For Effect


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  1. Wrong nose AND cheek-bones.

    • SemperFi, 0321

      And quite a few lbs lighter too. Fukn amazing how quick those handlers think though, get out the inflatable doll and instant recovery!
      So she gets tested by her nurse with the squeeze my hand thing, passes out, hugs kids while sick with pneumonia, and walks away like it was nothing, and next week will be found dead from mild pneumonia which she was ignoring due to her hard driven work ethic. Makes sense for such a national treasure.

      • > next week will be found dead
        NOOOO I want her to survive and be aware for a couple more years, to watch the Ds lose the election, be tried for treason, found guilty, and hung by the neck.

        • the body double is the sick one. Hillary is fine.

          • You forgot ((((body double)))).

          • You punk faggot posers
            always fall back on that
            BS scapegoat response.
            Fuck off.
            Go do what you do best, nothing.
            Other than jerking off while reading Patriot, Rawlesian, post-apocalyptic, running and gunning, SHTF porn novels.

            • Jimmy the Saint

              Zombie Richard Jeni is going to sue for misappropriation of “punk faggot,” which, by the way, he clearly stated is one word “punkfaggot.”

        • “tried for treason, found guilty, and hung by the neck.”
          Like all the other treasonous bastards have been have been. YES!
          Oh wait, they haven’t been… They are still treated like royalty and have jobs as News Consultants that the Voters trust… Crickets.

      • I want her to survive to at least CLOSE to Nov. 8. Right now, some states are beginning their early voting. More states will do so as each week passes. If she dies before the election, then every single vote cast for her will be wasted. Even is every single vote by a Dem was for Biden or Bernie or whomever, the closer to the election, the less likely that those votes would exceed Trump’s, even in places like NY, MA and CA.

        Of course, I really want her to survive, and to be MASSIVELY defeated. The schaedenfreud we’ll all get from watching her concession speech will last for YEARS.

    • Wrong hair-do as well, and body-double’s ear ring is even with the mouth (it is higher than the mouth on the “real” Hillary in the left picture).

      Plus the weight issue. Plus, how do you get all perky in an hour, after having collapsed because of “pneumonia?” I had pneumonia when I was 31 and in great shape – and I didn’t feel well for a couple of WEEKS.

      As usual for ILLary and the Dems, the whole thing REEKS of BS.

  2. I really don’t understand the body double speculation. If you have that option available, why would you not use it and thus avoid embarrassing shit like this, her coughing fits the other day, etc?

    The simplest explanation for all of this is that they are reaching the point of diminishing returns in their ability to get enough drugs in her to keep her relatively stable looking for her brief, and rare, public appearances. They obviously pushed it too far with an hour and a half outside on Sunday. It’s looking like it’s getting to the point that nothing is really working anymore. If it is really late stage Parkinson’s, that’s inevitable. The debates should be great fun.

  3. Let them twist in the wind. I love this shit, simply love it. Watching them clutch for each grain of sand as it funnels through their fingers.

    Many think they’ll go for broke, go all chips in and try to cow us. I don’t think they have it in them guys. One of them will crack, run for it, and then there will be a flood, a panicky exodus for all points not reachable by rednecks.
    Remember those Russian tanks shelling the piss out of that sky scraper? So do they. Those weak little metro fuckers won’t wait that long.

    Our job is to not go soft, not to listen to ‘rational’ people trying to ‘heal the divide’. Turn over every damn rock and drive them out or drive them into the ground. There will be one chance to set the table and with luck we’ll get a hundred or so years of respite

  4. Under these shells I will place a single ball. I will then cover the ball and move the shells around as you watch. Your job will be to find the ball. Keep your eye on the ball. Read up on Timmy Kaine and his fun trips to South America back in the day. Old commies never die they just wait for the 4th turning….

  5. Who is the chunky Monica Lewinsky double in the Navy Blue dress? I’d hit that.

  6. Ill bet Hilary’s Bald negro candyman has a syringe filled with adrenaline, cocaine and meth that can make that corrupt tubby zombie appear human for 10 minuets at a time.

    Hilary’s problem is that just like any other junkie her body isnt reacting to this drug concoction like it used to and is obviously shutting down.

    I hope the democrats and their MSM fuck buddies carry on this charade as long as possible……its very delicious watching these criminals fall on their faces….i can think of only one thing i would like to see happen to them that would be better than this.

  7. I want to see Trump eviscerate her soggy ass in the debate and stress her to the point of collapse.
    Anyone that votes for that bitch is fully my enemy.

  8. “…ye are all kings…” (and queens 🙂

  9. If you can hold your nose, take a (mostly) neutral stance, sit back and watch this whole sordid soggy mess as a grand show of pure entrainment knowing fully well that you (and I) don’t matter one whit, then and only then does it become as I have stated before a spectacle of epic proportions. And when the curtain comes down at the end, if you haven’t done ‘due diligence’ and made ready for the act that follows – shame on you because as we know full and well we are on our own (much like now BTW).

  10. Illary – the Potemkin candidate!

  11. Something promising to come tomorrow? A document dump or email revelation that exposes the whole game?

    There is a thread about it on too.