There Will Be War

Woman Runs Across "Sniper's Alley"

Alternate title: “If Only One Side Is Fighting, Is It A War Yet?”

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19 responses to “There Will Be War

  1. No, there wont.

    Americans are too comfortable to fight back.

    Makes for good click – bait though.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      Even with a boot on their throat most won’t have what it takes to fight back, nor the perception to realize something is wrong. After all, we’re the land of the free………..or so we’ve been told.

      • SF0321,

        “….most won’t have what it takes to fight back….”

        You are correct IMO. However, just as most did not have the stones in April 1775 to fight back, the committed today remain the same as then.

        As an aside….I’ve enjoyed and learned from our bullet discussion. Interesting. Too bad we couldn’t discuss further using a rifle range.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. I’d be happier if freedom-loving people would stop using the word ‘democracy’ like it’s a good thing.

  4. solid essay. Rarely has so much been said with so few words. White men, submitting to the Judeo-feminists, “liberated” White women…and became women themselves, incapable of resisting the universalist Tikkun Olam and its ethnic stormtroopers. So far.

  5. Holy shit, that was good.

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  7. Cuts right to the primal. It’s about women. And none are more desirable than the caucasian female. Women may not like it. But come killing for survival time, feelings don’t weigh into anything. Anything at all.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      The numbers indicate that Asian women are the most desirable – there are more of them than any other group.

  8. Outstanding! Straight to the point.Built on facts,logic and reasoning.
    That is why, a large portion of the populace doesn’t get it.

  9. Yep there IS gonna be a war… and this time through the U.S. will have fighting in their country.

    Grey Ghost

  10. Nubbin-Finger Jake Rodell

    Whites will never be allow to protect ourselves until we rid OUR society of the Zio-menace that has plagued us since 1913. We must restore the Immigration Act of 1924 if we hope to recapture this nation from the (((powers))) that passed the Immigration Act of 1965 that, as (((Emanuel Cellars))) stated, Open the flood gates and, as Barry Obama Soetoro stated, that would fundamentally transform America (from a White Christian Nation) to a third-world hellhole.

    • Immigration Act of 2017. “Not just a wall the Mexicans don’t want to pay for.”

      How about 30M unlawfuls pick up their assets and get? Stay more than 60 days and be deported without assets as well as excluded permanently. Apply for re-entry from the US embassy in their home country, in-person only. Define children born to other than a natural born American citizen father on US soil as not automatically citizens or permanent residents (subject to application on 18th b-day). Children are deported with parent(s) unless adopted by suitable US Citizen relatives with means to support them. Subject applicants to a psychological, culture, and morals test, with Islamist and Marxist ideas/education as an automatic failure.

      • <—-yup this would be a great start

        Then, the people prosecute the traitors who set this all up. The people behind it. You could start with CONgress and go from there to state and local cronies.

        Illegal Immigration = quiet war on your sons and daughters future

      • > Subject applicants to a psychological, culture, and morals test
        And the test personnel themselves would have to be well checked before assignment.

  11. Yes, the Right spent precious decades throwing “racists” to the wolves. In other words, they had accepted the Left as their moral superiors and basically believed in the basics of their world view, if not always all the details. The folly of that is now apparent. And guess what? We’re right about the Jews as well. Is it going to take decades to realize the truth of this as well? We don’t have decades.

  12. I truly believe that this election will prove to be a Flashpoint in the US, by every measurable metric, with the possible exceptions of rather dubious polling, Trump is beating the democratic machine. If and when the final tally is done and Trump is the winner, the major urban centers will explode. The candy dancing up until this point in Baltimore, St Louis etc is just a runner up to this point.

    If Hillary gets the nod, I expect that there will by widespread accusations of electoral fraud, and in many cases justified.. the possibility of a numerical voter victory by Trump and a loss by electoral college defeat will be too much for the rest of America and significant violence will follow.

    Interestingly my country of Canada is in my opinion balancing on the same knife edge, for some of the same reasons… it’s gonna get interesting real soon..

  13. Immigration is a weapon.