SLL: You Will Be Poor


It has always been an intentional crime.

Reduce as many as possible to penury.

By any means necessary.

9 responses to “SLL: You Will Be Poor

  1. “The sole capital that is 100 percent safe is intellectual capital: what you know.”

    True enough. I suggest knowing, at a minimum, Romans 3 – 8 cold.

    “They can’t nationalize self-reliance and your self may be the only one on which you can rely.”

    I believe they can and I believe they did. Under NDAA all private food and water production and storage becomes the property of .gov in a “national emergency”.

    Am I mistaken here?

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. us debt increase over 2 billion dollars daily, that’s two dallas cowboy stadiums. there is no way, no way; that any person will be spared from the govt taking their assets to keep itself afloat and at some point this will happen. I bought a sports car last year, Pontiac solstice gxp; something I was wanting to do when I retire in 25 years; but I figure I may not have the money to do that then at the rate the govt is piling up its debt. I am quite certain mine will be seized or voted out of my possession by newly amnestied voters by then.

    • Randall Flagg

      Reminds me of something my grandfather once said. He, being mostly frugal his entire life, having become financially sound and successful, wished that he would have spent more money when he was younger. “Why did I save so much? It’s value has diminished so much over time, I just as easily could have spent it, having had something to show for it.”

  4. Related, infographic on visualizing US debt: – one that puts it in perspective, the US debt is larger than all of the worlds cash, silve, gold and bitcoin; combined; and they’re likely to pile on a lot more to head off the recession we are entering now. we are so screwed.

  5. “There are a few different ways to be rich, only one of them requires cash and is nowhere near foolproof”.
    Ed Abbey (I think)….

  6. “Opaque Pickpocketing”

    Carmen Reinhart: Financial Repression Requires A Captive Audience
    McAlvany Commentary:

    Published on Sep 13, 2016
    The opaque transfer of wealth using negative interest and regulation.
    Inflation is hidden by making the same priced potato chip bag even smaller.
    Never underestimate the Government’s ability to create a “captive audience.”