Mosby: Fuck Your Feelings, You Old Goat


In which Mosby flails the “talk but not do” crowd.

Of any age.

27 responses to “Mosby: Fuck Your Feelings, You Old Goat

  1. spoken like a true NCO…

    I see this in the EMCOMM crowd, the fellows that will go out, buy all kinds of commo kit, stash in “emp proof ammo cans,” then declare themselves ready to automagically communicate to the free world when shtf, never having actually taken said kit out into the field, NOW, before shtf, and learning and doing…

    Nature and circumstances have a way of sorting this out in a most nasty and brutish way…..

    Keep up the good works and leading by example…

  2. mountainguerrilla, listen up, not only from personal experience
    but others which took “that leap of faith” – Try taking a heaping
    tablespoon of food grade Diatomaceous Earth every morning with
    water before your morning coffee. Even do a poultice/wrap around
    your elbow, or any other joint for that matter, with a soaked bandage
    (could use towel, cotton fabric) with plenty of “D.E.” in it. Leave it
    over night, or during the day and let it absorb transdermally.
    Give it two to ten days and feel the difference. You can continue as
    a daily supplement with other good intake/food.
    Further, do some research on “D.E.” food grade and its benefits.
    We are about 7% silica!

    Keep on Truckin’

    “…you are not to be respecter of persons…”
    “Seek ye His Kingdom and His Righteousness”

  3. Talk, but not do.

    I guess he means leadership, not actually doing anything active to stop the destruction of the nation.

    The Bundies “do” and no one came to their aid.

    “It wasn’t the right time”, they said.


    • MichiganderJim

      Nor the right tactics, nor timing, nor place. There was nothing right about it, the spectators whined.

      But they DID, and that trumps all the wrongs. Good men, good goals; end of story. At least I agree with you once this millennium.

      • Jimmy the Saint

        Doing is important, but laying the ground work is important, too. If you’re going to start a fight in Nevada and expect help to come from South Carolina, for example, you’re going to need to let the Carolinians know something in advance.

        • MichiganderJim

          They didn’t expect help, nor did they ask for any. Nor did I ever say that anyone had any obligation to do anything, period. But to sit back in the stands and whine about how wrong they were–as if their values and their judgments aren’t theirs alone to decide–well sorry, I think that’s despicable. And I said it from the very first night.

          Meanwhile, if you ever have anything positive to say about anyone or anything, please do be sure and share. I’ll check back in a few years.

          • What the Bundies did was infinitely superior to anything else done by the 3% in aggregate.

            The Bundies “DID”

            The rest “talk”.

            I guess a spoon full of the truth is debilitating to your senses.

            Go back to your nap.

            • MichiganderJim

              Are you having trouble following? Don’t worry, it’ll probably go hot before I agree with you again.

          • Jimmy the Saint

            “They didn’t expect help, nor did they ask for any.”

            Pre-ordained failure isn’t really the best option for success, unless the goal is to get wiped out in a series of futile gestures – Operation Animal House, if you will. If you’re going to go through the trouble of picking a fight, it might make sense to actually and try to win it.

  4. MichiganderJim

    The Cliff Notes—“Get busy living, or get busy dying.”

    But damn, didn’t anyone read the Declaration of Independence? “Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness”…WHOSE do you imagine they were talking about? Answer: your own.

    So if you gotta fight with others to attain it, then that’s the way it is. But for crissakes, stop inverting the ends and the means.

  5. My fucking knees are killing me…but I still put on my 40# weight vest and climb up and down my stairs and do pushups for an hour. I can’t imagine what they would be like if I had jumped out of airplanes and humped 100+# rucks for miles in my youth.

    Thanks for the encouragement, Mosby.

    • I stopped mid read and went out and worked biceps and back. I’ve lost 25 pounds in three months. 75 more to go. One day at a time.

  6. Mr. Mosby,
    There are many titty pictures available on the internets, it takes time and effort to find the best, I am however very busy searching most days.
    I find both Bing and Google to be helpful.
    Oh, plus, I know stuff…
    Teh Lurker

  7. Earth to Mosby: Throughout history younger guys have been fighting and dying on hills. Many died foolishly because they did not let listen to elders as to which hills were worth dying on.

  8. Arnica oil is wonderful for elbows that creak when you strike wood with an ax repeatedly and they begin to sing. Also recommend tumeric capsules and ice. Ice is a fking miracle on discs which ahem don’t behave sometimes.

    • Yes indeed Tom. Take about 3 teaspoons of turmeric, which by
      the way is good for the brain housing group connecting neurons,
      next to other healing overall.
      But I’ll tell you, the D.E. sure was a 180 degree turnaround.
      The ice is great with hot. When the body gets cold then hot,
      in, let’s say every fifteen minutes, it brings blood flow which
      help in the healing process. A good friend reminded me a while
      back that the Romans would do it as a blood cleansing. Add
      and read up on far infra-red blankets and even saunas if one
      could afford. Then again, breaking a good sweat under the sun
      is good too 🙂

      Heck… bad shape was wreaking havoc with me, and
      I was a “LEGS!” 🙂

      “Do No Harm”

  9. From Mosby’s description it is highly likely that, as he presses on, he is further tearing his right forearm extensor carpi radials braves muscle (the main component of the “tennis elbow” injury). As he admitted, his pushing through his injury is only delaying/preventing healing. In fact, he may turn a completely curable (by rest—gasp!) injury into a permanent injury that may—or may not—be alleviated by surgery. Pain is injury. Get the memo. Apparently it is not only the fat guys who are as dumb as a “bag of rocks etc.”

  10. Dad would say,”If bullshit was music,you would be a brass band.”
    Mr Mosby can smell bullshit. Hearing, vision and sense of smell diminish with age.Nerve damage.
    Teach and give others encouragement and positive reinforcement. You must pique their interest before you jump down their throat with golf shoes on.

    • If you are implying I was directing the Godsmack vid at Mosby -you’re wrong.

      Not everyone ‘diminishes’ with age at the same rates. At 54 I’m stronger, leaner, wiser, and as healthy as ever. Just had my annual physical and Doc says I have the numbers of a young man. My hearing is still acutely sensitive, eyesight is 20/20, and sense of smell is just fine. Might be that I don’t smoke, drink, or eat shit food – EVER. Just saying.

      • tfA-t, give us some pointers. Give us some encouragement. Somebody might find something in your routine that helps them. There is shit all over the internet of how to eat, how to exercise, etc… What do YOU do? Run? Lift? Masturbate with 2 hands? Bodyweight only? Herschel Walker eats one meal, soup, a day and only does bodyweight exercises and runs.

        In the end it’s up to the individual and his mindset, but different people are inspired by different things.

        I’m a 48yo engineer. I sit for 8-12 hours a day. I’ve been in shape and trim and fell off the wagon several times. I need to drop 25# and get back to 200. I work out hard for 45-60 minutes 3 days a week and my heart rate stays about 140. I have to lay down when I finish, but I will drop the weight and get back into good shape.

        I eat low-carb, except for a few beers on the weekend and occasional sweets. Dropping weight is harder than it used to be.

        If you are 54yo and in that condition, you probably never did anything differently. Good job. You are very disciplined. Most are not.

        I expect you will tell me to fuck off, call me fat and hurt my feelings.

        • You need to get outside and breathe, move,and work. My last home was downhill almost 3 stories from the road – enough said about that. 🙂

          You need to eat less and better. The stomach will stretch with over-eating and you will need more to ‘feel’ full -It will adapt. I eat several bunches of radishes and celery stalks a week. Fruit, fruit, fruit. Water, water, water. Lean meat every other day – I prefer chicken and fish. Lots of salads, like one a day – i prefer Romain with tons of veggies. Breakfast is small and simple, try a bowl of oatmeal instead of the ‘super breakfast’. When I do have eggs, it’s only ONE egg and 2 strips of bacon- no potatos. Did I mention water?… Of course, exercise is still needed to remain limber and gain strength. I have plenty of old injuries myself, you just need to keep moving.

  11. Marlo Stanfield

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