The General, The Devil, & The Election

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A thoughtful ChicagoBoyz piece for your Sunday morning.

Monomania is bad for the soul.

4 responses to “The General, The Devil, & The Election

  1. The Kamikazes were also effective pilots.

    Like Hillary, they only needed to get to their destination to accomplish their task of complete destruction.

  2. Trump, of course, has a large and loving family and a great love for golf. So the comparison is non-existent….

  3. Geezus! We’re talking about known psychopaths like CLInTon here. There is no friggen way to parse her character or intellect and god forbid her record of lies, deception and outright treasonous behavior into other than what they superficially are.
    Donald Trump accomplishes more with his morning dump than CLInTon has in her entire career.

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