Magic Selector Switch Sez Make My Day


The “Magic 8 Ball” is for kids. The Magic Selector Switch isn’t. Like the 8-Ball, however, it is doing a fair bit of proclaiming and prognosticating. Do a Google search see how these switches have come a long way, baby, from those old boring days of “Safe,” “Semi,” and “Auto.”

Get yours here.

Happy Fun Ball approves.


7 responses to “Magic Selector Switch Sez Make My Day

  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. ALCON,

    Right now I’m hoping to see my Fostech Echo trigger before the end of CY-16. Binary trigger at it’s best (I hope).

  3. Pretty spendy for a shirt that takes the Gray Man cloak away by its
    wearing. It’s a good shirt for some to combine message and some humor, I wish the vendor well, it’s a nice message.

    It’s likely that the safety on my favorite rifle, a gone-through Cornbinder M1m from 11/53 will be seen by just a few like-minded Deplorables.

    • Thanks for your kind words…I haven’t seen the Gray Man phrase in a long time! There really is no way to say anything “arms related” without doing so. (Even Cabela’s hunting-related tees would “reveal” an affinity for self-defense weaponry.)

      I’m pretty frugal, so try to think that way when pricing. As much as I love Ranger-Up shirts (and admire/envy the heck out of their designers), you haven’t seen “spendy” ’til you’ve shopped there! A quick look at the Teespring site’s shirt choices will show that I chose the highest quality there (I hate those thick, scratchy 100% cotton event-freebie shirts) and actually set the price $2.00 less than “suggested retail.”

      (Wow, I’m being defensive, aren’t I! Thanks, WRSA, for sharing)

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  5. What it it with grown men, wearing silly shit like this. The last thing I want is for some shit bag, to know my mental gear selection, my capabilities.

    The less lethal I look, the more effective I am.

    While I’m amused by these kinds of things, shirts, patches, hats. These are ” tells” and offer a foe a glimps into the wheels turning, on top of your shoulders.

    Frankly I see folks wearing this shit, and I’m amused, I see just another bad bad man trying hard, to project hard.


  6. “Safe”
    “I’m your Huckleberry”