Pass To The HRC Fans In Your Circle

Hillary Health 8.31.16

One MD’s opinion – from afar.


Especially in light of the Dems’ likely decision to stay “all in”.

Spiciness approacheth.

27 responses to “Pass To The HRC Fans In Your Circle

  1. Leading to pneumonia, right on cue.

  2. Sooooo…..if there is more information coming from Assange it may be time to make the problem of Hitlery Killton go away is what her handlers must be thinking. Health problem exit stage left and it all goes quiet. Just thinking out loud, what if there is some horrifying damning info getting or about to get released and the deep state wants to be ahead of it? Time to shut down her run for the roses with some fake parkinsons. She and Bill get to retire to Pedo Island with Geoff Epsteinpedohiliac scum after the media follows some actors around for weeks as her “hopes are crushed”.

    • Good thinking. Forgot about the wiki angle. Haxo must be heartbroken and wrong again.

      • Haxo is still on sabbatical, sipping a tall cold one in a rustic, seaside paradise. Latest ABC/WP has Hiligula up by 8 pts. and still miles ahead in the EC. The American People admire a fighter, and Mrs. Clinton’s current tribulations will only increase her sympathy vote.

        and BTW, anyone else the Demoncrats run will wax Trump by 10-15 points. At the moment delusional thinking among the “we can vote our way out of this” alt-Right (and their fearless leader, faggot-kike Milo) is at epidemic proportions.

  3. colddeadhandsdays

    Die die die die die die

  4. Biden’s coming. He’ll be tougher to beat and the doom will be the same, but with a creepy smile and grope.

    • “….tougher to beat…” ?

      How do you figure that ? If he is so tough to beat why wasn’t he the Dem nominee ?

  5. Hadenoughalready

    I pray she lives through to November 9th…then God can deal with her…or Satan…lol

  6. Dr. Lisa Bardack says Hillary has pneumonia. Is that the same Dr. Lisa Bardack whose name appears on those “faked” medical records that say Hillary Clinton has been diagnosed with “Complex Partial Seizures” and “early onset Subcortical Vascular Dementia?” The ones that Snopes said were false?

    Seems like the lies are piling up faster and faster. Faster than Hillary’s crew can spin them. No wonder we’re going to lose the Internet on October 1st.

  7. Wasn’t there a line from the Wizard of Oz about the “wicked witch is dead” or was that just a nice dream?

  8. She very-well may be a decoy; her entire campaign and weaknesses fake to obfuscate the real plan. Biden has been prepping without the spotlights; offering her a way out of her mess.

    They would even fake her death; she has enough money to go to another hemisphere and clone herself.

    Frame of Reference: The movie “The Boys from Brazil” should suffice.

  9. Check out the “stills” that WaPo uses in their video and compare to the actual video. This is yellow journalism at its finest.

  10. Hellary dropping out of the race, dead or alive will be a winning ticket for Trump no matter who replaces Hellary.
    TPTB had to know. All of them and yet they foist her on the nation anyway? Trump, with no filter will hammer everyone involved and a decent speech writer can phrase it so most of it will stick. He only needs to be sympathetic and gracious to the memory of Hellary.
    She will be dead w/in a year, then Slick Boy will melt away from the slims.

  11. “the United States cannot survive if its President is mentally impaired”

    yeah. So?

  12. ALCON,

    So, will Klinton make the debate in 2 weeks ? If so, how will she perform ?

    I wonder if they’re taking odds in Vegas ?

  13. Parkinson’ disease. Pathognomic presentation, and Dr. Bardack really needs legal counsel.

    Probably a bodyguard, knowing Hitlery and Bubba.

  14. Hillary’s problem is now the Dems are furious with her. She lied to them how sick she was and now its basically too late to replace her. She will need a month or more of rest in bed to recover from pneumonia. That means no campaigning or debates. The Dems voted in all these ‘mail in ballots’ in several critical states like Colorado so they can cheat. But those ballots are all printed out with her name on the ballot and are ready to be mailed. The dems have just hours to change out Hillary’s name or it will have to be a ‘write in’ ballot for the new candidate, making it almost impossible to cheat. But 1st, the dem power structure will have to gather in a small room and start screaming at each other. The Bernie Bots will demand he be put on the ballot, as well he should. Biden and Caine will both make a run at it but they have just a day or so. Ballots in all the states are being printed as we speak.
    The Dems are furious at her in so many ways. They literally have hours to decide to replace her. Even if she drops out (or dies) and wins the election, the election goes to the house of representatives, now controlled by Paul Ryan (Our next President?). I may have to put on that clown suit I threatened to wear if this gets any weirder.

    • Why should the Democrats be furious with her?

      Do you REALLY think the Elite Democrats did not know how sick she is?

      And do you REALLY believe that “pneumonia” bullshit, after ALL these lies???

  15. Jimmy the Saint

  16. Jimmy the Saint

    Here we go, Parkinson’s, here we go!
    *clap clap*
    Here we go, Parkinson’s, here we go!
    *clap clap*

    Let’s go, Parkinson’s!
    *clap* *clap* *clap clap clap*
    Let’s go, Parkinson’s!
    *clap* *clap* *clap clap clap*

  17. Parkinson’s is the cheeriest likely diagnosis.

    She could have a tumor or something…

    “Paging Dr. Karma to Walter Reed, STAT!”…

  18. Aesop … a tumor, a ‘space – occupying lesion ‘ would lead to progressive frequency and intrusiveness of symptoms … .wait !… never mind ! Yea !

    these recent manifestations should bring many an agnostic back to belief

  19. Alfred E. Neuman

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