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  1. lol yea

  2. Pretty much. If you have a beard and don’t know what that is….shave.

  3. Thar AR bolt pic provided laughs all around in the work truck driving down the road. From my position in the back seat, I showed it to the front seat passenger, a young trapper and bow/rifle hunter who bow-shot a nice 4-point bull elk this past weekend. While moderately obese, he knows the countryside around here real well for a young’un. Don’t know his bottom, but he’s at least not lazy. He didn’t know what an AR bolt looks like, didn’t get it.

    Driver was Army vet, mechanic. Total slob, forty pounds heavy, big brown-noser sort of person. Lazy as hell, and a big sports fan. But he knew at first glance what the pictured object was.

    Inside of that episode of passing up the phone, there’s a lesson.

  4. With only months left before before leaving office, President Obama is committed to securing ratification of the United Nation’s Arms Trade Treaty (ATT)


    • tfA-t,

      So what’s new ? POS soetoro-obama has been thumbing his nose at this country since he was old enough to walk. He’s fucking illegitimate as POTUS and literally a bastard birthed by a communist whore.

      So, fuck the United Nations, all 535 + 8 of the D.C. elites. Just take one of the elites in your AO before you go.

      Trouble is coming.

      NEVER give up your guns.

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    Yeah, but she white !