Transatlantic Meme Of The Week


Via GoV.

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  1. OT:

    Best indictment of the shitbirds known as CONgress that I’ve seen. Truth here.

  2. not all that Deplorable: Orban wants Hungary to retain its borders and Whiteness…but he also wants to stay on the Jew-EU central bank debt-tit. In fact it was Orban, just a few moths back, who shut down Richard Spencer’s alt-Right meeting in Budapest. Can’t have it both ways. He must pull Hungary out of the EU altogether, and line up with the Russians against NATO or, pretty soon, Hungary will go the way of Greece, France, Germany. Same goes for Poland, Slovakia, and any other White Euro-nation that wants to defeat the Judeo-globalists and ALL their invasive armies: Muslim, Black, Brown, and Yellow. Gates of Strudel wants to portray Orban as alt-Right because he’s anti-Muslim…but that’s not good enough; he’s got a ways to go yet.

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