Daring (Again) To Speak The Unspeakable


“Fifteen years on and the predominant feeling is one of utter waste. When we look back at events like Pearl Harbor, we can at least say, “You did not die in vain.” With 9/11, it is now crystal clear that they all died in vain. 9/11 could have been a watershed event that stopped and reversed the descent into terminal effeminacy and auto-destruction of western Christendom. Instead, it marked the point when the curve rotated into a parabolic spike of self-loathing and the basest narcissism and nihilistic decadence that human civilization has ever seen.

If the axiom is true that the darkest hour is just before dawn, then 9/11 and all of its horror was not the darkest hour. It is going to get much, much darker. How could it not?

When our hour comes, I pray we are able to die, like Kevin Cosgrove, with “God” on our lips.”

Ann Barnhardt

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  1. Stealth Spaniel

    I watched some of the programs as I worked today. I felt overwhelmed with sadness for those who died-and have died ever since. I want to kill every Muslim. 911 proved that these people have no soul.

  2. Ann Bernhardt, Once more I concur with her. 9-11 was used to take our freedoms and no one so much as whimpered. Of course she fails to mention the the complicity of the attack where it belongs. The oligarchs and the potentates who have their boot heels on our necks, who rule these lands and the tribe that holds their chains.

    • Good God, man, post your avatar in a hooded sheet, and quit pussyfooting.
      If the Jooooos were half as powerful in real life as they are in your head, they’d have snipped the blossom off your stem long since.

      Bad as things here have (and will yet) become, Barnhardt shouldn’t tar all of America with the brush of the Free Shit Army and their elected King.
      Pendulums swing both ways. Always.

      Every decent revolution needs its Intolerable Acts, to give it a decent foundation of popular revulsion. Our current one was 9/11, and the double dildo of the subsequent (anti-)Patriot Acts.

      And at this phase of things, a lot more planning and scheming, and a lot less screaming and daydreaming, would be a healthy way to address the current situation.

      Gather allies, information, training, supplies, and influence beyond your immediate circle.
      Which, not too coincidentally, corresponds precisely to S-1, S-2, S-3, S-4, and S-5 functions.

      Almost like someone has dealt with this problem somewhere before.

        • Yeah, ‘cuz it’s on the internet, so it must therefore logically be true.
          Kindly get a grip on reality. I’m surprised you didn’t lead with Ebola being created by the Jooooooos!

          The Joooooos! you’re so worried about have their hands full sort-of running the tiniest country in the Middle East most days, and most can barely manage to accomplish producing bagels and lox, or a decent movie.

          Like or dislike whom you will, but people should save the frothing conspiracies for when they’re fapping to Stormfront. There are too many real issues going on to be sidetracked by nonsense out of the 1930s, of which there is precisely zero need, and serious people ain’t got time for that noise. As an argument winner, it’s nothing but Tourette’s For The Mentally Impaired, and Example #2 in validating Shrillary’s ridiculous “Deplorables” comments. As such, leaning on it is asinine.

  3. The essential 9/11 criminals – Bush, Cheney, (((Wolfowitz))), (((Wurmser))), (((Feith))), (((Pike))), (((Zelikow))), (((Zackheim))) et al., – are still getting away with it. And the archfiends who arranged 12/7, Roosevelt/Churchill et. al., are portrayed as heroes by the historians. Ann Elizabeth, as usual, spouts nonsense.

  4. I pray frequently to depart to meet my lord with the slide locked and my blade bloodied by those who would defile his bride.

    Non nobis, Domine, non nobis, sed nomini tuo da gloriam!

  5. Yeah, why did Kevin and all those others (RIP B) die that day? And if you tell me it’s because a bunch of third world shitheads with boxcutters defeated NORAD and flew like Chuck Yeager on steroids, well I’ll put you on the cull list.

    9-11 was/is a watershed moment because it’s the moment America decided to simply not face evil staring it in the face. We were fooled but some of us won’t be fooled again. The “official” story is complete bs. Does not hold up under careful scrutiny whatsoever. The perpetrators and facilitators of this act should be killed.

    You’re either with us or you’re with the statists.

  6. So true. Every death in this so-called war on terror has been in vain. Young men and women, the hopes and dreams of their parents, of us all, sent to the butcher shop. What we’re left with is Kaepernick, while Tillman was KIA.

    • All done on purpose. 911 was a honey-trap for strong- but gullible, patriotic fighting age men. Get rid of those, and you’re left with the weak and lame sheep. Import the 3rd world scum to finish the job…

  7. Ohhhh and let’s not give our man-child drug addled sodomite president a pass here: It is actively importing tens of thousands of muzloids into our very midst. 15 years, trillions from the treasury, countless dead and wounded and that sniveling co**sucker and his enablers in congress are working feverishly to destroy our nation and culture and put us all at grave risk.

    When is enough going to be enough?

  8. The goal is to eliminate the West by changing the demographics. Remember Obama, “You didn’t build it. Someone else built it?” They think someone other than Caucasians can do the same things our people did. They think they don’t need us. Hasn’t anyone noticed that we are being displaced? Slaughter everyone else and then kick in the door on the long house in Valhalla and yell ,What’s for lunch, mother fuckers, I’m hungry!

  9. That picture of the “falling man” always evokes a correlation for me. I find it hauntingly identical to the Tarot card the “hanged man”


    Read the meaning of that specific card and start listening to that little nagging voice in the back of your head.

    • Excellent catch! 9/11… ultimate deception day. Masonic symbolism everywhere. No planes, just holograms. John Lear (Learjet) explains…

      The evil is staggering. By all means, start reading Paul’s epistles in your King James Bible. The world opens up.

      Gal 1:3-4… “Grace be to you and peace from God the Father, and from our Lord Jesus Christ, Who gave himself for our sins, that he might deliver us from this present evil world, according to the will of God and our Father:”

      • No the planes were very real. All of the events as we were told and as we saw happened. There are however forces at work in the world that take advantage of events. That allow events to happen and actively supply material that influences those events. They do so in order to generate specific emotional responses and use the energy from those responses to manipulate behavior on a wide scale.

        For this specific image, we know that people were jumping out of the towers and choosing to die by falling rather than burning up. Its entirely possible that this image was only partially real and that it was photoshopped to invoke that very set of mental concepts indicated by the tarot card. I dont know that it was altered it may in fact be entirely authentic, it was however pulled out of the shadows and allowed to “leak” into the popular media. There are many other photos of people jumping that were kept suppressed in the popular media but this one was allowed to be shown.

      • Oh God, man. I can’t believe you threw in the “no plane hit the pentagon” crap. Look, I was a “truther” immediately after I watched the 2nd tower fall in exact like fashion if the 1st tower that morning… hell, I even NOTICED the squibs that very day. I noticed the top of the tower tilt, when suddenly boom boom boom… and boom. I didn’t miss anything that day including WTC-7 being announced that it had collapsed, before it collapsed. I also noted CNN pan their camera’s to a military psy-ops/media unit setting up shop in CNN, when suddenly it was cut off and never seen again.

        The no plane theory is psy-ops. Just to make everything else that is credible… it’s like throwing a monkey wrench in the wheel. Just enough to muddy the truth and create doubt.

        • Believe it. No plane hit the pentagram, no planes hit the towers, no plane hit the ground in Pa. Watch that embedded video. I was late to this party as well.

          • I don’t. 2 planes hit the twin towers, another was shot down, and, I believe the pentagon was a missile strike.

            That is it. The planes used on the twin towers were used as “plausible denial”.

            But then, you are going to tell a few thousand Firefighters, Architects & Engineers, Physics, Chemists, that they are full of crap too. Plus the multiple witnesses who saw… what? A hologram hit the towers?


  10. The FACT of 9/11 False Flag has long been established :

    The implications, however, aren’t much discussed, e.g. Israeli-Neocons will hang if peace is allowed :

  11. speak the unspeakable ???


    JEWS DID IT…. ISRAEL DID IT. Evidence is overwhelming.

    Wake up US Mil. Grow some real balls and crush these jewish pricks out of existence for what they’ve done.

  12. What a mess!

  13. The Usual Suspect

    Speaking of cocksuckers, where is our ” if we could just
    win the House and Senate we could change it all ” pathetic
    congress who spend their days rotating on their thumb
    their ass.
    No one could ever call them racists, cause there like not !

  14. Those thousands in the skyscrapers died in vain. They were murdered by their own government. There is no doubt that the three skyscrapers were taken down by controlled demolition.

    Incredibly, we have absolutely no idea what happened to all the passengers in the three planes. They could still be alive for all we know.

  15. seriously. a false flag…. you are losers and idiots, 19 saudi hijackers did 9-11 anyone that has even a tiny amount of common sense can figure out ie how the towers actually collapsed that day. Im sick of the tinfoil hat wearing douchbags and commie apologists that are infecting WRSA..

    • I was on the phone with a structural engineer from Finland, a firnd of my sister (could have been a Jewish CIA plant– but I kinda doubt it) watching the replay of the second plane going in (which I and millions of Murkans saw on live teevee). Looking at the damage to both buildings (again, on teevee…the people walking around Manhattan never saw *any* of this!), she said “those buildings will fall…they cannot stand.” Stunned, I on the phone and my mom and sister present with her in my mom’s house asked “How?”

      “Probably straight down…within the hour…and the second one hit has greater structure damage…it will go first… the top will tilt a little toward the damage before the collapse.”

      So…was she a Mossad agent? Someone with inside knowledge of the conspiracy? Did she know where the explosives were planted? Or was she psychic?

      Or was she speaking from her knowledge of physics and engineering?

      We will never know for certain.

      Last I heard, about ten years ago, she was the chief engineer for a city in Finland.

  16. seriously. a false flag…. you are losers and idiots, 19 saudi hijackers did 9-11 anyone that has even a tiny amount of common sense can figure out ie how the towers actually collapsed that day. Im sick of the tinfoil hat wearing douchbags and commie apologists that are infecting WRSA.. That being said I do believe that Israel has way too much influence on the U.S. and that the media pretty much controlled by jews oh yeah also sick of blacks in general & would love to bring back segregation.

  17. Is that guy restrained? Where are his arms? Almost looks like a straight jacket.