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U.S. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton and New York Mayor Bill de Blasio (R) attend ceremonies to mark the 15th anniversary of the September 11 attacks at the National 9/11 Memorial in New York, New York, United States September 11, 2016. REUTERS/Brian Snyder

Campaign reax:


Oh yeah.

Video of HRC (center frame) collapsing as OldBatmobile arrives to whisk her away.

More vid from a different POV; note how her staff leans HRC against the security bollard


CNN: HRC says “feeling great”



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WaPo does 180, now declares “Hillary Clinton’s health just became a real issue in the presidential campaign”; see contra previous position, now inop

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More from Scott Adams’ blog:

…You probably wonder if the “overheated” explanation is true – and a non-issue as reported – or an indication of a larger medical condition. I’m blogging to tell you it doesn’t matter. The result is the same.

Here’s why.

If humans were rational creatures, the time and place of Clinton’s “overheating” wouldn’t matter at all. But when it comes to American psychology, there is no more powerful symbol of terrorism and fear than 9-11 . When a would-be Commander-in-Chief withers – literally – in front of our most emotional reminder of an attack on the homeland, we feel unsafe. And safety is our first priority.

Hillary Clinton just became unelectable.

The mainstream media might not interpret today’s events as a big deal. After all, it was only a little episode of overheating. And they will continue covering the play-by-play action until election day. But unless Trump actually does shoot someone on 5th Avenue, he’s running unopposed…

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101 responses to “#sickHillary

  1. Considering the deaths she is responsible for/damage to country and continuous lying all I can say is good!I realize tis wrong to wish one ill health but I really don’t care at this point considering the damage to so many she is responsible for,will love to see the cover up story for this one!

    • I want her to remain healthy enough to remain on the campaign trail at least until after the election. I don’t want the Democrats using her illness to drum up sympathy votes by asking voters to “fulfill her dream” or some such horse sh*t.

    • So why is it “wrong” to wish ill health on somebody? Would it have been immoral to wish ill health on Pol Pot? On the Son of Sam? On Hitler? I can’t find any real moral reason why it would be. One of the things that people who want to believe in God always seem to have a hard time getting over – is why God would “allow” complete and total douchebags to roam the earth while things happen that hurt innocents.
      I have no problem wishing ill health on somebody who is a complete and total douchebag of Killary’s level.

      Even if the tales of people she killed are only 25% true – she still deserves a miserable death.

  2. She will not make it to the debate. Kaine will take her place.

    • outlawpatriot

      Still don’t think so. I believe she will still be the next POTUS. 🙂

      • Absolutely. People will vote for her if she’s nothing more than a diseased semi-rotting corpse suspended in embalming fluid. You’d think by now we’d learn to never underestimate the sheer idiocy of the voting public and at least the 60-75% of Americans that are little more than stupefied zombies during NFL season.

        • yep,
          the funniest thing I read today…
          ‘sure, we know that a lot of you-all out there want to elect the first woman ever to the office of U S President…
          but does IT have to be the first corpse as well?’

      • Says the guy who still believes he’s not gonna be skinned alive by those brown people that surround him… 🙂

      • colddeadhandsdays

        Oh really? You’re in FL right? Trump just had 55,000 at his rally in Tallahassee. Where are Hillary’s numbers? Go to Twitter and you will see pictures of 300 to 3000 people at her rallies Max. How does that translate to her Support? The “polls” are HEAVILY skewed so when they use fraud with voting machines it’s all justified. I call BS on her support, legitimacy as a candidate and I wish hot death upon her.

  3. Die, you scurrilous skank.

    Is that too much?

    • I’m somewhat conflicted. I can’t decide whether it’s bad that she die now – or after getting elected. If she gets elected and dies – we’ll never hear the end of it. There will be a goddam Hillary national holiday and the screeching batshit insane feminazis who are her support will go crazy and beatify her.

      But having her get elected , go crazy on people while in office – and then croak…… will bring on the shit show I think this country desperately needs if we’re ever to generate the political will that is needed to clean house.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        If she gets elected and then dies, President Kaine will get to push through all sorts of stuff “she would have wanted” and the GOP won’t even bother with its token opposition.

        • SemperFi, 0321

          I believe you’re right.
          Both VP candidates are globalists, nobody is paying any attention to who they are or where they came from either, so doesn’t matter who gets elected does it? But who will be POTUS in a year?

      • Nah. We just need one million unemployed fathers.

  4. Clinton no doubt is very ill. Several prominent Gerontoligists indicate she is not likely to survive more than a year or two from now. Friend with NYPD said radio is abuzz with those present saying she is very drunk or very high. Does she in fact have a substance abuse problem too?

    • If she loses the election, she’ll die of a twice-broken heart. Dead within 6months of losing. If she’s elected she’ll be dead in a year from the stress.

      • I’m hoping she loses the election and survives long enough to be indicted by AG Napolitano. And then performs a public dump of all the treason in the Obama Administration during her time as SoS. You do understand that she was party to almost ALL his treasonous actions during that time, don’t you?

        If she drops dead shortly after that and saves herself the pain of execution, and this country the cost of same, I would not complain too loudly.

    • ALCON,

      The sooner Hillary Rodham Klinton is at room temperature the better. Those who think it better she croak after her possible election are pure idiots ! Just plain, ignorant fools like the percentage of idiots who are undecided. Idiots !

      Trump with his “fuck you” demeanor is the greatest thing that could happen to Amerika. Under Trump, it may just be “America”, again.

      The sooner BOTH Klintons and Hubbel’s love child are pushing up daisies, the better.

  5. Probably spazzed out because she was on sacred soil. Its a wonder her skin didn’t start melting

  6. All them little black things are coming after her. Like in the movie “Ghost”

  7. MSNBC said it has cooled down miraculously, just since Frau Hilarity “overheated” at the 9/11 memorial. Plus Hilarity was dressed in “heavy clothes”.
    NYC temp was 84 degrees with 38% humidity. Not buying the MSNBC Spin,

    • more Trumpian twaddle. Mrs. Clinton, a sensitive and caring person, was simply overwhelmed by the solemnity of the occasion. The lack of empathy for a fellow human being shown on this thread is quite appalling.

      • Empathy meter pegged. I have none for her because I have spent it all on the countless lives she had directly or indirectly ended, destroyed, impoverished, corrupted and ruined. I have no empathy for Satan or his ilk. I have sympathy for her however, as one day she will stand before a righteous God and be judged.

      • Anton/Haxo/Stuka Pilot/Wise Cave Owl/Mohammed,

        Surely, you jest ? Or are you just spewing taqiyya ?

      • Gird thy loins, sir…its gonna get a lot worse. We have only just begun.

  8. Look at the Killary pic. Compare it to the Weekend at Bernie’s pic.

    Almost the same sunglasses. Blue jacket. White shirt ….. Coincidence? – I think not!

  9. The Usual Suspect

    The demon inhabiting her is about to depart her mortal
    shell for more fallow fields.

    • I don’t recall any former presidential anythings riding in a damn van…

    • Oops…a little slow on the wagon circle. It looks like they had to drag her into that van.

      I read a couple of years ago that she would not become president due to an illness, at that time, largely unknown, and undisclosed.

      What in blazing hell are her handlers thinking? That they can hide this?

  10. Risible, farcical & pathetic.
    The US Empire (Neo-Roman Empire aka ‘Whore of Babylon’) has become a Pathocracy ruled & criminally dominated by Political Ponerology. A Pharisee Occulted powers used money & power to allure & seduce the ignorant idiocracy populace. Driven by a dysfunctional dystopic social cultural pathology that will stop at nothing to rule the planet.
    ‘Absolute power corrupts absolutely’.

    USA & it’s COUP are done. Smedley Butler warned us in 1934 (notice right after the US miraculously pulled out of Banker created Depression & Stock Market crash of 29′) & nothing was really done then is how we got here partially. ZERO credibility, Media & press – journalism is fineto & done. The can was kicked to the end of the road & now they are caught & desperate. I suspect any Black Swan – Grey Swan – False Flag event they can conjure up will be attempted. Hitler- Goebbels – Himmler – Hess – Goring – even Edward Bernay’s would be in ‘AWE’. The 3rd Reich became the 4th Reich via the 5th Column. Same crew at it again w/ new recruits to they’re criminal conspiracy. They just tweaked it slightly different this time.

    There needs to be pubic hangings for the War crimes against humanity again & not let the same crew who screwed the pouch at Nuremberg ruin & run the show again. Since nobody drinks from the Skulls of their Enemies anymore, political corrupted detente’ system was the mechanism of how it happened. That which you allow is what will continue. The Watchers in charge looked the other way this time & have been graduallly for years (since at least the JFK schwack) only to encourage amoral behavior & foment more venality, Ponerology & fraud. We are watching the implosion & collapse of the corrupt fraudulent system before our eyes. As this self-destruct system is in progress, I suspect we will see what the will of the people truly is soon. If not we can all expect more corrupt Deep State & oppressive Machiavellian neo-feudalistic corporate fascism to continue. Lords – serfs – peasants. The US has not only a huge PR problem but a World’s View credibility problem. Trump is the equivalent to the Pharisee Occulted powers ‘popping smoke’ until they can re-group & re-assault humanity w/ more fun. Obozo already did the damage & Congress – Senate – Media tacitly allowed it. Whether it was ignorance, the consciously stupid complacent & apathetic or greedy, selfish, amoral, evil et al etc. The system is rigged, broken & imploding.

    Definition of Pathocracy
    Definition: pathocracy (n). A system of government created by a small pathological minority that takes control over a society of normal people (from

    Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes

    Reflections on Political Ponerology

    Political Ponerology : The Genesis of Evil

  11. All of you heathen,agnostic deniers of a greater power can eat shit and die.Hillary is about to explode like the fat guy on Monty Python.My prayers have been answered.

    • I can’t help but think that between her health issues, and Trumpasaurus Rex tearing the GOP to shreds, that God is winking at us.


    • Hmmm… “eat shit and die” WWJD? Or is that Muslim teachings?

      • Jesus was a fine guy. I lean towards a fat happy Buddha. Modi is my proven savior. Lucifer,”the bringer of light” is firmly in control of many humanoids.
        Not familiar with the musloid angle. If you read musloid into it…and you are calling the musloid,shit eaters. I will agree with you.I do not care much for them.

  12. And I thought this 9-11 anniversary was going to be depressing because the usa has given up everything it gained and killed or mained many soldiers on the way and now this anniversary is a reminder of that.
    but no, Hillary now has undeniable health and corruption questions; how beautiful is that ?
    of course there’s still a chance Obama steps in to save the election and finish off the country with a couple more terms; but is now a free for all on questions about Hillary imo.
    and the weekend at bernies picture was perfect.

  13. I have said elsewhere and will here,you got the factory/means I think a billary bobble head with ill face and perhaps a coughing/dog barking sound chip would be a best seller,or,at least a great comedy skit for comedians with some guts(may get you killed,at least audited ect.).

  14. 83 degrees with 40 percent humidity is not hot and humid.

  15. What I’m enjoying is the squirming of the steaming turds that dropped big green on this POS for access to the metaphorical pent house.

  16. And her shoe fell off!

  17. This bitch has some serious health problems. 79 degrees isn’t shyte for heat. Also, the conditions that lead to stress related seizures create a doom loop unless some pretty radical changes in lifestyle are made, including making a concerted effort to reduce stress. Just guessing, but running for prez isn’t probably a stress reducer.

  18. All those people hitting on Trump, all the people who are carrying her, and she still can’t hang.

  19. She was not helped into
    that van, she was dragged into
    it unconscious.
    The video shows her left foot,
    dorsal side facing down, dragging
    across the ground.

  20. Steve Kristmann

    So Cankles Klinton has another ‘episode’ in public…no surprise here..
    that degenerate murderous old harridan has every bit of such physical
    and mental unpleasantness coming in spades!

    In any case, it’s good to remember that on this day, real men gave
    it to the moslems (turks and others) without quarter at Vienna. My
    father was originally from Hungary and he repeatedly told me, “Don’t
    trust the turks or others like them for anything!!..we’ve dealt with them
    before and they’re pure evil!!”

    Vlad would definitely agree!!

    Battle Of Vienna – September 11th 1683

    (Hmmmmm…kinda makes one think of the saving of besieged cities
    from the orcs in Lord Of The RIngs…wonder if Tolkien was basing Sauron/orcs on ‘mo’ and his deathcult followers?)

    Tolkien and Islam

    The Battle of Vienna, September Eleven 1683

    (Full Movie – Download and save)

    May ‘Cankles’, the degenerate murderous klownhag FOAD!
    Yours In Liberty! Furthermore – islam and it’s enablers MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

  21. Looking a lot like sporty is gonna come sooner than later. Mr. Murphy will always, always show up and I’m not talking about the MOH winner here. Shits going sideways fast. The sheeple are oblivious to how upside down this all has become.


    Ladies and Gentlemen: I would be the last person on this site to throw cold water on the hope that this Marxist witch is through. However, medical science and the money behind her quest to rise to the top of the Dung Tower at Mordor-On-The-Potomac will keep her going.
    Notice how she was spirited off the Billary compound and the MSM was not invited. They will pump her full of meth, steroids, vitamins, and/or you-name-it. She will make a personal appearance within the 24-hour news cycle and be fit-as-a-fiddle with the glow of health on her cheeks. She will continue to spit back at all of us who inhabit the: BASKET OF DEPLORABLES. And the media, along with her screeching, satanic minions, will have the last laugh.
    As Jimmy mentioned above, the MSM would not go near JFK’S health problems, including his Addison’s Disease. FDR, as many here have mentioned, was always photographed sitting down. The WEEKEND AT BERNIE’S analogy is hilarious. But, the reality is the Red Queen will take the oath on 01/20/2017, even if from a hospital bed at Walter Reed.
    Bill, Hillary, and their useful idiots are protected by the rulers, powers, and principalities of a very dark world. They are watched over by the: “…spiritual forces of evil in the heavenly realms.” Again, I hope I am wrong and CA bestows upon me the Golden Raspberry Award. In the meantime, bleib ubrig.

    • Mr. Weasel,

      I believe you are wrong regarding the witch being elected. It will not happen. Same as her first debate with Mr. T.

      If she lives another 4-6 weeks I’d be surprised.

  23. Alfred E. Neuman

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  24. Just how hot was it in New York city in September? 85 degrees?

  25. colddeadhandsdays

    I hope she fucking drops dead before the election. There will be no sympathy vote that will push another candidate past Trump. Fuck her may she rot in hades.

  26. I imagine the late, great, Howard Cosell calling the action in heaven.
    I loved Cosell.
    I sure would hate it if Trump wins it by default. NOT.
    I was just joking when i mentioned she may end up in a hospice a couple weeks ago.
    I she retires to a chair by the fire.

  27. OK, I’m going to barf a little medical knowledge. This episode has led me to strongly consider the Parkinson’s Dz angle. Her behavior strongly suggests what is know as a “locked in” state. She is able to maintain motor muscle tone, but totally unable to initiate directed movement (note how she continues to hold her head up, inconsistent with either a syncopal episode or drunkenness).

    Her handlers literally have to move her and her feet are dragged along for the ride. The sudden lurch was when one of her “handlers” (either on right or left depending on whether you are viewing the reversed image from the back camera) trips down the curb. Her feet are still being dragged on top of the curb, so her “tripping” doesn’t even make sense.

    Ask anyone you trust who has either diagnosed or cared for someone with end-stage Parkinson’s if this is what it appears to be. The “rapid recovery” is also consistent with dopaminergic rescue drugs, which quickly but temporarily resolve the “locked-in” state.

    Note, this doesn’t prove or disprove the possibility of substance abuse.

  28. I really got a good chuckle at one of the comments: “The deplorables vs the onthefloorables.”

  29. Bacon is not the only thing that’s cured by hanging from a string.
    Red in OleVirginny

  30. “Here richly, with ridiculous display,
    The Politician’s corpse was laid away.
    While all of her acquaintance sneered and slanged
    I wept: for I had longed to see her hanged. ” – Belloc
    Red in OleVirginny

  31. Alfred E. Neuman

    By the way, in Arkansas,the mother of the two boys killed on the train tracks in Benton, Ar is getting another hearing into the actions by the Clintons, CIA drug running From Mena, AR and Benton public officials. Supposedly the boys laid down on the tracks after smoking some joints. The hear say is that they observed drug trafficking of the worst kind (Gov) and were killed for that. A judge has already recused himself from the trial. It will be interesting to see how this plays out. This took place when Bill was governor.

    • Watch now as the media runs with the “ok, she has answered the health questions and turns out it’s simple pneumomia, so it’s time to put the wild conspiracy theories to bed once and for all. Case closed!” narrative. There will also certainly be an effort to get her out of a conventional debate format, and into one easier to manage her symptoms.

      Does she even have pneumonia at all? Who knows. If she does, I will simply point out that it’s a quite common secondary infection in people with chronic neurological disease. Basically when you can’t control your swallowing reflex, you cough a lot (which we have seen) and aspirate fluid into the bronchials where a nice infection sets up.

      We have not seen the last of this. This miserable old crone is due for a cosmic comeuppance.

      • You can BET she does NOT have pneumonia. Anyone still believing ANYTHING from U.S. mainstream news… national, state or local is at this point delusional.

        Grey Ghost

  32. Most obvious how they close in around her. Not necessarily for security but to shield from prying eyes. As if they expected, encountered, or planned? Amazing to watch. I can’t believe my eyes.

  33. Requiescat in pace: NYFD Firefighter Thomas P. Holohan, 1965 – 9/11/01

  34. Hillary pulls out in the next three weeks due to health issues. The powers that be in the Dem party select Biden as the candidate. Screw Kaine. No one ever voted for him in the first place. Mooch is the VP selection. One year in, after soundly defeating Trump, Biden resigns. Soros wins.

    • Can they just replace a candidate like that though? (Yeah I know, there’s theoretically tons of stuff they “can’t” do that they do anyway)

      The ballots are set now. They can’t add new names. I think what would have to happen if she withdrew or croaked is that people would have to vote for the Clinton/Kaine ticket anyway, and if they won the rules of succession would then apply and elevate Kaine, who would then choose his own VP. Or would it come down to a decision of the House of Representatives?

      I think Trump is going to win though.

  35. If it’s just pneumonia, why was this nurse doing a “finger squeeze” test? That is a neurological diagnostic test.

  36. So dead people will be voting for someone near death.

    Neva been done befoh!

    Not just The first female prez, but also the first prez on life support.

  37. Jimmy the Saint

    Nah, it wasn’t a medical event. She was just overcome with emotion for the 19 brave men who died 15 years ago trying to immigrate into this nation of racisty racists by Amistading a bunch of airliners.