144:1 Sends


Yep, she said it and now I’m getting a patch made, so we’ll never forget that we all belong in a basket!

This is conceptual art and in the pre-production phase, but should have a sample in a few days.

Can’t wait for this one!


Also, after a long wait the Resistor v2’s are in! All pre-orders will be going out in the next day or so. Everyone’s been so patient. I thank them for that!





And last, these are nothing less than works of art, in my opinion. They’re square depictions of the Bedford Flag.



“take10” discount code is still in effect.

Keep your powder dry.

14 responses to “144:1 Sends

  1. I own one of everything this guy sells – and he has simply hit a bases loaded home run this time! Positively epic.

    • thanks for your continued support. this venture just started off with me wanting to do resistor patches for “comms” people and now look what happened! 😀

  2. I was more amazed Hacking Hillary horked up another phrase as memorably paranoid as “vast right-wing conspiracy” without bringing up a lung.
    She’s a veritable clowncornucopia of fail, a gift that just keeps on giving, decade after decade.

    And the Deplorable basket patch is tres chic.

    It’s probably too much to hope for a Stallone flick called “The Deplorables”.

  3. 144:1 Sends,

    Your patch, IMO, needs colors different than black on OD. Make it so it stands OUT ! Make it so that one exhibits pride in being categorized as deplorable. Make it SHOUT to those who see it.

    Myself….I would offer the idea of red or green lettering on a yellow background ala the Gadsden flag.


    • The colors on the graphic aren’t exact. theyll mimic the resistor patches in color.

      I’m most certainly proudly deplorable.

      • Stewed,

        Thanks for answering for 144.

        The subdued, military colors are not very visible. There is a reason for earth-toned colors in military ops. If one is trying to send a message you don’t camouflage it. But, not my design. Not my decision.

        • I color stuff typically to be worn on someone’s kit/bag, etc. Some of the designs are louder then others… like the “special colors for special people” which is a poke at all the flaming cowards out there who embody the term “special snowflake” and hide from “micro aggressions”. I can however run special colors on this design, but not till the 2nd production run.

  4. Placed another order; high quality, reasonable prices, and fast shipping.


  5. Ordered one and the Bedford too. I have several of these patches now and they are very high quality.
    Proud ‘Deplorable’ I AM!!!! Right up there with bitter clinger, vast right wing conspiracy and Baghdad Bob.

    Semper Paratus

  6. I suggest eyes ears of this audio; about an hour:

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

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