Derbyshire: What Unites The Alt-Right Is Resistance To Lies

13n004(Graphic from NYP:Clinton team avoided ER to conceal details of her medical treatment; RTWT)

Worth your time if you are into the Who’s Who.

Likely so even if you are not.

They want every Deplorable to grovel before them.

Deny them.

By any means

9 responses to “Derbyshire: What Unites The Alt-Right Is Resistance To Lies

  1. Preview of Hillary’s debate performance:

    • Trump will yell and wave his arms around. Mrs. Clinton will be cool, calm, and collected. In a word, Presidential. She’ll dispose of Trump same as she did Rick Lazio and Trey Gowdy.

      • I think she is far more likely to actually die on live TV.

      • I dunno…

        A good case has been made that Hilda Beast has Parkinson’s Disease.

        One of the things about PD – and my father had it before he passed, so yeah, this is accurate – is that the brain “freezes” under stress. Such as a balloon drop… or multiple questions being asked simultaneously… or even a lone heckler at a rally.

        Can you imagine a more stressful environment than a live debate on national TV for the Presidency? Don’t get it right? You’re done. Ask Nixon.

        All Trump has to do is stress her out and get her to “freeze”. He doesn’t have to win – just not lose. And going by The Other Team’s ROE, that means using stress to get your opponent to betray the fact that their cognitive abilities have been seriously compromised.

        Dirty pool? Yep. So what? Team Collectivist has no problems with it when Dirty Pool works in their favor – hamstringing ourselves with some phony-baloney “moral high ground” nonsense is a great way to actually inherit the moral high ground.

        About 6 feet of it.

  2. Hillary is a good physical representation of the average democrap…….tubby, incontinent, suffering from dementia and delusions of grandeur and basically a infant in a tubby adult body that needs to be taken care of by an entourage of others that american working tax payers pay for.

    She is Che Guavarra in a diaper and on dialysis………Che used a gun to carry out his Marxist revolution of crime and terror….The tubby, crippled brain damaged Hillary uses a MSM filled with criminal saul alinsky fellow travelers to carry out hers.

    And Of course when she looks in the mirror she sees Pamela Anderson.

    Americans owe Hillary a BIG debt of gratitude…….she alone has exposed this corrupt government and MSM conspiracy of theft, incompetence and corruption for anyone with an IQ over 55 to plainly see.


      “…criminal Saul Alinsky fellow travelers.” I could not have made a better comparison. Make no mistake, she and her rapist husband are Boomers of the Woodstock Generation. Arrogant, Godless, Treasonous, cocaine-snorting, pot smoking, Marxist elitists. They were educated by the Ivy League Illuminati of Georgetown and Yale. Their rise could not have been more meteoric if it was orchestrated by the Devil himself.

  3. FrozenPatriot

    …and here I thought it was a resistance to da jooooooooooooooooooooooooos…

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