Z Blog: Generation Meathead


Die faster, Boomer shitheads.

No worries.

Keep pushing, and you’ll see.

17 responses to “Z Blog: Generation Meathead

  1. The first one is expensive. After that, the rest are free.

  2. Hmmm. What happens when all the pot smoking, self hating hippies die off?

    • They become desperate to validate 70+ years of a wasted, amoral, Godless life have been denied any legacy by those of us who won’t submit.

      And have little/nothing to lose.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      Given that Generation X is a small birth cohort, the pot smoking, self hating hippies will be replaced by mollie-dropping, self-hating Millennials.

  3. Some sort of poetic symmetry that the greatest generation birthed the worst. I’m a part of that 10 year leading edge of boomers and I’ve always insisted that we destroyed the American generational progression by continuing to TAKE when it became our time to GIVE BACK. Folks that say eff the boomers….I’ve no problem with that whatsoever. They’re right.

  4. I’m not old, blue-collar, overweight, bald, or brainwashed..


    I AM Archie Bunker.

  5. Problem is that the members of the Silent Generation (John McCain et al), the generation too young to fight in WW2,which preceded the Boomers, are just as bad. Timid, conformist, shills for Cultural Marxism or any government program.

  6. Jeffery in Alabama

    Even though I was born in 1964, I could be ArchieBunker too tfA-t. The author of the piece makes some excellent points . I did not watch “All in the Family” growing up (or any sitcoms for that matter). I do remember catching enough bits and pieces back in the day to know the gist of the shows storyline. I have since seen many episodes and I believe the “plan” back in the mid-70’s was to make “Archies” appear to be backward, illiterate, racists, sexist, xenophobic/homophobic., “out of style” unfashionable degenerates. Or, as Hillary just said Firday night about Trump supporters “the basket of deplorables”. The trouble was Archie Bunker was an average guy that had likes and dislikes just as many Americans did at that time and still do. The writers and producers ended up creating a folk hero that had much more in common with “Joe Six-Pack” than the libtards, Michael and Gloria. I honestly believe that the the “All in the Family” series had a direct impact on the Reagan/Mondale election of 1980, Long live the Archies of this land and good riddance to the Meatheads!

  7. I lived it all, from both sides now. A big Plus Ten to all the above analysis.

    I used to be dismayed that all my old friends thought I had lost my mind when bj clit-on put the last nails in the coffin of my prior belief system, ever more so since.

    Now I wear it easily, and return the favor.

    I’ve been telling folks for years that the most active and prominent members of my generation have quite possibly destroyed the country.

  8. I was with Meathead until James Earl Carter become president and the Iranians took hostages. I told Jimmah to just sit down and talk with them like neighbors and square this thing, but you know, he couldn’t. They weren’t neighbors, see, they were f**kin’ animals that deserved a nuke or two up the wazoo. It was then that I realized the left liberal BS was just that and I left them for good.


    The (((Eskimo))) behind AITF was Norman Lear. Rob Reiner and the Archie Bunker character, Carroll O’Connor(another Hollywood leftist) were just useful idiots for the whole Commie-liberal propaganda agenda of Lear. People like him gave it to the sheeple in small, subtle doses. And his message took with a lot of folks.
    Lear went on to fund a Commie-Liberal group called PEOPLE FOR THE AMERICAN WAY. Just another good red-diaper-doper-baby doing his best to destroy the culture and morals of a country which should have barred the immigration of (((Eskimos))) and Mohammedans the day after Washington was inaugurated.