a one fighter escort flying a route I’ve seen them on before. Last time I saw this there were at least six fighters escorting, this was only one but it always catches my attention because A. I’m in the middle of friggin nowhere on a mountainside and B. It’s a big friggin plane. They were also headed east.

  5. Just looked it up, looks like the one I saw. Wonder what the smaller plane was. I thought it was a fighter but not sure. The last time they came through the fighters were clearly that, fighter planes. This time the other craft looked more civy. More like a lear jet profile.

  6. Usg earthquake site lists a 5.3 mag explosion in North Korea, probably nothing.

  7. Nothing to see here, move along slave. These are not the droids you are looking for.

    I don’t think Ukraine, more likely SWA.

    Grey Ghost

  8. Probably the Nork nuke test.

  9. A seismic tremor was recorded in an area around North Koreas nuclear site on Friday, and was suspected to be the fifth nuclear test by the isolated nation, South Korea’s Yonhap news agency said.

    U.S., European and Chinese seismological agencies reported that the tremor was recorded at 0030 GMT at surface level.

    A South Korean government official said it was a suspected nuclear test, Yonhap reported, and Seoul called for an emergency National Security Council meeting.

    The China Earthquake Networks Center said the tremor was a suspected explosion.

    Japan’s top government spokesman also said there was a high possibility the seismic event indicated that North Korea had conducted a nuclear test and that relevant ministries had been instructed to gather information.


    What comes after nuclear winter?

    Answer: nuclear spring.

  11. So why did they fly East to pick up airborne material from the West?
    Did they take the long route to Okinawa or Diego?

  12. It would seem that a nuke going off would self identify itself. In nearly all cases.

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