Unconventional Warfare Psychological Operations: An ODA’s Experience at JRTC


Useful AAR insights, via SWJ.

You are planning how to influence others in your area to your POV, right?

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  2. This is good. Beware the tablet pinging cell towers though. Most come with 4G or somesuch these days.

    I’d also add running all product through a metadata anonymization tool as well. Surf over to “The Order of the White Rose” website and take a look at how to set up a laptop for clan comms. TAILS is your friend here as well. The Jester’s website has good info also, as does ITS.

    Email over HF fits here also. There are a number of good encryption programs that will allow cutting and pasting of encrypted messages. Arrange keys beforehand.


    The handoff of thumbdrives, etc., is the beginning of a return to tradecraft. Laptops with Linux installed can be had from Goodwill for $50-$150 all day long. Learn to run various things off micro SD cards/thumbdrives.

  3. Having lived in 3 locations and traveled most of CONUS in the last 16 months, I’ve had the luxury of tuning my psy-op skills. Along the way I’ve planted the seeds of resistance among the different AO’s (My last residence was a non-stop 11 year goat fuck because I hadn’t been exposed to WRSA’s great contributors to learn from, but no doubt even those folks gleaned some good info from me) but I’ve made some allies there forever. I can say with an amount of certainty, 3% is a high number at this point. You just have to keep at it. Most important thing I’ve learned is to keep compartmentalization a priority.

    Like MSG Morgan says:


  4. Good comments on that story too.

  5. So I got to take part in a JTRC rotation as the type PSYOP support this AAR mentions the ODA had trouble communicating with. We had the same challenges there which isn’t much different from the challenges we had in Afghanistan. The SF cool guys are usually running some secret squirrel grey or black PSYOP while we at times were limited (usually by overly cautious leadership and not actual legal requirements) to putting out little more than public service announcements. At best when I could link up with them I asked what I could do to NOT disrupt what they were doing. This worked well because they didn’t have to read me on to their program they just had to say something like “don’t push reporting unexploded ordinance in this area, I won’t say why but trust me”. So while I was limited in being able to actively augment their efforts I at least kept myself and my teams from disrupting them inadvertently.
    The most frustrating thing about JTRC was our scenario was a large conventional force on force fight, the idea being all our forces have gotten used to fighting insurgencies and we need to retrain on fighting other large nations with a military on parity with our own (imagine the S-6 realizing an enemy could jam our comms or Aviation facing honest to god sophisticated anti-aircraft weapons, but I digress).
    So while some infantry commanders are learning what to do with their PSYOP support in COIN operations they think we are worthless in initial invasion kinetic ops which isn’t the case. We can do a lot more than just go around and kiss the ass of local key leaders and hand out handbills.
    As you look to employ your own information operations remember your capabilities are only limited by your imagination.

  6. Anybody know if they still fly the Mi24 and Mi8 while down there during a rotation? After leaving ISOFAC, most missions were DA or some type of extended reconnaissance. No black ops or secret squirrel, Just high speed 11B TTP’s if contact was made with OPFOR. Or if it was an ambush, it was always very boring and the very standard linear or ambush.
    Now when I was with the 7th we tried this ambush called a “Box” ambush didnt care for it too much although it was just fine as a “harassing” ambush.

  7. linear or L-shaped ambush*
    Sorry got distracted by my little one asking for help on some homework.