Basket Of Deplorables


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That will leave a mark.




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  1. But… wait! The 19th Amendment is Konstuhtooshunul.

  2. We again see the same problem language from a leftist indicating what they really want. Cuomo said pretty much the same about people who “don’t belong” in his state.

    Once a group is identified as irredeemable there are very few options to solving that problem.

    Is it any wonder these people want us disarmed? They’re plainly telegraphing the next moves. And I’m reminded the Weather Underground’s (Bill Ayers > Barack Obama > Hillary Clinton) estimate of 10,000,000 irredeemable people, who couldn’t be re-educated, was probably conservative.

    When people look for a moral cause for action, it’s right here.

  3. What an incredible mistep. She just turned the Alt-Right into genuine counter-culture. She turned it in to Punk Rock and Heavy Metal.

    • What do you expect from pathological narcissistic venomous power mad bitter old lesbo on several kinds of life sustaining mood altering drugs given to fits of mental imbalance, including, but not limited to, screaming vitriolic tirades and tottering over unconscious???

      But, hey!


    • I disagree. I know the “alt-Right” movers, many of them personally. They believe in the system. That will be their undoing. What we need is a paleo-right that not only does not believe in the system but holds it in utter contempt.

      • “that not only does not believe in the system but holds it in utter contempt”.

        and that includes the catholick or any other church – SFC.

      • Care to expound on that? Which Alt-Right movers and shakers do you know?

        Most of them from what I can tell believe in Western civilization, the destruction of Globalism and the rights of White people to live free of “Diversity”. After the Western sovereignty is restored, Globalism is stopped and Diversity is Repatriated, politics will figure itself out much more fairly.

        • Regnary, MacDonald, Lind, Taylor, Baum, Buchanan, Abernathy, Zundal, Sam Francis was an especial friend. More. More in Europe… It is a certainty you know none of them except by reputation — if that. Write them and ask.

          They believe in Western Civilization? Pff. They believe in 18th and 19th Century Liberalism. Which is anti-Western Civilization. They are Communists.


      • Steve Kristmann

        Paleo-Right…just another name for Voluntarism/Anarchism.
        Which I’m already happily doing. As the man said, “Welcome
        to the party pal!”

        Welcome aboard!

        Yours In Liberty!
        NorthGunner III

      • Wonders never cease.

        “What we need is a paleo-right that not only does not believe in the system but holds it in utter contempt.”

        Truly, your most insightful, incisive, dead on balls accurate statement I have had the pleasure to read.

        Please do elaborate, if you are of a mind to do so.

        Otherwise, I nominate this for mast head quote of the week.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. shocktroop0351

    If half of Trump’s supporters are from a “basket of deplorables”, would that mean it’s ok to say most of hers are from a “bag of shit”?

  6. Now I’m a “racist” a “misogynist” AND “deplorable”?…… Cool.