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“…On the other hand, by joining NATO, Sweden would create a danger for itself that it currently does not face. That danger is getting dragged into a war with Russia started by an idiot in the White House. I’m not talking about Donald Trump, but Hillary Clinton. Trump wants to make a deal with Putin, which would benefit both the U.S. and Russia. Hillary, in contrast, is a wild-eyed interventionist who believes every other country in the world must bend to whatever America desires. She is backed against Mr. Trump by the neo-cons, the morons who created the war with Iraq and who now call openly in some cases for war with Russia. Knowing nothing militarily, they think they can send an American armored brigade or division into Ukraine and then dictate to Moscow. Relatively weak though they are, the Russian armed forces are still strong enough to win a contest in eastern Europe. Any U.S. force sent into Ukraine would quickly find itself encircled. Unlike the U.S. Army, the Russian army does understand operational art…”

— William S. Lind, here


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  1. Harry Lindfors

    This kills the article for me: “Nor can the Russian military easily defeat Sweden. The Swedish armed forces are large for a country of Sweden’s size, well-equipped and highly competent.”
    The Swedes have massively downsized their army, having now only a few battalions worthy of being called “army” anymore. They have good gear, but no men. The Russians, if they decided to attack, would find virtually no opposition outside the capital, Stockholm. The Swedes have realized this, therefore the push to join NATO.

  2. Tell me again how Donny is not a corrupt cog in this wheel?

    The last prez to go off script became pink mist on his wife’s dress.

    Wake up and smell the coffee.

  3. when was the last time an invading army. fighting on Russian soil against the Russian people, won? One just doe not invade Russia with some very serious strategic thinking with pvt. Murphy. If the U.S attacks Russia, Russia will turn loose the Dogs of War inside the borders of the U.S in all out war. Not only can’t we win a war with Russia, but the world will be turned into a battle field.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • Actually, if USNATO forces enter Russia in any sizeable force, Russia WILL use tactical nukes. Mind you, on their own soil. USNATO WILL use this as an excuse to use their OWN tacticle nukes ON RUSSIAN soil.

      Now we know what Russia’s response is. Tactical nukes on US soil. This doesn’t necessarily mean massive Ballistic nukes… but enough tactical to just get the message across. And… “Do you want to UP the ante?”

      Of course, even sans tactical nukes, this doesn’t mean that Spetsnaz won’t have a field day on American soil if USNATO breaches Russian soil.