‘Religious Freedom’ Just Code Word For Intolerance: U.S. Civil Rights Chairman

martin_castroMartin Castro; bio

H/t to Insty for this signpost along the path to Sharia.

I know, I know.

Islam is not a threat.

It can’t happen here.


5 responses to “‘Religious Freedom’ Just Code Word For Intolerance: U.S. Civil Rights Chairman

  1. Stealth Spaniel

    Well, first Mr. Castro needs to lay off the refried beans. That fat around his neck is doing him no good at all, and it is making him gaseous. Civil Rights is just another code word for insanity, deception, and fuckishness.
    I’ll live under Sharia law-like never. Death and destruction first. And a pox on all his cellulite.

  2. It’s an old tactic of the commies. Change the meanings of words or phrases.
    ‘Make ‘Murica Grate Again’ = waaacissssst.
    ‘Religious Freedom’ = intolerance.
    Double plus ungood.

  3. Samenokami has it right, “They” have changed “Definitions” and there is tremendous power in that ability, it literally changes History.

  4. Alfred E. Neuman

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  5. The fatter the LEFTISTS are the happier I am… that means they can’t run very fast or very long… provides for a better target environment.

    Make no mistake if Hitlery is elected they will “return” to THEIR good old days of “no public opposition” regardless of whether it is speech, action or media.

    One of these days I’ll convince some people that Islam is NOT A RELIGION but it probably won’t happen until after Tet 2.

    Grey Ghost