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“…In our rational minds, we are good people who use data and reason to arrive at our decisions. We need to maintain that untrue self-image to stay happy. Clinton’s collapse at the 9-11 event creates an uncomfortable dissonance in us. On one hand, we don’t think anyone should be penalized for a minor illness. And we don’t wish harm on anyone. Our rational minds want to NOT care that Clinton collapsed on the 9-11 anniversary. That’s who we are. We’re rational people who can put stuff like this in context.

But in our irrational minds – the part that actually makes decisions – we really, really don’t want a commander-in-chief who is so frail that she might sneeze-fart herself to death in the Situation Room. Realistically, and rationally, we know that isn’t a real problem.

But…it…feels…like one.

And that’s what matters…”

Scott Adams


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. We never wish harm on anyone? Says who?

  3. Hiligula’s shoe. For some reason, it makes me think of the famous scene from Battleship Potemkin…that baby carriage clattering down the steps.

  4. Adams has interesting insights. Problem is, this time, even the rational part of our minds is saying ‘weak, unable to lead’. Even HRC from the 2008 election purported that the WH is a 24×7 job. A leader with health issues by default is not qualified for the position.

  5. Adams has the rational/irrational dichotomy exactly backwards!

    It’s the irrational that assumes/wishes the best for someone so obviously at odds with all good.

    It’s the rational that doesn’t want her anywhere near power or decisions that threaten the nation and the world.

  6. Earth to Scott Adams: It IS a real problem.