Dr. Stingray – Or How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love Big Brother’s Toys


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Especially the Lee Greenwoods.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. I got nuffins to hide.

  3. I used Stingray in Afghanistan, Germany and Korea. No way any law enforcement in the US needs to get their hands on it.

    • J, can you explain how it works, if it can be made, it can be fucked with, using the same strategy


      • The box acts as a faux cell tower. Once the user has any one of the many pieces of electronic info your phone has attached to it, they can use Stingray to track to the location of that phone from many miles away if they’re willing to turn the juice up that high. Stingray is able to be mounted in a vehicle. Have y’all seen those giant rubber dog bowls that make great oil drip pans? Turn one upside down on the roof of your car and that’s what the antenna for the Stingray looks like. An upside down, flat bottom dog bowl or oil drip pan. Green, tan or black usually.

        Turn your phone off when not in use. Use disposable phones and then toss them.

        The system is not necessarily rocket science, but it’s also not a piece of hardware a dunce would be able to operate.

      • Oh! One more thing. Stingray is not capable of allowing the user to listen in on conversations or suck up texts or anything like that. It’s not a hacking device. It’s a tracking device. Picks up location, that’s all.

        Yes, they can listen in on you, they can get your texts, they can hack into your phone. But Stingray is not the device that does that stuff.

  4. Meatspace is the best countermeasure.

    This might work: Clone your phone number to a burner phone. Have a second burner phone setup miles away. Attached prerecorded false conversation via ipod. Dial second burner with cloned burner and start Ipod “conversation”. Attach cloned burner to cop car from the next city over. Drive to the beach (safe location) conduct meatspace meeting with designated contact. I realize this is more monkey-wrenching than defeating but heh it’s a start.

    Don’t take your govt tracking device with you every time you leave home and don’t talk about “plans” on an unsecured line.

    Grey Ghost

    • ALCON,

      Are satellite phones subject to the same surveillance, courtesy of the treasonous scum of Harris, Incorporated, as cellular phones ?

      • I doubt the “stingray” is the device, BUT, there is no doubt that a sat phone has both a downlink and and uplink for duplex operation. I don’t know if Harris makes it, but I’d bet a lot that they have a “black box” that can track and/or tap sat phones just like cell phones. In fact, it might be easier tapping a sat phone. I’d be interested to hear Sparks31 opinion.

        Grey Ghost

  5. I say fuck ’em.
    A lot like when a dog chases a car… and catches it. 🙂


      True that. With all of their toys, they still need manpower to follow up. And, for example, let’s say the local Gestapo is set on raiding some place at the West end of town. Folks on the East, North, and South ends of town will be able to cause all kinds of mischief, IF they use the HUMINT component.
      Plan to have friends embedded in places where they can update you on the Leviathan’s plans. Know where the ORC staging areas are. You do not have to wait for things to get sporty to start monkeywrenching. Just make sure you act alone or with one or two very trusted associates. Greenwoodistan is still very much alive in many areas of Amerika.

  6. Most, if not all of the Major Crime Task Forces in the Chicago area use the tracking device. Most of the Major Crime Task Forces are comprised of local, state and federal agencies.

  7. Guys bottom line, if you are radiating then “they” can track , intercept, and neutralize you.
    Passive listening is much safer and will provide you much information, but if you are attempting to operate in the shadows dont go carrying around a flashlight and blasting it off in all directions.

    Also realize that if you conduct normal day to day operations with a device but occasionally when you go to meet the guys in the club you stop radiating, that in and of itself is a pattern.

  8. Off & on, for the past couple of years been snooping on
    the technology of light fidelity – called li-fi, versus
    wireless fidelity – wi-fi.
    This might be interesting:
    The gentleman’s name is Harald Haas, and from the sound
    and looks of it, it is the real McCoy

    “Every man to his family and his belongings”

  9. I would be curious about what sort of ‘give away’ that these devices have that would enable their detection. Some bit of RF that is different from a real cell tower, digital id info or something. The key would be to learn how to locate them. Then let the fun begin.