Officer Safety Brooks No Disobedience Whatsoever


Tased for fighting fire at own home.

Pinellas Park Police PIO Greenwood was unavailable for comment at press time.

H/t Curtis.


25 responses to “Officer Safety Brooks No Disobedience Whatsoever

  1. ALCON,

    Until the badged thugs are terminated with prejudice, they will only continue their attacks on citizens.

    BTW….do not forget the district attorneys.

    “We had to burn down the village to save it.”

    • Like they saved all those women and children that were shot as they attempted to escape the burning building.

      Fucking low life scum. I hate em.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Darkly humorous that the ATF was dressed like Arkan’s Tigers…but then again, they were largely using the same tactics, so, as Joe Strummer once noted: “Like trousers, like brain.”

  2. Officer meat stick ‘orders’ the man to let it burn rather than actually fricking do something?

    Well, at least they didn’t shoot him dead, right? There is that.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Yep. Sadly enough, in this day and age, the guy probably should thank he lucky stars that he only got tazed.

  3. Is there something in the water down in Florida? Sort of an underground LSD “aquifer?” It seems like there’s more than the usual amount of these stories coming out of that place.

    • Yeah, its Florida. Always crazy shit happening down there.
      When I was at that phone company we had a field technician (a full blown alcoholic) tear off all of his cloths and go swimming in one of the underground cable vaults. They always flooded due to the ground water down there.

    • Is there something in the water down in Florida?

      Florida has turned into a 3rd world shit hole. We sold our place in Palm Beach County last year and we couldn’t be happier. Anyone still living there deserves what they end up getting. I’m still trying to talk my uncle into selling his place in Jupiter. He’s too White to be there anymore. Florida is lost, get out before they seal it off at the GA border.

      • outlawpatriot

        I couldn’t be happier too. And if your uncle is anything like you, I would encourage him to leave as well. 🙂

        • He’s nothing like me. He’s a Multi-Millionaire. You’re a dead man walking. They’re gonna skin you alive old timer. LOL

  4. What always disgusts me the most about these kinds of incidents is the complete lack of logic and understanding on the part of the Nanny State Fuckheads, aka, the police. A nine year old child has more common sense than these supposed guardians of the public trust. They’re just assholes with a badge and a gun.

  5. Thou shalt not get in the way of officers watching your house burn down.

  6. Betcha if it was their house burning they would be trying to save it and expect/order you to help.

  7. were there charged over head power lines where this guy was standing? What was the reason for the officers safety concern?….come on reporters ask some valid questions!

  8. If it were I, I would use the money I won in the lawsuit to hire, quoting Marsellus Wallace from the move Pulp Fiction, “a couple a hard, pipe-hittin’ niggas” to beat that cop, his wife, and his children every day for a week.

  9. Well hell, he failed to submit to a superior being. So, there ya go.

    Good serfs are supposed to down and submit to the State, not act like free men. Jeez, where do these civilians get these ideas?

  10. Listen the gene pool for hiring my brothers isn’t deep. Cops are like cockroaches, able to survive in every environment. When you belong to the cockroach club” unions” it’s easy,. Pay your dues, and they protect the colony

    Logic, isn’t a testable component within the hiring process. Truthfully, most agencies went to an outside orginization of shrink related testing, my observation is that this transition has lead to far more poorly chosen recruits, who are then poorly trained by FTO’s with less then 5 years on the road.

    Seems those who hire are more concerned with nicely polished boots, and leather. Don’t forget the high and tight haircuts. oooo, almost forgot the ability to follow Every order without question!.


  11. Did that citizen pay for that water? What was he thinking? He had something long and dark in his hands. He may have been splashing the officers. Justifiable use of deadly farce!

  12. Anton Chighur

    This was state sanctioned attempted murder. Everyone knows tasers are a failed experiment that have KILLED thousands of victims.

    Every politician and politician who still allows pigs to carry tasers should hang from a bridge.

  13. PP cops are a particular breed of asshole.That whole gigantic piece of shit county is nothing but bureaucratic tyranny

  14. Stealth Spaniel

    The officer instructed the citizen to let the house burn-as that is what insurance is for. Now I know that the poor SOB who got tased will get nothing in a civil suit, but it does seem that the aggrieved insurance carrier has some legal jumbo to sue said officer. Something about failing to intercede when possible, and so encouraging insurance fraud, and transmitting speech that the insurance company has deep pockets and is therefore asking to be ripped off. If I was Officer Safety, I’d be calling the state bar for a referral.

  15. IF they do sue the PPPD then they can expect to lose. Those cops will have a CONservative jury and the idea that the cops saved his life will win over the jury. No damages awarded. End of case.

    I still haven’t seen the GoPro vid from Milwaukee and that POLice chief said they would release it very soon because it was a good shoot. So where oh where the fuck is it? Shoulda been released the day of. As I said back then, it won’t be released because it was NOT a good shot.

    Grey Ghost