The Big Eff Yoo – Which Is Right Before A Even Bigger Bang


In Choosing Donald Trump, Voters Repudiated Country-Clubbers And Born-Againers


Each with a future in biofuels and/or agricultural supplements.

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  1. No full BS alert. Electing Trump just allows the Cuckservative to soothe their wounded arseholes. The relief will be short lived however as they realize they fcked up yet again. Go Trump! Epstein for Sec of Education!
    A 12 year old in every pot!

  2. The author does not speak of Christians, he speaks of church goers. There is an enormous difference. There was and is not a single Christian running for president.

    “What is required of leaders, Coughlin argues, is “wisdom and backbone and shrewdness — qualities that most Christians just don’t think are necessary but qualities Jesus exhibited without apology.””

    Jesus (the Man) was/is a Jew by religion and birth, not a Christian. True, He was wise with backbone and shrewdness (and so much more) but He also faced His own brutal death willingly and without fighting back in the face of bloodthirsty religious extremists. I get the feeling that’s not the kind of leader “american christians” are looking for. Go figure…

  3. That is an interesting posting, and as painted it might very well be true. But it does not explain why more evangelicals went for Trump vs say Cruz whom should have been their standard bearer. If they had Trump would not be the nominee.

    • colddeadhandsdays

      Because they sniffed out that Cruz was a disingenuous opportunist and whatever can be said about Trump he seemed sincere and honest.

    • I think I may be able to answer that. I would submit that true born again Followers of Christ DO NOT understand the message of the Savior as requiring a suicide pact. In fact, quite the opposite. I will love my enemy. I hold out my hand in peace and offer the message of salvation if he will but listen. I pray for the wicked and plead for understanding and tolerance.


      In the words of Mattis, I come in peace……….but if you fuck with me (and by extension my family, culture, nation etc.), I will kill every one of you. I think that on some level many of the so called evangelicals that support Trump would find a way to agree with the aforementioned.

      What passes for the modern church in America, for the most part in my opinion, is an insult to the message of the scriptures. The cuck church would be more appropriate. It is not the church that would throw out the money changers.

      Just my opinion. I could be wrong.

  4. Your analyst doesn’t know his butt from his Bible, if he owns one. I am a born again Christian and I know a whole bunch of them and every one is a fighter. But none are loud mouth pseudo tough guys. And they have little confidence in a man (Trump) in direct conflict with God as he flaunts his womanizing.

    That said; we are willing to vote for the lessor of two evils (she being the truly wicked one) Trump being just a man of the flesh. Our hopes are that the showman will acquire a little humility and grow in wisdom while serving us. It is one thing to talk tough and righteous and another all-together to be willing to pull the trigger when the dog won’t hunt any other way. And he is going to be put to the test by the Bear, the Dragon, the Prophet, the Bankers and many a fine looking fluzzy. Count on it.

    When the SHTF all you gun fighters out there are going to get your Butts handed to you by the Feds. The only chance this nation and you have of winning a street fight against the Tyrant is for men that own a well worn Bible and callused knees to go to war spiritually and physically against the institutionalized evil in this land. It is their prayers and favor with God that will make you patriot war-fighters look like strategic and tactical geniuses once the fight gets rolling.

    But don’t make the mistake thinking that after we win the fight it’s going to be business as usual with the abortionists, pornographers, sodomites, etc,.

    If you intend to continue worshiping your God “Freedom” to the hilt as you do now with all its assorted vulgarities, after the peace. You are going to get a gun shoved in your face and a lesson on common decency from Christians that don’t think of a Pagan as a brother and have no intention of turning the other cheek to him. If we are going to live together as countrymen it will have to be on the grounds of common decency.

    Now, granted there are many touchy, feelly, fluffy, confused and phony Christians presently willing to hide behind their imposed pacifist interpretation of the Bible. But that will end for most of them when heated persecution clarifies the issues in their minds.

    We Christians are taught that God blesses the peace maker, when peace is possible. But that is meant to be primarily between Christians and men of good will. However; we understand when negotiating with the children of the Devil; ultimately the spirit of peace must exit the barrel of a gun for lasting peace to ensue.

    Never discount the courage or provoked aggression of men of prayer or their will to win. At God’s direction we will suffer a wrong as long as there is hope of reconciliation and even accept the short end of the stick occasionally for the sake of peace. But there are limits to reconciliation that to violate them is delusional peace and certain suicide.

    Of late it’s becoming obvious that our mutual enemies have no intention of being satisfied with their cultural victories to-date and fully intend to bend the opposition (that is us) to their will and reprobation; even to the extent of our forced acquiescence and participation. This will be intolerable.

    We, “true Christians” (evangelicals to you), will vote for Trump in hopes that his election will hold off the day of harvest we (Christian and Pagan alike) have so passionately plowed, planted and watered with the blood of the innocent. Having murdered our babies and allowed the corruption of our children’s souls and both without violent opposition even when necessary.

    Gentlemen; the church is seeing the hand writing on the wall concerning Christianities near future as foretold in the Apocalypse. The all to familiar signs of a world class persecution are ramping up here and abroad. Many of us will stand and fight but we understand the fight begins in the voting both (whether effective or not) for the sake of righteousness before God and man and evidence that we sought a return to justice peacefully before it moves to the pain and sorrow of the battlefield.

    I hope this conflict doesn’t go to the battlefield but the children of our opponent are nothing but cannon fodder to him so he will not restrain them in the least. There’s going to be a fight. All we can do is hold it off as long as possible. I believe the real Christians will stand and fight; we cannot do otherwise and remain true to the faith.

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  6. Why is it always ” the lesser of two evils ?”
    Why not “the better of the two candidates ?”
    At this point you have to have a Trump before you have a Jefferson, IF you
    are going to work your way back to a more free country. We will never have the perfect candidate (except on the destructive side.) The hope would be to make many small moves to less .gov, just the opposite of the the commie-libs who have ruined the country bit by bit, more and more over years and years.
    Success needs to be built on success. Which means the good guys can’t do it because they always let something get in the way. Notice that no matter what happens on the non-freedom, side, they always, always, always stand up and lock arms because they all have the long view, ie anything that advances the cause. Even if it’s only .001 of an inch, they’ll take a thousand of them if it moves them closer to their goal.