Codrea: Obama Nomination of Qureshi To DC Court A Test For Senate Republicans


More inclusion, faster.

It’s just a few months more.

Keep biting on that stick, and think of Lincoln.

Or Hamilton.


14 responses to “Codrea: Obama Nomination of Qureshi To DC Court A Test For Senate Republicans

  1. The gop will give in…. That shouldn’t even be questioned at this point.

    • Stewed,

      “The gop will give in….”

      No doubt. The GOPe lead by the shitbird Paul Ryan (courtesy of the fools of Wisconsin) will gladly confirm the fucking raghead. Bipartisanship and all that bullshit, ya know ?

  2. I wonder what Post Turtle will do.

  3. Link nonfunctional.

  4. Will fix ASAP

    Seems to be an OK website issue

  5. Alfred E. Neuman

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  6. sometimes I just feel like fucking giving up. these bastards never tire. just bring on the shooting I’m getting old and my eye sight sucks and my back is ageing don’t even think I can hear.

  7. Stealth Spaniel

    For the link-go to Oathkeepers:

    The GOP will continue to be nutless on all issues concerning “diversity”.
    Personally, I am done with all of the Burkini wearing gelded wimmen and their men too.

  8. Honestly I’m not sure why judge appointments matter anymore. The 2nd tyrant from Illinois has already appointed more LEFTIST ideologue federal judges with Senate and CONservative GOP approval than any President since before Reagan. It just doesn’t matter what the GOP CONservatives do or don’t do anymore… we are long past the action they should have taken against the current tyrant with his pen and phone.

    Grey Ghost

  9. Time for a trailer mounted gallows to be taken to DC for some serious housecleaning. The portable gallows can be moved from building to building till all of the TRAITORS are gone. Just my 2 cents worth.

  10. Monitor the votes, publish the addresses of the caving cowards. This fucking muzloid goat humping trash has no business being appointed to anything beyond shit scooper in a run down city park.

  11. The walls are closing-in on Individual Liberty; completely surrounded.

    One by one, Liberty’s ardent supporters will fall. All the enemy needs to do now, is to wait until the non-emasculated generation dies off, but they will not relent.

    It’s full steam ahead until every last individual thought becomes extinct.