“…Ever since the Warren Commission concluded that a lone gunman assassinated President John F. Kennedy, people who doubt that finding have been widely dismissed as conspiracy theorists, despite credible evidence that right-wing elements in the CIA, FBI, and Secret Service—and possibly even senior government officials—were also involved. Why has suspicion of criminal wrongdoing at the highest levels of government been rejected out-of-hand as paranoid thinking akin to superstition?

Conspiracy Theory in America investigates how the Founders’ hard-nosed realism about the likelihood of elite political misconduct—articulated in the Declaration of Independence—has been replaced by today’s blanket condemnation of conspiracy beliefs as ludicrous by definition. Lance deHaven-Smith reveals that the term “conspiracy theory” entered the American lexicon of political speech to deflect criticism of the Warren Commission and traces it back to a CIA propaganda campaign to discredit doubters of the commission’s report. He asks tough questions and connects the dots among five decades’ worth of suspicious events, including the assassinations of John and Robert Kennedy, the attempted assassinations of George Wallace and Ronald Reagan, the crimes of Watergate, the Iran-Contra arms-for-hostages deal, the disputed presidential elections of 2000 and 2004, the major defense failure of 9/11, and the subsequent anthrax letter attacks…”

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Met a guy on a plane one time out of Dulles whose brother was an NYPD mukkity muk. Told me a funny story about how the Sauds came to the US en masse every year to take advantage of the medical and dental and shopping. They happened to be in NYC occupying an entire floor or 3 of the Waldorf when the FF known as 911 (emergency) was run. Imagine them shitting themselves as the ahem passport of the terrerists floated to the ground in Manyhatty that day. They were flown out of Newark 3 days later (I believe the airspace was still closed).

    None of them got to tour Building 7 either. They were sad, as am I.

  3. Way too many citizens believe the “govt stories” on ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX News, and MSNBC. And if you don’t believe Obama and SEAL TEAM 6 killed Bin Laden then you are a Conspiracy Theorist. Hell, they made a movie about it to prove it.

    Where the fuck is the GoPro video from Milwaukee? For that matter, where is the GoPro video of the Bin Laden raid/shoot/burial?

    Grey Ghost

  4. “Why has suspicion of criminal wrongdoing at the highest levels of government been rejected out-of-hand as paranoid thinking akin to superstition?”

    All you have to do is look at the mindset of who is doing the rejecting.
    They are the freeloaders, and the benefactors of big gov’t, and the criminally insane.

  5. In the land of Orwell, Truth is referred to as a conspiracy.