Serious People


From over the transom:

Vlad Tepes (the Impaler) raided Ottoman Muslim camps, who had previously invaded Bulgaria, in the winter of 1462. On 02 Feb, he wrote a letter to Corvinus, the son of the King of Hungary, the country he was defending:

“We killed 23,884 Turks without counting those whom we burned in homes or the Turks whose heads were cut by our soldiers…Thus, your highness, you must know that I have broken the peace.”

Res ipsa loquitur.

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  1. Stealth Spaniel

    “Thus, your highness, you must know that I have broken the peace.”

    Well, now we know how to sign our emancipation letters to Hildabeast.

  2. Serious indeed. Will is what wins, will to utterly destroy the enemy with no pity or hesitation. European men once had it, our ancestors. Unless we are able to rekindle this will, we are going to die by the hand of those same Turks.

    • Given how flaccid the 3% response to the Oregon stand-off, it safe to say they have zero will.

      • Or maybe they thought that it was a foolish hill to die on….

        • And if that is the case maybe that explains why things happened as they did at Ruby Ridge Idaho or Klamath Falls Oregon or Jarbidge Nevada or Beckman in Montana or Ranch Rescue in Texas or the massacre in Waco Texas (both of them) plus many more smaller individual cases such as the murder of the rancher in Idaho recently. I believe the trend is obvious. The 3% is only good for logos on “high speed” tee shirts or tattoos.

        • What a can of worms…

        • Fir the 3%, there is no hill to die on.

      • The flaccid response by the 3 inchers is a good indicator that we will not be taken as dupes!

      • You mistake a dearth of utter stupidity for flaccidity.
        Anyone half-bright enough to start or join the shenanigans at Malheur isn’t worth a bucket of warm spit, and certainly not worth dying with, nor for.
        The lone casualty died running around in the snow screaming “Shoot me!” (and got his wish), and to a man, none of them fired so much as a single shot, nor accomplished anything but beclowning themselves. The internet forever-ness video proof of their exploits lives on at numerous YouTube sites.

        Beware people trying to astroturf support for incidents that only serve to embarrass themselves, while validating the worst arguments of Team Oppression. Camera lights draw retarded narcissists in numbers equal to or greater than moths.

        Much like the early stages of OIF/OEF, the early stages of a thing weed out the stupid people first.

        • MichiganderJim

          “Beware people trying to astroturf support for incidents that only serve to embarrass themselves, while validating the worst arguments of Team Oppression.”

          Check…only support those who do it your way. Sounds like a winning strategy. How’s that been working.out so far?

          Which “valid argument from Team Oppression”? I didn’t know there were any of those.

          • Forget the wildlife preserve standoff, just look at whole states like Maine, New York, Illinois, and especially California. They passed massively restrictive gun laws and tighten them further every year and the people just take it EVERY SINGLE TIME. I am firmly convinced Congress could pass a law saying any government offical can come in anyone’s house once a week and rape their wife and everyone would respond with calls for action on the Internet forums for a few months them eventually say “well it’s just once a week and we got the law changed so they have to call at least 12 hours in advance….but if they go any further then that’s it!”
            But that’s never it, there is no shit sandwich too large for Americans to eat.

          • Only support those “doing it my way”?
            You mean, by not making assclown moves?
            I’m still waiting for any group to try that approach in public.
            It would at least have the virtue of novelty.

            My apologies for speaking simple English.
            I did not say there were valid arguments for oppression.
            I said they were the worst arguments.

            Assclowns light up all the lights on the other side’s Christmas Tree by being assclowns. It’s Christmas for the other side every time it’s tried: when you end up dead or in jail, look foolish, piss off the people directly affected whom you claim to defend, embarrass anyone who thought you might have some utility, and provide the living embodiment of the exact radical fringe the would-be gauleiters paint as boogeymen in their socialist rants going back 80 years, you start out the game trailing by 6 safeties before the kickoff.
            Well played.

            But hey, ROWYBS. Wear camo, tote guns, strike a pose, take over isolated sheds and outbuildings in BFEgypt, with no rhyme, reason, nor rational explanation forthcoming, without any organic or external support, after being booed by the very locals you’re supposedly trying to “help”, until you get scooped up by Team O, then double down on defending Posse Podex, while screaming for some imaginary referee to call the other side for unsportsmanlike conduct at your ex post facto “peaceful” protest, and then get all butthurt about how that works out in the real world with Big Boy Rules.

            How’s that been working out for anyone?

            This is why we can’t have nice things.
            Too many folks want to lump the morons in with everyone else, as if there’s no difference, nor any way to tell them apart.
            Lesson #1,032 on why Some Diversity Is Not A Strength.

            You will never BMW (botch, moan, and whine) your way to anything that looks like a victory.
            Stop trying to.

            Our Gentle Host points out repeatedly “Resist: By Any Means Possible”.
            Resistance is governed by Al Davis Rules, not those of the Marquis of Queensbury:
            Just win, baby.

            Pay attention to what individuals like Mosby, Max, Bracken, Culper, Sparks, and many others you could list keep telling you, on this very site, times without number. Stop wasting your time and tears on the Special Olympics Contestants who’ve already selected themselves out of the contest, if not the entire gene pool, pretty much forever. It’s both unproductive, and looks rather silly.

            • MichiganderJim

              “You will never BMW (botch, moan, and whine) your way to anything that looks like a victory.”

              Well, at least we can agree about that. Makes me wonder why that’s what everyone did re Mahleur…and you’re still doing it.

              Y’know, the point isn’t that anyone had any obligation to do anything for them—unchosen obligations are your fantasies, not mine. But for crissakes…the very first time someone actually DOES something and everyone’s busy criticizing how poorly they did it. Even that might be sensible, but to not lend MORAL support? Disgraceful, unforgivable, and a clear indication of why this will be chalked up as a loss unless guys like you wake the fuck up.

              Liiberty isn’t about everyone doing what you believe is right. It’s about doing what they believe is right. Is that too complicated for you?

              A win looks like this—MYOFB.

  3. Maybe the pope or some ex-military catholic type guy can get together an army of men and get all medieval on the ME.
    I’ll help with supplies, but don’t want to be present as I’m would be thinking the good catholics would shoot me in the back.
    Protestant and all that, you know.

  4. Vlad certainly could turn a phrase couldn’t he?

  5. to quote one of your previous entry from a few days ago …
    Something to the effect that the reason we are failing is that “we no longer drink from the skulls of our enemies”.
    From Lord of the Rings when the daughter of one of the human kings was asked what she was afraid of … she stated something to the effect that “my greatest fear is living in a cage and to loose the chance of valor due to lose of abilities or desire”. They both apply to today.

  6. Islam is a political ideology bent on world domination, there are no moderate Muslims only areas where they lack the numbers to carry out that domination, Vlad’s methods are the only ones Islam fears.

  7. The stakes could not be higher…..

  8. Did Vlad retain the Moral High Ground as advocated by DTG and others, and does it matter?

  9. Neil Young. “Comes A Time”.

  10. Treason & Hijrah w/ a complicit media. The US was sold long ago & Rothschild’s Central – BIS have had it for many years. Americans believed & trusted the history we were taught & not enough sought to question the re-visionist’s version & Bravo Sierra we were taught. Too bad they played Americans there as well. So will Americans drink from the Skulls of they’re enemies or live in cage of fear & Orwellian Total Information Awareness that monitors movements & controls humans thoughts. It’s all up to the will of the people when the Ballon goes up. The fix is beyond the ballot box & it’s always been as Stain said it’s who counts the votes.

  11. yea the stakes could be higher at least another 10 feet so they can be seen more readily in the noonday traffic ……

  12. North America is protected by two large oceans, and produces the food that keeps the ME from starving. If we were to send all the Sharia lovers back where they came from, and cut off food shipments, the problem would be solved without dropping a single bomb.

  13. Alfred E. Neuman

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  14. I called a local “conservative” talk show host back in 2006 after he repeated the mantra: “we gotta fight’em over there, so we don’t gotta fight’em over here.” I asked, and how do they get here? He said, ” well, on planes, ships and over the borders.” I said, “DON’T LET’EM COME! He said, ” the politicians don’t want to do that.” I said, then our enemy is in Washington,DC. He said, “well, ah, thanks for your call.”

  15. pyrrhus nails it. Our shipments of foodstuffs to the ME should have a price equal to EVERYTHING we pay for their oil.

  16. that’s right, idiots…keep on massacring the Muslims where they live. So even more of them storm White nation borders that have been taken down by the Judeo-globalists.

  17. Vlad… a man who knew HOW to fight the political ideology of Islam… and WIN. The U.S. military’s idea of fast intel/op cycles and winning hearts and minds with green berets hasn’t won a gaddamn thing… EVER, as far as I can tell. The goat fuckers are still winning and in the end they will be the victors in their own land… and they will set up the govt they want or lack thereof as they see fit (self determination anyone). The idea that democracy is a good thing and that the U.S. armed forces should attempt to force it on a sovereign people whether you like them or not is plain ludicrous.

    The last time the U.S did anything remotely close to this was during Desert Storm when the Iraqis were retreating from Kuwait and U.S. air power and ground armor laid waste to vast columns of Saddam’s retreating army. What we failed to do was put the Iraqi soldiers heads on a pike at the border of Kuwait and Iraq… you know sort of a warning for future hostilities and then bring all our troops home.

    Nothing to worry about Hitlery will bring in 500k muslims in the first year! I can hardly wait to see how that works out.

    Grey Ghost

  18. Not for nothing, but… for whatever reason, the 2 white flags atop both stantions of the Brooklyn bridge a while back has inexplicably and suddenly popped back into my head. I always thought it was a clear message of surrender to whomever it was who was threatening us.

    Wish I knew who did that and why….

    How many days left???

  19. Corvinus.

    Well, no shit. It all comes together.

    Kate Beckinsale is one of the hottest women ever.

  20. Dracula killed without honoring any “rules of war.” I’m no military man, but it seems the best way to win a war is to keep killing the enemy until they stop fighting. Then kill a few more.

    • Kill every last one and you’ll sleep well for the rest of your life, otherwise sleep with one eye open…

    • MichiganderJim

      Makes great sense, but it implies the ability to discern those enemies plus responsibility for one’s own judgments and choices. The answer is resounding—“Anything but that.”

      All the naysayers of Bundy like Aesop above—they’ll figure out what we ought to do. Just follow along and above all, obey. Maybe it’ll work this time.

    • This country needs to stop the PC bullsh*t, n get down to the brass tacks. There should be no quarter given or expected. Thus is an invasion, pure and simple.
      Keep your powder dry and your eyes open.

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