Thoughts On A Delayed Election


From the Virginia Freeman Society.

Interesting times.

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  2. The Usual Suspect

    Election day may very well change us this year from citizens to subjects…and those unwilling to bend the knee into traitors.

    This is what they have been working for , a constitutional crisis of
    unimaginable proportions, and remember ‘ never let a crisis go to waste ‘ !

    • This. As a matter of logic, the libtards fail again. If Hillary has to drop out, it would be the Dems’ fault for nominating such a person when her health problems were obvious. And even if not, assumption of risk. Their problem.

      There will be no delay due to a replacement, or there will be civil war.

  3. The cattle are already nervous. There won’t be any delay for fear of a stampede.

    • <–this

      And you'd best be listening for the sound of hooves thundering across the plains. The SHitlery collapse debacle is either the greatest headfake of all time or a harbinger of really bad things as the narratives collapse. Keep rooting for the Der Trumpf I'll keep sharpening my axes, winters coming dontcha know.

      • FrozenPatriot

        We’ll be just fine out here in the plains. It’s hard to sneak up on someone when you can see five miles in any direction, and the population density is single digits per square mile…

        The herds in the collectivist hives will be doing the thundering when dey foo stams gets threaten, even if it’s just the propaganda arm of the collectivist parties brainwashing it into them.

      • William Wilson

        Tom, I think it is a headfake. Because, number one, the media is letting it be seen. The media determines popular (not critical, popular) perceptions. Two, the vid of her collapsing at the 9/11 ceremony, at curb, waiting for van, is too clear and steady. Like professional, not by a civilian with a smart phone. And why didn’t the SS guards run the cameraman off? Three, doubles are plentiful and easy to run. That might have been a Hillary double at the curb.

        So the media wants the public to see that Hillary is too ill to run for office. That means the kikes want a better body in the White House. Is HIllary cooperating with this, or not?

        The end game? I don’t know. Maybe the kikes running the show know that the security and military won’t take orders from Hillary and the kikes fear a Praetorian revolt. So maybe the kike end game is to put a mangina Irishman (Kaine) in there. The kikes love an Irish frontman.

  4. and if you don’t like what they try to force down your throat, the cops will make a visit to your home to enforce the ‘law’. Fucking lowlife pigs.

  5. This article is spot on!

    If some “unforeseen” circumstance dictates the Tyrant in Chief delays the election without Congressional approval, (forget whatever the definition of sufficient cause is, they’ll dream up something…), my fear is that the vast majority will accept it as face value and go along with the usurpation of electoral rights of the individual as well as the system.

    Forget whatever your opinions are regarding voting, once lost for “real”, everything changes…and quickly. So, the question becomes, what’s to be done about it?

    • nothing. Stop “voting”. Right Now. The election is a fraud, delayed or not. If you vote, you validate the Uniparty. Look at the Calif. Senate “election”: a white-hating she-boon Demoncrat vs. a white-baiting Latina Demoncrat. Right now the Nigress polls @ 44%: Jews, Blacks, % self-liquidating urban White Cosmics. The Latina @ 27%: Mexicans. The other 29% are the White suburbanites and rurals who have finally seen the light and are boycotting the fake election. They’re getting it right.

  6. If the election can be delayed, it can be delayed indefinitely.

    • “…If the election can be delayed, it can be delayed indefinitely..”

      If the election can be delayed, it will be delayed indefinitely.

      Fixed it for you.

  7. Stealth Spaniel

    Hildabeast won’t be getting healthier as time passes, I doubt if Kaine has 2 thoughts at the same time, and the entire world now knows everyone at the DNC are rank and file crooks. (I know, like the other side isn’t!). If the Elites decide to “delay” this election, it will be the first shot fired in the coming Civil War. So, there’s that.

    • Spot on, sir.

      The only addendum I can come up with to your scenario is, how long can the election be stalled (promises only, as we know the real answer) before the game goes white hot?

    • Nah. You got Xmas in December. That’s no time to start a civil war. Superbowl in January, baseball spring training, spring break, etc… By then it’s too hot. Unless you cut off the cable and the air conditioner, I don’t see it happening.

  8. “Election day may very well change us this year from citizens to subjects…and those unwilling to bend the knee into traitors.”

    IMHO we have been there for a while now; way before whatever happens this November or thereafter and I do not see it changing.

  9. They’ll do it, the GOP will be fine with it, the oath keepers and three percenters will stand idly by as we have someone or something worse then Hillary hoisted upon us.

  10. If they pull a “delayed election”, it is game on. Any public official that abides by the results of that illegitimacy is a boot licking jellyfish and deserves whatever comes there way.

    • This is what I have been thinking.
      Its why I dont put a lot of stock in the ideas that Obama will try to delay the election and so forth.
      I think the result would completely wipe away the veil of legitimacy that still clings to the government in general and people would be more than willing to hit the streets and go to guns.

      Now thats not to say that they will not try and switch a candidate in at the last second to keep them clean from Trumps attacks.

  11. FrozenPatriot

    If you’re planning on voting, and the elections are illegally delayed, plan on showing up at your polling place on the Tuesday after the first Monday in November. Bring the copy of the duly passed law and demand to vote.

    Separately, show up on the revised election day (if there ever is one) and bring the aforementioned law. Whatever accusations you make with the applicable law in hand is up to you. Be aggressive…

    • If, IF the elections are canceled, well…
      It’s nearly time.


    • That would require you knowing who the election officials in your area are…and where they work. The aggregate can’t be won, but I tend to think you could make an impact in your town/county if you worked hard. 54 days…

      • Counties in GA have election offices with staff…you know, mommies and daddies working there.

        Nearly time? It’s past time. We will wait until they have neutered us before we decide it’s actually time to act.

        • It’s still prepping the battlespace time.

          “Never interrupt your enemy when he is making a mistake.”

          ― Napoléon Bonaparte

  12. Highly unlikely – like betting on getting hit by lightning, with real money at stake – but fun to play thought-wargames with.

    Any forfeit due to Shrillary’s mendacious incapacity, or any other reason, plausible or implausible, is simply a real-world default to Trump getting 400 electoral votes, and TPTB are simply going to have to cowboy up to their $#!^-sandwich buffet.

    If the Lightbringer from Kenya, or any other cabal of assorted @$$clowns tries to postpone that day or outcome, for any number of hastily-concocted rationales, it will simply be the green flag to everyone to open festivities, skipping spicy (Fort Sumter) and sporty (Bull Run), and going straight to bloodbath (Antietam).

    The few who want that – and are mouth-frothingly over-prepared for it – aren’t on the .gov side.
    But if anyone is seriously worried about it, invest in companies that sell rope, and go long.
    And of course, have a lovingly-updated target list in a safe place.
    No sense letting a good crisis go to waste, right?

  13. Ugh…..”doom and gloom”.

    Pay attention, the election. WILL NOT BE DELAYED.

    Remember the Ebola boogeyman from a few years ago?

    • Ebola didn’t stick here ( and bet your ass they wanted it to) because as slovenly as some are we were just plain too clean for it to spread.

      And we don’t dry hump the recently departed.

  14. The million-dollar question for Patriots to consider may be; what their personal “trigger” is?

    Example; how many Patriots converging on key terrain/objectives throughout the country, would it take for other patriots to drop everything; risk it all, and join-in?

    1,000, 10,000, 25,000?

    Frame of Reference; < 1,000 Patriots (average was @250 per day during the week, perhaps as many as 600 on weekends) were at the mine in Grants Pass, OR. and some guys came all the way from Michigan and Alabama to risk it all and help.

    Rhetorical question; what's your number?

    • Jimmy the Saint

      It can’t be a personal trigger, or there’ll just be a bunch of unsupported one-offs that won’t accomplish much of anything concrete, though they would stack up some bodies.

  15. MichiganderJim

    I don’t get it. The point is obviously that the illegality would establish illegitimacy. But every gun statute is already illegal. Every warrant that doesn’t particularly describe the place and things to be searched or seized is illegal. Obamacare is illegal. Civil asset forfeiture is illegal. For that matter, every tiny “civil infraction” is illegal, as enforced in most jurisdictions.

    Why in the world would this particular illegality have anything to do with legitimacy, when the endless run of other illegal actions don’t?

    Simple common sense says that the date one votes for rulers, can’t change the legitimacy of having rulers, let alone scumbag rulers like these.

    • It’s about optics. While I agree with you re unlawful gun regulations, it isn’t likely to motivate anyone to do anything. Like it or not, we NEED many of the Trump crowd to at least tacitly support us. Without popular support, you have the last debacle in OR. A clear flashpoint must be reached and it needs to be something that can be easily understood in under 2 min. The propaganda value of a delayed election is enormous. Either we capitalize on it or have one of the last fortuitous moments for resistance kicked out from under us. It is about being right, but being right at the right time. People don’t care about what we do, and we need to work within that paradigm.

      I can argue all day that 4473’s are unconstitutional and watch people’s eyes glaze over before I get to the 3. People are irrational and wholly uneducated about freedom. People attach feelings to things, i.e. why does anybody care about a copper statue stuck in a harbor of some woman holding a torch? It’s irrational. Tell men their spouse is no different than the other 6B people in the world and she might even be genetically and physically inferior to a good chunk of the population, statistically speaking. Does it advance freedom? There were a hundred abuses before the Boston Tea Party. However, that was what captured the zeitgeist and galvanized a city.

      I’m in it to win it and if that means I have to play the fool and cajole anyone and everyone into stampeding into the right way then I will. I don’t disagree with your analysis, but I’m willing to do anything, try anything and write anything that will end this evil. If part of that includes swallowing my outrage at the plethora of illegal laws already on the books and break it down to a simple level, then I will. Any suggestions other than hide in a hole are appreciated.

      • MichiganderJim

        “I’m in it to win it and if that means I have to play the fool and cajole anyone and everyone into stampeding into the right way then I will.”

        This isn’t to you and I’m not arguing. Winners don’t look to others to win.

  16. Alfred E. Neuman

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  17. MaryfromMarin

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  18. They won’t delay the election, though I don’t think it matters much IF they do. It surely will not be the final straw. They may switch out Hitlery with some other bitch who is just as bad or worse for any of a myriad of reasons. The way the media is propagandizing “women are the best” and men are idiots, I don’t see the Demoncraps putting up any man for President. Not this cycle.

    Whoever is running for the Ds, the big city precinct vote rigging will be just enough to put a D into the WH. Then the next D President will try to confiscate guns as Bracken mentioned a few weeks ago. THAT will kick off the coming unpleasantness not a delayed or on time election.

    Grey Ghost