Z Blog: After The Revolution


Equal justice under the law.

Or there is no law at all.

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  1. outlawpatriot

    The good guys win if Trump is elected!? You’re shittin’ me, right? A loud-mouthed New Yorker that’s been in bed with the snakes damn near his own life? A recently converted Republican who talks like a Progressive and has not a cursory understanding of the Constitution.

    Spare me. Just fucking spare me. ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. Steve Kristmann

    Here’s my thoughts on this as I shared on his site:

    “Oh if only we can elect the ‘right people’..if only we can ‘get back to the constitution’..if only ‘rule of law’ was respected by everyone and everyone had good people governing them….’

    Frogsnott and curdled Batguano!!

    This is what happens when people believe in and act according to the ‘most dangerous superstition’ per Larken Rose.
    democracy, communism, fascism (properly called corpratism), socialism it’s all the same collectivist/statist enslaving drivel spun by sociopathic klepto-narcissists to parasitize everyone else around such pathological jackals..and enforced by gangs of thugs who’re hallucinating the same insane superstition! As long as people continue to believe in such provably unreal garbage, they will continue to be enslaved and robbed and assaulted by those who profit from its false belief..and no, voting or other such pseudo-religious rituals WON’T help in the slightest!

    ‘authority/gov’ exists to the same extent as volcano gods, the tooth fairy, santa claus and unicorns prancing along merrily as they fart sunshine ladden skittles out their rears. It’s NOT REAL, it doesn’t exist and it never will!

    Here’s why:
    Larken Roses ‘Five Questions for Statists’

    The Whole Problem (and Solution) in Two Minutes

    Still don’t believe me or Larken?…here’s a link to his book available free via PDF. Download it
    and read it for yourself and see if you still believe and support such an insane idea as ‘gov/authority’.

    Yours In Liberty w/o any beilef in the ‘most dangerous superstition’!
    NorthGunner III

    • outlawpatriot

      Just one problem. Rose is an anarchist. Useless as tits on boar hog at the end of the day. ๐Ÿ™‚

      • And being an anarchist/voluntarist is a problem?…why?

        Sorry to burst your bubble bub but there’s been more death, suffering and rank injustice from those who hallucinate a belief in ‘gov/authority’ than those of us here who don’t believe in it. Did you even take the time to pose those 5 questions Larken asked, let alone devote the two minutes to the linked video?…or did you just have a cuckstatist knee jerk reaction to what he and I calmly talk about?

        If you really want freedom for yourself as well as for others, why are you still positing a belief in the most dangerous superstition..and subtly demanding that others must now to it? If you want to remain enslaved under a collectivist system (‘constitution’, democracy, whatever) that’s your choice but I have no obligation to play that putrid game.

        Yours in Liberty w/o collectivism!
        NorthGunner III

        • Gunner,

          You’re wasting your efforts and bandwidth on trying to educate this jackal “outlawpatriot”, also known as Alan Mullenaux. He is as deep-rooted in collectivism as soetoro-obama is in Islam. I’ve been reading his statist drivel at this blog for years. The best you should do is set aside a length (short) of hemp with his name(s) on it.

          You will not receive any reply from him answering your questions other than a “fuck you”. He is not particularly intelligent.

          • And to think this dumb ass is teaching…
            I feel for anyone unlucky enough to be instructed by this dinosaur.
            Oh well, not my problem as long as he stays in floor-ah-duh.

      • MichiganderJim

        So don’t use him. That’s the problem, isn’t it? We can live without you, but you can’t live without us…just like every other two-bit looter or moocher.

        Tough shit. That’s the way it’s gonna be eventually, so learn to live with it.

        Or don’t.

      • Alan,

        Here you go again. Just can’t get your statist head out of that collectivist ass of yours. Can you ?

    • +1 for Steve. Perhaps outlawpatriot would let us know why he needs a government. He’s free to do what he wants of course, but he shouldn’t try to force government on others.


    Pardon-schmardon! He will pardon her. I believe Mr. Trump is the life insurance policy for the Hildabeest. He will be “too busy” with his own agenda to worry about this Marxist witch. But, the author is assuming Mr.Trump will win.
    I have posted this before, ad nauseam. And, I apologize in advance. Mr. Trump will not win the election. There are too many parasites riding in the wagon and not enough pushing it. The riders will not help the pushers. And, the pushers will not stop pushing until they get fed up with the Leviathan’s minions who force them to push.
    Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton will be the next POTUS, She will take her oath of office either propped up on the podium or from a hospital bed at Walter Reed. A Trump presidency is unthinkable to the Jackass-Dead Elephant establishment. Since the days of Lincoln, they, in full collusion with the international banksters and others, have usurped the rights of these sovereign United States and its working, law-abiding citizens.
    We all have remarked on the prescience of Matt Bracken’s stories. Prepare for a huge False Flag and probably a staged assassination, God forbid, of Mr. Trump. The stakes are just too high for these satanic minions to lose their power. And, once again, I hope I am dead wrong. Bleib ubrig.

    • no, Trump is a scam vomited up by the System to keep the stupid White People participating in the System while the System destroys them. He is in no great danger, and his first Act will be a touchback amnesty for the illegals.

      • It’s working quite well then. The Trum-pets truly think he’s going to change something, anything so that they can say they won. Heck of an opportunity for liberty recruiting coming down the road here. Curious to see if we even make it to the polling day before the impaling day.

  4. Steve Kristmann

    And while folks wail and gnash their teeth over the fact that they’re being continually enslaved, assaulted and robbed by the statists and their enablers because the basely fraudulent constitution couldn’t protect them, the obamadulla spent his time on 9/11 doing this:

    Obama marks the MUSLIM holidays of 9/11 and Eid al-Adha with a call to accept even more MUSLIM refugees

    Obama: Eid al-Adha shows how Islam can โ€œunite us under the banners of fellowship and loveโ€

    Obama marks the Muslim day of slaughter, Eid al-Adha, with call to accept Muslim refugees

    Well,…he did say he wanted to ‘transform America”…..

    Yours in Liberty w/o any respect to the moslem obama bin lyin – Furthermore islam and it’s enablers MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III

  5. Thinking about the next POTUS’s post election strategy seems to have a lot in common with making personal financial-plans before the bi-weekly Power Ball numbers are revealed. The dreaming about it kills some time, it’s a better subject than discussing Hillary, perhaps its a bit entertaining, but the likelihood of those plans ever coming true are fairly slim.

    False hope; a Trump win; somehow the government will shed some of its 22 million employees, somehow the bottom-feeding corporations, municipalities, and “non – profits” will give up making $millions off of government subsidies, or some of the 93 million people who are out of the workforce will find a job within 4 years…..and keep it till age 65…

    The only reasonable expectation for a Trump win is that we might be able to install a half-decent SC Justice (or 2 maybe 3) to the bench and perhaps hang onto whatever remains of our Individual Liberties; for a little while longer.

    The only reasonable expectation for a Clinton win; a quicker death of our remaining Individual Liberties and the Republic.

  6. Natural law.
    The terrified statists become incontinent when they consider the aspect of policing their own lives and leaving others alone. Their upbringing causes them to require the boot. They never outgrew adolescence.

    • Most folks can’t imagine being the President of their own life. Freedom scares the shit out of them. Not only that, they insist everyone have a slave master – no matter what… even if it’s a rotten lying thieving POS scumbag.

      • SemperFi, 0321

        Huge awakening when you come to the realization that YOU are responsible for YOUR life.
        Most choose to hide from that, and appoint others to look out for them, always looking UP to someone else to make decisions for them. That’s why the world is overrun with counselors, shrinks, advisors, teachers, clergy and politicians. They’re here to help you fuck yourself up worse than you could do all on your own.
        The world is overrun with cowards.

  7. Alfred E. Neuman

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