Governing The Deplorables


Your betters have a plan.

You won’t like it.

23 responses to “Governing The Deplorables

  1. The Usual Suspect

    The guillotine does not differentiate.
    All those really smart people, who know
    what is best for us.
    All the media interfering with a national
    Q; What did the French Revoluntion Deplorables
    do for fun during the beheadings ?
    A; Took away the basket, so that Heads Would Roll !

  2. And you wonder why these tech-dooshes want to surrender the internet? Easy, they become the Technocracy and Technocrats and let the Chinese/Saudis do the dirty work of enforcement. Reading the idiots paper clearly shows they have found a different word for the same ole sheet. Just let us smart people handle it, god I am done with this morons. Of course that is an insult to all morons who know they are morons.

  3. “I shot a man in Reno, just to watch him die.”
    Doubt the good professor has heard the JC @ Folsom Prison album.
    It’s good stuff. Worth listening to.

  4. Things are really starting to unravel in a way that will end up overtaking everything we thought we understood in the way it would proceed.
    I think not only the elites, but all of us have underestimated the level of stability and robust level of corruption and power of those who deem themselves rulers over us deplorable dirt people.

    See it it becoming apparent unlike many aspects of the marxist tyranny breathing down our throats, there is no viable plan B. For whatever reasons, take your guess, they put all their eggs in one big basket of charade of cultural marxists verses cucks “presidential” election farce.
    Donald J Trump and his Great Fuck You have put into disarray the anointed next globalist bagman called POTUS.
    They lost their plan B when Trump could not be denied the nomination to run in the general, and with the vagina in an oven mitt a dead corpse walking, barely, there is no fallback choice.
    The implications of having to find a last minute replacement for the presumptive vagina in chief throws everything off.
    These are desperate times for a class of mandarin’s who are not accustomed to thinking and acting on the fly. They plan things like this election years in advance, it is their style, it is how they operate, but more so, presume to be untouchables.

    Of all the reasons why sic Trump, why the oven mitt is so bitter about the Alt-Right and the deplorable’s, the hate and derision, the level of false narrative by the media, is because the effects on the planned course of events has robbed the status quo of their presumed and rightful self ordained eminence.

    Kind of begs the question, how fast will these fuckers fold when they are faced with millions of really bitter clinging deplorable’s with a bone in their teeth.
    Pretty damn fast I’d say.

    • Funny bit is Plan B is right in front of them. HRC wins. She takes the oath of office. She disappears right after she invokes the 25th amendment. Kaine takes over as POTUS.

      Oh darn. We should have put one of our lackeys in the VP slot the Illumanti sighs. Manchurian Candidate without all the prepositioning required.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “how fast will these fuckers fold”

      The key question is what do you mean by “fold”? If you mean give up – no chance at all. If you mean fold it like a hand in poker, to wait for another chance in a couple of minutes, sure – they can wait. In fact, they have no problem with waiting – demographics are in their favor. Third World populations are exploding, First World populations are collapsing.

      • Problem is the third world population will not be able to build the toys that The Betters like to play with. They will understand when they call for a plumber and Abul’s idea of a service call is handing the customer a bed pan.

      • MichiganderJim

        “If you mean give up – no chance at all.”

        Why not? What, you think they only give up to foreigners? That doesn’t make sense. They just gotta have a reason to give up…everyone not agreeing with them would be a nice start. And hell, if reason doesn’t work…

        You got ANY scenarios where the Good Guys win? Everyone knows there are a zillion ways to lose; it would be refreshing to see one that wins.

  5. It is the old Marxist pablum “It takes a village to raise a child” in other words the government knows best. In her society the deplorable’s will be relegated to the back of the line and starved out of existence. The witch is more dangerous than Stalin or Mao. She will have no compunction to use the power of the state to crush any who do not agree with her version of utopia. Just remember Waco and the Branch Dravidian Church, she was a driver of that fiasco. Just imagine what she will do as the commander and chief.

  6. “I am no fan of racism, sexism, and the litany of deplorable thoughtcrimes that Mrs. Clinton mentioned on Friday.”

    Translation–Rod is virtue signaling liberals that he’s really one of them, except he won’t go as far….yet. But still, whatever these thoughtcrimes are (he’ll let Hillary define them later), he’s not one of those awful people who actually think the Bill of Rights means what it says….


      True that. This mook will get his own tumbrel for the ride to our National Razor. It will just take a while to get to him. Madame La Farge better get a comfortable seat cushion. She will be in the audience for some time.

  7. All the Deplorables have to do is not show up for a week. The edifice of The Betters would crumble about day 4.

    • Amen. We deplorables pay these fuckers to rule over us. Wish we would just say “Not today, not tomorrow, not this week…”

  8. AS with many theories, sounds good but how do you actually put it into practice?

    Some might argue that having some sort of political test might work and eliminate some of the “low information” voters, i.e. the Democrats’ base.

  9. I think that paper by Jason Brennan can be easily summed up as “Let them eat cake.”

  10. Kaine. Remember that name. And keep voting pendejos! Viva La Trumpet! Viva la Puta! Viva la revoluccione! FOAD commie pricks.

    Kaine, who is fluent in Spanish from his time as a Catholic missionary in Honduras in the 1980s, addressed the Miami crowd in both English and Spanish. Although Kaine himself is not Hispanic, the Clinton campaign is evidently hoping to capitalize on Kaine’s bilingualism and Catholic faith in order to appeal to Hispanic voters.

  11. Low-information voters (LIVs) is not an ACTUALLY about being informed. LIV = white, Christian male. I it were to mean, say, the better than half the black population that is barely literate and couldn’t find their own country on the globe (becuz’ dem cracka letters be waaacis) then he would have been fired, immediately. The theory has a point however, in a land of slobbering, illiterate morons then the only possible way a government doesn’t turn into Idiocracy and become low-hanging fruit for whoever happens to be in an empire-building mood, then you need to restrict their ability to have any input on adult decisions. Similarly, a father doesn’t take a vote on whether he should run the red light or letting little Bobby take the wheel on the Beltway. The average voter today is probably less educated, truly knowledgeable in what matters, than your average Medieval peasant who couldn’t read. Let that sink in. They might not have been able to read, but I’ll take someone who has a basic knowledge of Christianity and farming over someone with a PhD in gender studies and thinks plants have a right to life but children don’t.

  12. Stealth Spaniel

    Someone please ask Claire if it is time-yet. All of this waiting makes me cranky.

  13. They can govern all they want but it’s the cops who will enforce their bullshit. Your local pig is going to be your executioner.