Drudge Goes For The KO


Never seen a live video featured as his lead.

And that’s from a Drudge follower from back in the Monica days.

His full page is a link-fest as well – just in time for morning readers in the UK and Europe, as well as mid-day viewers across Asia.


34 responses to “Drudge Goes For The KO

  1. Where Jack Kevorkian when you need him? This Zarbak girl just isn’t getting the job done.

  2. “This video has been removed by the user”

    • No worries. There will be another video of another incident the next time she goes out in public. She/they can only hide so much if they let her out. It’ll happen again.

  3. “This video has been removed by user”

    Convenient. That wasn’t a “stumble”, she was out, toes dragging style.

  4. Didn’t take long for the “most transparent” Clinton Campaign to squash this video.

  5. Deplorable foot soldier

    aaaand, the video is gone. (removed by user)

  6. Who benefits? The deep state. She’s a liability now but they can’t kill her so to continue the narrative she will fade due to health reasons. Start asking who is behind her.

    Or it’s the mother of all health sympathy head fakes. I’m leaning toward the above but not ruling out a massive “sympathy get” here. A Rocky type recovery would seal her deal over the next week. WaPo and Brokaw piled on yesterday which rings my BS bell.

  7. Penny Pincher

    The Monica days video is now “removed by the user”… more soft censorship. Perhaps try to find an alternate copy?

    In other news your blog is now showing at the top of my feed again as usual. I guess whoever it was whose code was messed up fixed it.

    Thanks for blogging.

  8. thesouthwasrght

    Apparently that video has been removed.

    We really need the old hag to hang in there another couple months. Don’t let the DNC slip some fresh face into the game at the 11th hour. That being said, the deal with the devil is a wonderful thing, but the fine print is a bitch and will get you every time.

  9. Medically speaking, she doesn’t have pneumonia, or at least, not only pneumonia. This has been going on for weeks to months, and the proof will be when she isn’t magically better in a couple of weeks of antibiotics and rest, as she would be if it was only PNA.

    Then they’ll need Bigger Lie 4.0 to stand in for “allergies”, “heat exhaustion”, and “pneumonia”. None of which explains the injectable valium or other goings on all summer. The only certainty is that she’s hiding something yuuuuuuuuuge, and not just her corpulent elderly body, under a succession of quilts.

    So she’s not only a pathological liar, she’s medically unfit, and the cat’s clawing its way out of that bag.

    And with less than 60 days to go, $#!^’s getting real, even for the MSM, sitting on the scale for her. There are limits to their magic, and Hacking Horking Hillary dropping out daily is straining their confundus charms to the limit.

    Any one care for a heaping helping of October Surprise?
    One more such “incident”, and this’ll probably blow wide open.
    Assuming folks believe their lying eyes.

  10. And the lie of the morning is the old puss bag now has ‘pneumonia’. I call bullshit on that. The fact line and story line don’t match up.

    Can’t wait for Trump to lay into her fetid carcass at the first ‘debate’.

    • Bowman,

      My prediction of Klinton attending the debate with Mr. T. is tnat the lying bitch will be a No-Go. Or perhaps I should say….a No Show !

    • Will she and the DNC try to make the debate a teleconference ?
      Trump should refuse anything other than a 2hr long face to face debate.
      She won’t be able to last thru a 2hr live event.

      • The GOP would never let Trump attempt to do such a thing. The “debates” are set up through agreement between the Democrats and the Republicans. And the Republicans want Trump to lose. At most, he could refuse to participate, but then you know how BOTH parties and the Media would spin that.

        • Trump is calling for a “no moderator” debate ! Will it happen ? Per MM above, the GOPe will have a shit fit that the candidate has to play by the rules. GOPe would oppose for certain. But, no moderator ? If Klinton showed to such a debate I think Mr. T could finish her off….stressing her so badly she’d have another attack, only permanent.

          Go Trump !

  11. This a.m. the vid was removed. I saw one supposedly from Brazil according to its comments on YouTube. Google owns youtube and in the tank for the demoncrats. They say Facebook was censoring as well. Will the net go dark on Oct 1st due to changes in its governing?

  12. This is better than football and The Walking Dead.

  13. Theme Music – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UvJ78hYI6wk
    Rockin’ Pneumonia and Boogie Woogie Flu – Johnny Rivers (1972)

    And regarding her “Fresnel Eyeglasses”:

    “Double Vision” by Foreigner

  14. Judge Napolitano on Fox News even covered for Hillary this AM. I know Fox News is part of the scam, but the Judge used to be okay.

  15. James T. Rutherford

    So if you watch the video…..it’s out there all over the interweb……there is one guy that looks like he is filming the incident on his cell phone. He looks to be part of the security detail. He comes into the frame and clearly his phone is out. About the 13/14 second mark on the 18 second clip. Wonder how many hammers will be used to get rid of that device or how much money will he be getting for said device, if of course he was filming.

  16. Not that it matters, her being
    above the law, regardless of her
    being a treasonous and high crimes
    At about the same moment
    a metallic object falls out of her
    right pants leg, rodham cuts loose
    with an audible and guttural grunt.
    Its truly sad and stupefying to witness
    the desperate flailing about of naive
    fools who believe that this incident
    can be used as a substitute to stop rodham,
    as justicefor for her crimes and treason, and
    beating the ‘dead horse’ that our Constitutional Republic still exists.
    Without question, it now only remains in a titanium case filled with argon gas,
    along with the DOI and BOR which are
    also stored in the same way.
    What will it take for before you
    Bolo’s understand and admit this reality?
    And as many of you still
    stupidly believe that placard protests, petitions,
    and civil disobedience are strategically
    and tactically viable.
    Whatever illness plagues her does not
    If she were actually dead, but convincingly
    made to appear (to the gullible) just
    like Bernie Lomax’s handlers successfully
    conned the Hamptons with.
    It does not matter.
    She has planted the flag of (Above the Law) untouchability on her sow ass, and each day she and her quislings beat us peasants over
    the head with that knowledge.

  17. Will Bernie and his peeps still be on board if they slip in a fresh face…or maybe Joe B.?

  18. Alfred E. Neuman

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  19. Fuck me!
    Fuck you!
    Fuck all of us!
    We are a contingent of
    wothless shit, one and all.
    Keep talking the talk, but walking
    the walk of the craven enslaved.
    Patriots my ass.
    Nothing but a bunch of zombie apocalypse
    masturbators, statist shitbags, and nazi
    Bill Nye said it first and best.
    God Damn!!!


  20. The bitch is TOAST!
    Bill Clinton should just have a sex change,throw on a blonde wig, start wearing size 5XL Chairman Mao frock coats and order his MSM sycophants to call him Hillary :-)