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From Chris Muir.

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  1. I wouldn’t count her out as of yet…..

  2. What’s striking is the apparent lack of concern in the entourage. No excitement/panic etc. That tells me they’ve seen this a lot and aren’t surprised.
    Second is how the friggen communist media STILL cover for her. That level of sycophantic devotion is alarming and dangerous.

    • Were Hellary a normal person, she would not want to be seen in this condition. The power of the ‘One Ring’ has driven her mad in her quest to obtain it.

    • The indignity that most people would feel to need so many people (GOP, DNC, Media, Globalists, Pundits, POTUS, DOJ, FBI, DHS, rival-billionaires, etc.) helping her by giving her a pass and hitting on her opponent, and STILL needing to be carried towards the finish line.


    • Jimmy the Saint

      That’s always how the communists advance – each lower level of aparatchik is willing to do whatever is necessary to protect the level(s) above.

  3. I’m thinking ”Weekend at Bernie’s”; Dead, but for the purposes of the election, treated as though alive. Assuming she beats Trump in the popular vote, the Electoral College ratifies it, and Tim Kaine gets sworn in as if the Lizard Queen dropped dead with her burning hand still on the Bible.

  4. wealthy farmer

    If Hillary drops out and the establishment uses that as an opportunity to push out the people’s choice (Trump), then it’ll be on like donkey kong. Revolution’s comin’ folks, I can feel it. 95 million unemployed working age people out there are getting fed up. The arrogant system doesn’t understand: the devil really DOES find work for idle hands! Increasingly I discern the future: you sit on the fence (millions will..) you’re dead. You side with the establishment, its gallows or the camps. Any day now publlic safety wakes up to the fact that their 20 year retirement pension funds have been looted out by Soros et al……

    • ‘1876’ Revisited….

    • Tent cities popping up all over in major metro areas. A little food, clothing, a few bucks will go a long way in establishing good will. Fertile ground for recruiting. Like Gerald Celente keeps saying “when people got nothing left to lose, they lose it”.

    • MichiganderJim

      Yep, any day now. That’ll look good on our tombstones, I think.

      Zombies don’t get fed up…as long as they’re just fed.

  5. People actually think that pneumonia comes and goes in a matter of minutes. It’s what the MSM told them. It must be true.

  6. Where is the candidate? Why has there been no pictures of her sitting up in her hospital bed “large and in charge” if the Doc said she was “Re hydrated and feeling fine”? Disappearing makes her look weak and incompetent (suppose there was a Nuk strike?)

    Where is she?

  7. How come one clip shows her getting in the van on the passengers side, another clip shows her being loaded on the drivers side. Something smells like shit!!!!!! was this a rehearsal or what??

    Yesterday she drops like a sack of potatoes after twitching wildly. She always has at least 5 people within 5 feet of her to catch her. Two hours later, a woman with pneumonia walks out of her daughters apartment (who has a small child who can easily catch pneumonia), no one within 30 yards of her ( the secret service does not guard body doubles), and hugs a small child possibly giving her pneumonia. In that 2 hour period she lost 3 chins and 30 lbs. Go to #ClintonsBodyDouble and look for yourself.
    I’m pulling on my clown suit as I speak.
    Fucking wow.

  9. Closeup of face at event and outside apartment a few hours later:

  10. The democrat crime party in collusion with their “news” media have already established a quasi completely unaccountable government dictatorship.

    Rolling around this tubby, dope addicted meat puppet corpse trying to get it elected president is all the proof you need.

    They are actively working very hard to buy out ,sensor, take over or hand over to despots any electronic, technological forum the people have to get the truth out and communicate openly and freely.

    It will be interesting to see what happens in another month or so when internet control is handed over by the Lord of the flies…….one thing is for certain…the amount of free speech we have wont increa

  11. Yeah, there is a big rat here. I have an extensive career in health care. You don’t treat pneumonia with “hydration”. It will often make the symptoms worse particularly if there is an underlying cardiac condition. What she probably suffers from is CHF. Usually accompanied by an underlying cardiac condition called Atrial Fibrillation (AFib). Patients with AFib are often treated with anticoagulants such as warfarin and it is documented that she takes warfarin. They probably gave her some Lasix and dropped her preload by causing her to lose some fluid and improve her breathing. Patients with pneumonia don’t recover as quickly as she did. Dead woman walking in my opinion. If they can keep her propped up and keep her from stinking till the election is over, they will get their man Tim (Soros) Kaine in there.

  12. Z-Man’s blog post have a few holes in it. The critical one is the fact that more than half the states deadlines for filing and being on the ballot has passed. It has little to do with the electors at this point. I have never heard of a nation dying twice on the same day —
    * 9/11/01 — the Republic attacked and self defeated.
    * 9/11/16 — a candidate has an attack and is self defeated.