Codrea: Cow Farts, Creeping Tyranny, And Cultural Terraforming


David explains.

Much of FUSA is beyond recovery.

And that certainly includes Los Angeles.

9 responses to “Codrea: Cow Farts, Creeping Tyranny, And Cultural Terraforming

  1. Although David’s article (and the California regulations it refers to) are about dairy cattle, this tyranny will, before long, be targeted at beef cattle. And it will be couched on the pretext that it’s to save the environment.

    I speak from experience. I’m a California cattle rancher.

    BTW, this extension of AB 32, the California Global Warming Solutions Act of 2006, increases funding of the California Air Resources Board, whose 2015 budget was $670 million.

  2. Alfred E. Neuman

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  3. Stealth Spaniel

    Climate Change-err….Global Warming-err…….the weather won’t stay the same. Well, boys & girls of the Exhaulted California Chamber of Idiots: the fucking weather changes, like constantly! It was changing in 1776, in 1390, and when Christ walked the earth. Probably before, all the way back to Eden. If cow farts were so dangerous, then milk maids in France would have croaked before the Camembert ripened. Cheesemaking started around 8000 BC (when sheep were domesticated), and cattle, sheep, horses, etc have all been farting since that period of time. Yet, the sun still rises in the east, rain does fall, and Mexican food is extremely gassy.
    This is about CONTROL and nothing else. Just another reason that the coming Civil War will encompass all things.
    New bumpersticker:
    My cow has gas, and makes good cheese.


      Correct. It is about control. Take a close look at Agenda 21.

    • Jimmy the Saint

      “If cow farts were so dangerous, then milk maids in France would have croaked before the Camembert ripened.”

      Shouldn’t the Bison herds in North America have rendered the planet uninhabitable? Or maybe Bison farts aren’t as bad as cow farts. Quick! We need a big government grant to study this!

    • Dark Side of the Moon

      You’re very right. The Indians used to say the California desert was the valley of the smokes. This was way before the global warming scam.

  4. Bingo this kind of shite is going on everywhere and it’s scary just how deranged the thinking can be on these matters. It’s not shock that Gov. Moonbeam is signing insanity into law but it’s truly wonderful that it was introduced by someone who should be fcking deported along with all their progeny. Go back to your fking failed narco state and introduce some anti narco legislation you piece of dung.

    “What his official bio conveniently/intentionally fails to mention, is that it was an illegal immigrant household. His father snuck across the border. His mother overstayed her visa. And we can thank “conservative icon” Ronald Reagan for getting suckered into granting amnesty in 1986, fast-tracking their “pathway to citizenship.” They had five children, what we’ve come to know as “birthright citizens,” as if that was the intent behind the Fourteenth Amendment.”

    Special thanks to those of you who are huge Ronnie Raygun fans. Go Trump!
    <—cause he's gonna fix it right?
    <—cause he's not like the others right?
    <—cause he cares right?

    Fixing what's wrong with this country would involve a MASSIVE deportation project. There's a LOT of unemployed Vets who could help out though I think. So Ford, go ahead and take your lines to Mexico and here's forty million folks to help u build them. FOAD.

  5. wealthy farmer

    I see in that pic (in the article) two elderly liberal whites surrounded by grinning thirty-something latinos. Cultural suicide just feels so good. It really is the ultimate decadent luxury. No matter. California farmers have no one to blame but themselves. They refuse to play the political game in Sacramento-all they had to do was grease the right palms-hence they are a major target now for urban hispanic liberal pols that have their ambitious eyes on congress and beyond.
    Stop anywhere in the central valley and the first thing that hits you is the stench of heavy industrial chemicals. California producers went full industrial decades ago and their productivity comes at a heavy cost to soil, water and labor. They work those people hard and, imho, abusively. I wouldn’t do it. The environment is so toxic that they have to import bees for pollination from as far away as north carolina. Bees can’t survive there.