Brushbeater: Youkits TJ2B Review


Read and consider your HF needs.

Thanks for the field test, Brushbeater.

7 responses to “Brushbeater: Youkits TJ2B Review

  1. Does the standard portable police radio, issued to the police, have a GPS locator in it?

    • If you’re speaking of the one on their person, typically not. The car’s position is viewable to dispatch (and perhaps other officers depending on software suite on the laptop & run at dispatch). The HT on the belt is, in most cases, typically just that.

    • Larry…
      My understanding is that the newer P25 platforms have GPS built in, but those are typically the mobile rigs in cars, not the HT’s themselves…keep in mind, that many agencies are using smartphones with their comms, which do have GPS capabilities…

      Usually GPS is tied to the vehicle, not the officer…

      Perhaps, someone with more knowledge can chime in….

      BB….as always, great review, glad to get your take on the rig….If i can use it, any Joe can….

  2. good, intelligible review. I even understood most of it

  3. Alfred E. Neuman

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  4. Nice review from Brushbeater. Good choice of bands on the unit; 17m rocks at distance, particularly via CW.