MVT: More On The Harsh Realities Of CQB


Important material, not the least of which are the USMC AARs from Fallujah.

Practice of the correct type should under plan and execution now.

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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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  2. Apples to oranges unless you live in the SW desert amongst adobe huts which populated CONUS is mostly NOT.

    I seriously can’t understand why anyone would’ve went over there in the first place, but whatever…

    I just don’t see that scenario here in Fusa. I mean really, who fucking cares if some ghetto rat wants to barricade themselves in their hell hole anyways? Let ’em. If you really have a bone to pick, camp there, and loudly play mily cyrus, katy perry, or some hillbilly shit 24/7 until they can’t take any longer, or just throw in a can of gas and light it up and call it a day.

    That training is useless where I live. You better be ready for woodland/jungle warfare up here, oh, and bring your extreme cold weather gear for the 6 months of snow and sub freezing temps… I’m thinking the money would be better spent on training to defeat zombie hordes, dismounted poLICE patrols, thermal imaging, NV, or disable MRAPs, Bearcats, and Drones…

  3. Tires, gasoline and a road flare are usually pretty good at room clearing. Don’t play the game, just burn the game down and deal with the ones that stumble out. Change the paradigm.

  4. Fuck Max AND “Mosby” (Not there real names) they aren’t doing anything that will help me in any way. This is about them taking money to let some overfed survivalist’s “play war” for the week and think they got “training”. I really don’t care what foul mouthed “know it all” tinhorn assholes (mosby) or “my way or no way , everybody’s wrong but me” know it all jackasses (Max) have to say about anything. When people start telling ANYONE that they are “wrong” because they “use the wrong weapon” or “don’t carry equipment I approve”(and sell) They are too full of Bull Shit for me to ever take seriously. Nothing ether one of them is doing is “real world” valid IMO. And Max’s “pay for view” web sight is both funny and sad. But something I stopped reading long ago. Mosby just spends too much effort telling everybody what kind of badass killer ninja SF operator he is for me to EVER take him seriously. My step father spent 32 years in the Army. Ten of them on Smoke Bomb Hill and NONE of the SF Troopers I met growing up EVER ran the mouth like Mosby.

  5. MichiganderJim

    Whew, Ray. I guess everyone makes their own judgments. I’m good with that. Sounds like an end state to me.