Droves of African Migrants in Mexico Awaiting U.S. Asylum Under Secret Pact


From Judicial Watch.

Linked Mexican coverage.

Fundamental transformation.

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    • Kill Who? The poor slob afreakns who are being told that they have been invited in by Ozero and that there are a whole lot of young white girls needing their loving touch? Or the .gov stooges that process them into the country? Or the pricks/cunts at the top offices and charitie$ that are coordinating the whole thing?

      • How about both!?

      • You have adequately named the enemies of our country, our culture and our heritage. What are you, we, prepared to do? SFC Barry answered it.

        • LP,

          Until there are a minimim of 1,000 Deplorables armed to the teeth on the Mexican border…..wait, let me back up. Until there are a minimum of 1,000 Deplorables armed to the teeth, on the grounds of 1600 PA Avenue with a contingent at Andrews AF Base securing AF1, executing an attack of Justice and securing the illegal Kenyan for trial and subsequent punishment….nothing will change.

          Barry’s answer treats a symptom. But, the cancer, the disease, infests all of District of Columbia with ground zero being 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

          You do ask the correct question….”What are you, we, prepared to do?”. My answer to that question is….nothing, NADA, zip, zilch. There is no national, shadow organization of Deplorables to counter the tyranny that has become primarily fedgov but in almost all instances, stategov.

          Until an organization evolves to rival that of King George III’s colonial government in pre-1775 America, the only thing that will happen is increased tyranny from those we call “government”.

          • DAN lll, You are correct, nothing will happen … until …
            Slightly off subject but still reflects on the cancer within. Have you noticed all the noise being generated by “the system” of the Russians hacking the election to get Trump elected? Getting Murkah prepared to accept Trump’s election as fraudulent if he does win. What will folks do then? They are already conditioned. Darrel Adams former Social Psychologist professor from Denver University who left Academia to work for the federal government; built his work “Attitudes, Values and Beliefs and How to Change Them” on the “Robbers Cave Experiment” by Sherif and Sherif.
            I mention this because his work and it’s effects contributes a lot to the why “we” do nothing. Why “we” accept all the interracial ads, why we accept the “Patriot Act” and why “we” will accept gun control. ad nausium.

            • Good Lord LP, you covered a myriad of issues near and dear to me in your short reply. This 4th & 5th Amendment destroying Patriot Act debacle being one.

              I’ll never forget saddling up to my congressman shortly after he voted for continuing that tyrannious piece of legislation. The moment I confronted the bastard on it some young stud nuzzled next to him shoulder-to-shoulder in a “protective” stance. My guess was and is , some federal protective sérvice scumbag.

              Yes, I have heard the noise the communists and moslems are making about the alleged Russian hacking. For my money…..GO PUTIN ! For a midget he’s got a humongous set of ‘nads ! In seriousness, it is becoming apparent how the controlling elements of Amerika will compromise what folks thought was their Amerikan birthright….voting. The Romneys, Bushes, McCains, Cruz’, Kasichs, ad nauseum, establishment Republicans, never had the organized opposition and resistance that Mr. Trump is experiencing. Voting in Amerika for many generations is being exposed as nothing more than a fraud, a joke, because whether a ‘pub of Dem, the winner was always blessed by the controlling Powers That Be !

              Wouldn’t it be appropriate if an “Army of One” were to appear should Barry decide to stop/compromise the NOV 16 elections ? One selective shot/one selected kill, multiplied by, say not even 3% of the nationalists in fUSA. Can you imagine ?

              Mr. Adams…..is that a book he wrote or an investigative study ? Is it available for public consumption ?

              Thanks for the thought-provoking interaction LP

              • It is a book. And if I did not have most of my library still in boxes, I would get it precise for you. There were a lot of experiments and trial and error field work performed by him and others. I took a couple of his courses way back when including one graduate level course. All on attitudes, values and belief systems and how to change them … and mostly without those being experimented on being any the wisest. That was in the late 60’s and early 70’s sooo you know where they are with it now. I see his work in movies and in most advertisements. If I knew then what I know now I would of whacked the bastard. But being young and dumb and only really interested in girls and cars the actual intent escaped me till I stumbled on his working for the federals and some of his work being actually used on the public. And that was in the early 90’s. Wrapping up the travesty of anti-Constitutional law with the title “Patriot Act” was one of his many “truisms”. His early work was based around relabeling (repackaging) legislation and activities to sell the BS. Labeling people who are enemies of “the system”, international banking cartel what have you with names was another tactic to get people to go along with what ever crap was being sold. A couple of us referred to them as consumer non-identities. The term “Hippy” was the first one sold to the public. I could go on … Thanks for the kind words. As they say in the mountain man genre, “watch your back trail”. Cheers, LP

            • colddeadhandsdays

              Not me LP. I’d rather fucking die than accept any of that. I couldn’t live with myself in the face of cowardice. I’ll make sure I make my death count however and if there are just .05% like me than its gonna bad for the demons.

              • Hope you have your range cards built for your long guns.
                Train with your family and close friends. Get military manuals, study them and practice. When shit happens you will revert to your training. No training very little chance of survival. if no one in your circle has a history. Acquire goods necessary to operate without infrastructure but which will allow you to replace what you consume like food and ammo. The law of “3’s”. 3 weeks without food the body is incapacitated. 3 days without water the body is incapacitated. 3 hours without shelter in a harsh environment the body is incapacitated. 3 minutes without air the body is incapacitated. 3/10ths of a second slower with an accurate shot then your opponent and your body is incapacitated. Plan and practice accordingly.

                • colddeadhandsdays

                  Roger that but that’s not how it would go down. I’m not thinking some bullshit Red Dawn survival on the run. Think Bracken or Unintended Consequences. That’s how it would have to go down.

                  • John Ross and Bracken are both good writers and Bracken has a lot of good shit on Facebook and other writings. I have a good friend who is tight with Bracken and he has nothing but good things to say about him. One could do a lot worse. But my comment was not intended to be a Red Dawn scenario but it was about building community and tribe. See Mosby and Culper and a few others on such. I am still learning and training though I have 5 years overseas as a DOD contractor much of which was security and police operations. Good luck with your plans and your folk. SFC Barry has been a friend of mine for over 20 years. He would be a good trainer but he got burned out by the games and stupidity and folks unwilling to learn or work together. 4th generation or irregular warfare is not a game. All the great houses of the Landsraad (empire) have pretty much folded their tents and gone home with regards to Afghanistan.

      • They all seem to be military aged men.

      • thesouthwasrght

        Yeah they’re poor little slobs alright, I’m sure that those who will be culturally enriched as one cuts their throat while the others rape their kids and old lady will certainly be thankful for the experience.

        Fact is We the People need liquidating in their eyes and engineering a civil war is a great start.

      • colddeadhandsdays

        Kill the complicit traitorous whores in Govt. who let them in.

    • Barry,

      For once I agree with you.

      Do not forget those who have enabled this invasion.

      • I know exactly who they are. Can you withstand being called names?

        • Barry,

          “Can you withstand being called names?”

          I don’t quite understand that question in the context of this interaction. But, in the simple response to your “on the face of it” question of me….sure call “me” names. Just don’t call me “asshole”. I consider that a term of endearment. I restrict it’s use by myself for those I consider friends.

          • I mean being called names by The Opposition.

            • You mean like being called a racist? My two standard responses when being called racist is:
              1) You should remember what your mother told you when you were young, to which they invariably ask what; to which I respond “don’t talk to strangers”.
              2) And I say this when I am in a hurry and no time for serious discourse; “FUCK YOU”
              Just trying to help out in this conversation. Grin and LOL. LP

            • Barry,

              Read below….I’ve just been “parenthesized” by a weasel. Does that qualify for being called names ? Although I’m not so sure that the weasel “parenthesizing” my screen name falls under what you call “The Opposition”.

              Thanks for your clarification, BTW.

          • “Anton Chigurh”….a fictional character depicted as a “ruthless character” .

            “Haxo Angmark”….another fictional character depicted as an “assassin”.

            Andrew Anglin….just another Taqiyaa-practicing moslem expanding his screen names from Wise Cave Owl to Stuka Pilot to Haxo Angmark to Anton Chigurh. When will it end Andy or should I call you Mohammed ? Or anyone of your other 1/2 dozen screen names ? Let me know your preference.

            You keyboard warriors are all alike. Meowwwww….

    • Not so fast..

      First you’ll have to get thru the ‘blue wall’ that protects them.
      After all -these ‘migrants’ have Rights. And you can bet your life and your families future the cops will protect and serve those afrikin bastards with all the resources the taxpayer can be fleeced of. I just can’t understand the mindset these scum pigs have. THEY are the real enemy of the people. It’s not ohomo, reid, or peelousy who will kick in your door, shoot your wife and child, or execute you on the side of the road… Concentrate on the pointy end of the spear first. And make note of ALL the copsuckers while you’re at it. THEY are just as much the enemy as they are the eyes and ears of the traitorous pigs with badges.

      FUCK. THE. poLICE.

      • The cops believe if they make enough examples of disobedience the citizens will finally obey.

        That works both ways. And we have the superior numbers.

      • What did the cops do to you?

        Serious question.


        • They’ve stepped way over the line of decency one too many times for me to take it as an anomaly.

          Once is an accident. Twice is coincidence. Three times is an enemy action.

          Unlike most murkins, I have a brain that functions. It doesn’t take an Astrophysicist to see what their agenda is. They are traitors at war with their EMPLOYERS… They mean to subjugate the true Sovereigns with impunity. I have more respect for ISIS. At least they are honorable enough to declare their intentions. Cops lie, hide behind a cowards smile, and then fuck you.

        • well I don’t know about tfA-t,
          but I will be entering confinement for 90 days (Placer County,Ca) for Possession of a Blow Gun…
          that’s kind of harsh for a brand new blow gun, found in my ski box, unused… and never intended to be used in California.

          Very harsh when you consider the following

          I was a Gunner’s Mate Technician aboard the USS John Paul Jones DDG-32 (1978-81) and babysat (4) W44 Nuclear Depth-bombs (as well as 12 MK46 Torpedoes) while in port in San Diego and Long Beach,


          I unloaded (not alone of course) those 16 kiloton W44 Nuclear Depth-bombs in Seal Beach,


          after SAFELY escorting them halfway around the world TWICE; once for the Iranian Hostage Crisis 78-79…

          I attended for nearly a year of my 4 year active enlistment the Gunnery School in Great Lakes, Ill. were I excelled in the programs and was nearly a 4.0 sailer (nobody wants to be 4.0)

          I am of course a knowledgeable in weapons from small arms to nukes…

          and now?…
          well now
          I am on disability after the VA messed me up BAD


          the (not so great) state of california has pretty much wiped me out.

          A well documented string of egregious abuses, even by Maritime/UCC “law”, will leave me just another homeless vet in the streets after
          “I do my time”
          Back to the Ghost Dance

          My God Given Rights end where Yours Begin, Your Rights end where Mine Begin
          and no-one, or no-two, or no-three…
          can vote to take your rights away
          so long as you respect those boundaries

    • Wrong. Crunch all you want they will just bring more. Just as the huns followed the goths there will be wave after wave. Only a military border will serve to keep them from coming in. But we have to clean up our house first.

  1. I asked my daughter, who lives in Tijuana, about this. She says that there are a few Haitians trying to get into the U.S. but no bona fide Africans. She is multi-lingual and was asked if she spoke French so she could help them. French is one language she hasn’t learned yet.

  2. French is the secondary language in most of north africa.

  3. It is a funny thing. I have to plan a trip to DC or Colorado and these people just grab their backpacks and pile up on the other side of the world, then call themselves “refugees”.
    I’d have a hard time flying to Africa.
    Last time I checked it cost about $8000.
    Who is funding this invasion?
    Refugees land in the first safe country.
    These people are something else.
    When they start jihading it is a little late.
    But, you’ll figure it out.
    SFC is right.

    • Soros and his ilk coordinate their transportation. When the people in the destination countries start to act insufficiently welcoming of their own demographic replacement, they’ll chuck a dead toddler into the water and make sure that image is on every TV screen and every front page, and proceed to shame the target into impotent submission.

      It’s worked every time so far.

  4. The shitbird in our White House is at it again.

    • Yes but he was preceded by President Johnson who changed the % of Europeans vs 3rd world immigrants. It went from 80% from the modern world to 20% with the new 80% being from shit holes. Bush Senior started bringing in the refugees, Clinton increased the numbers and Bush Jr really upped the ante. Obama is off the charts in numbers. During my tours of Iraq and Afghanistan as a security contractor, we were constantly bombarded by DOS on how to make the process work in vetting our “Iraqi and Afghan brothers and sisters”. I was there during Bush Jr and B Hussein Obama and was forced to listen to this diatribe twice per year for every year I was there. Even now “safe” within my Northern Rocky cocoon, I am broached by either Iraqi or Afghan for a letter stating what find people they are and this is propagated by DOS and DOD. The only thing we can be sure of is that it is going to get much worse. much worse.

  5. I don’t have much to offer here in the way of comments other than refer to the comment at the top. That pretty much covers it.

  6. “Africans stay in our country is prolonged because the US immigration authorities in San Isidro-Ped West, grants asylum only 50 a day. These conditions create the risk of permanent seasonality of African migrants in Mexico, a phenomenon that results in a massive concentration of undocumented applicants hostels in Tijuana and thus greater demand for protection and provision of special services.”

    Ah, the irony of the Mexican news article….

    BTW, ever notice how tough it is for African CHRISTIANS to escape Africa? It’s almost like they’re being penned into one place so it’s easier for the Muslims to slaughter them.

    On a related note, Canadian immigration laws do not allow for people who cross from the US side to file for asylum.

    • The Canadians don’t want anything to do with the murkins. You can buy property there, but you can’t live there without meeting high standards.

      In order to move to Canada, you will need to undergo a medical examination by a doctor from an approved list of physicians, be independently wealthy, be sponsored, and show you had no criminal record.

      if you think you will eventually want to retire to Canada as a permanent resident, you either have to start planning early or have a substantial amount of money. You could retire to Canada in the Investor category if you have a minimum net worth of $800,000.

      Otherwise, you would probably have to come in as a Skilled Worker — and if you’re 54 or older at the time you apply, you would get no points for age, which might lower your total score below the acceptable threshhold. (If you have arranged employment, that could compensate for your loss of points on age.)

      For most people, those are the options….

  7. Thank God the Mexi’s and Lat Ams who are hear illegally are all hard working Catholics eh? Thank God they took the yobs Americans won’t do eh?

    Drink your freedom in daily gents. You are currently free to move about the digital prison camp as you wish. Not sure how long that will last.

    Stay positive, keep prepping cause the shit show that was DC is ending and they know it. I’m gonna stick with W3 because if they can’t light that fire, they are all burned and they know it. Evil exists and currently inhabits the halls of power in this nation. It’s up to good men to extinguish it.

    • I know a lot of them. They are not Catholics.

      But at least they hate niggers.

      If one knows how to to do it they can be recruited as allies.

      They won’t go home after that. (drumming fingers…) Give them California. Nobody will miss it.

  8. wealthy fsrmer

    So how did these africans afford the airfare to central america? I mean if they are utterly impoverished, sqatting in cardboard shacks, shitting in the street, dreaming of the the great free shit nation where EVERYTHING will be handed to them with a wink and a smile from some self-loathing dike, then how the hell did they cross the ocean? Is George Soros handing out airline tickets in the slums of Nairobi?

  9. Those wonderful Somalis living in Minnesota threaten entire neighborhood. They are just poor refugees needing a safe space. SARC….



  10. It is going to get nastier

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  11. The Usual Suspect

    The same person/entity that financed Obungholes ascension
    is financing these expendables.
    The next major terror attack is just around the corner, and if
    it claims enough lives, horrifies enough of the rabbit population,
    Obunghole can institute martial law and unleash the forces he
    depends on to bring America into submission.
    He thinks !

  12. Wouldn’t it be great if all of these afrikans got stuck in Mexico next January?

  13. More Hominids. Excellent idea.

  14. Alfred E. Neuman

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  15. colddeadhandsdays

    Somalia has no functioning Govt. Where did these “migrants” get the $$ to get to Mexico?

  16. They are being paid to come here.
    As soon as they set foot on US soil they are eligible for 16+ welfare programs + $20,000 for setting up a household.
    Read all about it at Refugee Resettlement Watch.
    They are much better cared for than vets or US citizens.
    It will make you sick.
    Guess we need more trash desparately.
    The last time I heard anything out of Germany 360 rapugee centers had been burned down.
    Germans, once again, leading the way.
    Voting didn’t help, protesting didn’t help,
    fire brings this ☆☆☆t to a screeching halt.
    Lucky us, gas prices are at 20 year lows.
    If Clinton wins buy extra fire insurance.

    • Every man and woman who served in the military as long as they were in for 90 days or more must go and file for veterans benefits, get your VA card and file for disability due to incidents during their time in service. File due to mental anguish, hearing loss, any accident you may of had while in service could still be causing you problems. Think about it. Same goes for any of you LE types out there. File and if denied, file again, dispute any refusal to grant you disability. Just saying. You served your country, you paid your taxes and you deserve something in return especially in light of what they are doing for refugees from all over the globe who are being brought here to destroy our heritage, culture and our children’s future. They want to destroy the white history and their future. Fight back. File.

  17. Then there are plagues as link below, plus other cases here of leprosy popping up. Still remember a Marine put on legal hold in Subic Bay after
    contracting something called “black syph” – he died there.
    Bottom line = Stay as clean and clear as possible – Mind, Body & Soul

    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”