Why You Feel Like You Are Going Backwards


You are, economically.

If you are in the system, you are screwed.

And it will get worse.

7 responses to “Why You Feel Like You Are Going Backwards

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  2. “Trump might go back on the gold standard”. Uh…no. Can’t be done w/o the gold. And ‘Murka’s gold (and Germany’s) is gone. Probably shipped off to Zion-in-Palestine. This aside from the fact that, if he tried any such stunt, Trump would be impeached, convicted, and removed by the ZOG-bankster owned Uniparty Congress w/in 48 hours.

    • Actually, the gold has been shipped off to our slanty-eyed friends in China, and some of it has gone to the Russians. But the Chinese have been the biggest buyers of physical gold by far.

      Of course, them Chinese surely are Zionists, just like Valerie Jarrett and Loretta Lynch and Jeh Johnson and…

      • the Chink gold and the Russian gold has nothing to do with our missing 8,000 tons. The Zionists didn’t buy it. They stole it. And the malignant niggers you mention work for Obama who works for (((Soros))).

  3. The inflation rate since 1913 is 2330%. What your ancestors bought for a buck costs you $24.31. So saith the inflation calculator.
    Even had your paycheck kept up with inflation, it has not have kept up with inflation + taxes.
    Total taxes (state, federal, ss, medicare) on ~$100 in 1971 was about $10. Had taxes stayed the same you would be bringing home ~90% of your paycheck.
    The beauty of inflation for .gov is those entering the workforce use their pay today as the starting point, having never lived in better times. They will fuss because a cheeseburger is $10 but when they were kids it was only $5.
    Kinda works the same with freedom. They don’t miss it because they never had it.

  4. Trumpet is not a real candidate he is a libertarian porno hologram. The cuckservatives are all sitting at home furiously pounding their ahem balance sheets hoping he will win and victory will be theirs once more! Some are even wearing their high school jersey’s and chanting Make Murica great again! Wake up friends, regardless of which deep state wannabe wins, you fking lose big time. In fact I’d argue that Trumpet would be a bigger loss and Clitery Hilton.

  5. Interesting, the world is broke, well most of the world. I’ve been tracking and awaiting the elected leaders of this nation to come after our retirements. Isn’t it ironic that they are roughly 20 trillion in debt, and that our beloved leaders have determined that their is roughly 20 trillion dollars in saving accounts. Saved by thrifty people, intent on actually retiring.

    SSA, went tits up, this year, anybody recall hearing about it in the main line news, me either.

    What scares me the most is, the head nigger is currently proposing a 20% reduction in military pay, and their retirements. We have watched lil Timmy Guitner our recent sec treasure, steal funds from the Federal retirement system, of course the govt, WILL, pay it back, and a year later the new sec treasure, Jack Lew, again hit the same retirement system of billions of dollars. Maybe trillions.

    The real scary part is Teamster’s have recently been slammed retirement wise. Their union leaders have flat sold the members down the road.

    I see private retirement systems ” 401k’s” getting raped very soon. I see city, then state, and finally the rest of the federal retirement systems getting raped by our leaders.

    I see states and the Feds monetizing the complete retirement systems, they will manage our retirement, they will invest in govt bonds, just like they did with SSI.

    People this is in play right now, yet without researching these events, we are basically un aware of what’s going on. This is literally coming out of the recent G-20 in China last week.

    If you don’t physically posses your money, or gold, or silver. If your money’s in the bank, your fucked. ” credit unions ” are different, they are members owned, and don’t have the same scrutiny and rules banks have.

    It’s one thing to prep, it’s another issue entirely to finding an investment that you control, that you park your money in, and that is physically in your possession.

    Tic Toc.