The Mainstream Media Bet the Farm on Hillary–and Lost



May they choke to death slowly as people turn the channel.

Or better yet – kill their TVs.


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  1. Alfred E. Neuman

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    • Good article.
      MSM is fineto & will not recover from the failed social cultural experiment. MSM is beyond risible, farcical & pathetic. They screwed the pooch this time for good. Haven’t watched the Tell-Lie- Vision in eons & no ill effects other than a clearer & less distracted mindset & ideology.
      Mass Mainstream Media is clearly a WMD = Weapon of Mass Distraction in this context. The context matches the evidence in this instance.
      Since we can see the Shadow Government’s hand clearly now, perhaps more Americans can finally get to the party & see the Pharisee Occulted Powers coterie that claims the Planet as they’re dominion. The agents & methods of tyranny & destruction they use to infiltrate, disrupt, distract, exploit, destabilize, debauche etc. are mostly known & visible. Insurgents – Guerrillas – Activists – Terrorists – Rebels – Patriots – Freedum Fighters et al etc. are all tools of the political ponerology & pathocracy’s toolbox. The ponerologous ethic-less & amoral corrupt media w/ zero oversight has become the Whore of Babylon’s bedfellow.
      More than eight years (& probably longer, since at least JFK) of our lives tracking & proving these despot’s – statist’s are lying. Pissing on our backs & telling us it’s raining. Nothing says Epic Fail like that.

      Nothing kills more than structural Violence, Ignorance, conscious stupidity & poverty, nothing comes even close.

      The PTB managed to get the ‘Superfecta’ this go around.
      Now we are left w/ the destruction left from a Shadow Government illegal Trojan Horse & virus who w/ lots of help has been able to appoint other despot’s – stattist’s or amoral ignorant sycophants who like freeloaders at a ‘block party’ give nothing & take everything that isn’t affixed to the property. Idiots shrugging they’re shoulders with unwitty schadenfreude quibs such as ‘such is life’ or ‘don’t look at me’ or ‘not my circus not my Monkeys’ etc. Makes me want to hurl mephitic bile. Current State of the Union is Red Queen Theory Evolutionary & Economic dynamics in play. Adapt, adjust or perish into the abyssmal void of poverty. Competing w/ illegal aliens – refugees. Who are already given priority due to governmental entitlement programs. The Facistocracy BORG wants to ensure it’s newly recruited voters. Circling the toilet bowl one true at a time.

  2. OT: just a good song found ……will they rise?…..will have to if they want their families to live.

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    A wormhole of lies and half truths.
    I hope I live to see how history writes about this era. I know that can only happen if WE THE PEOPLE take back this Nation!

    • How about living to see and take part in exterminating the evil which has usurped the idea behind freedom of the press and freedom of speech, freedom of religion, will of the governed, economic freedom, promoted and instigated racism at every opportunity, carried the water of lies of the globalists and cultural marxists, created scapegoats out of the dirt people, and in every conceivable fashion possible ignored, denigrated, attacked, villainized, and shit on us dirt people, laughed as they called us tea baggers, domestic terrorists, white racists, racist crusaders, white trash, bitter clingers, and the best despicable stigmata so to disenfranchise us, named us deplorables, and all this, and more in as components of an agenda to destroy this here republic to begin with. An evil which is a tool used to destroy our freedoms and liberty in the guise of the media.
      Is there a group of people any more hideous and hateful than the lap dog media, ones more responsible for enabling the malice and destruction of the fabric and culture of our country?
      I myself believe the press is without doubt or reservation the greatest traitors and usurpers imaginable. Without this morass of collectivist scalawags those in power would not be in power.

      • Is there a group of people any more hideous and hateful than the lap dog media, ones more responsible for enabling the malice and destruction of the fabric and culture of our country?

        ah. poLICE?

    • History is written and disseminated by the victorious. The slaughtered and massacred soylent proceed into the dustbin. The stench will render 95% of the remaining cannon fodder useless. You take life for granted, until the person next to you is extinguished. Everything into perspective, quickly.This will not pan out like most Mericans think.
      I have been seeking Sargent Franklin John Rock. No luck yet. I will not give up.

  4. In the darkest days of the Trump campaign, only the Alt-right stood by him. Just his kids, Milo and Ann Coulter. August 1 Hillary looked to be getting 400 electoral votes. Everybody had left him, yelling ” see, I told you so”. There was only Pepe, Harambe and the usual gang of idiots, the Alt-right.
    Out of nowhere, Milo has became a stunning force to be reckoned with. No one saw Milo coming. Between burning down Twitter, and his rampage through collage campuses via his ‘Dangerous Faggot tour’, he has ripped a gaping,Titanic sized whole in a critical Hillary demographic; the young, educated, online community that has a job and a little money. Should Trump win, this community, and Amerika, owe this strange gay man from London a whole lotta thanks. And I’m guessing the weirdness ain’t over yet.

    • Stop it. You’re embarrassing yourself.

    • Milo is a Jewish fudge-packer, sent in to do a Tea Party on the Alt-Right. And Trump isn’t the slightest threat to the ZOG. Post-fake election, whichever scumbag wins, the Badness will continue: same Kosher Culture of Death – abortion, porn, faggotry, feminism; same debt-drowned, thieving, Central Jewbank-dictated Ponziconomy; same Zionist-imperialist “War on Terror” pumping domestic oppression; same genocidal, open-borders insourcing of 7,000 non-Whites per day.

  5. Has any ever realized that slime is not like play doe, Play doe can be molded, slime is just that “Slime”

    O’le Rich

  6. “A traitor in front of a camera is still just a traitor.”

    Read “What I Saw at the Coup” by Matt Bracken. Much of today’s media organs are chock full of treasonous scumbag sycophants and the rest are terrified they’ll be “Hastinged” if they go off script.

    Here we are, imagine where we will be?

    Stay positive, keep prepping.

  7. I have a theory regarding the never Trumpers and the forked tongue fence sitters who typically say Trump is the next nationalistic strong man, that he could be a corrective factor in these here dis-united states, but he isn’t fit to be president. What a fucking load of crap.
    It isn’t Trumps “fitness”, anybody can be, and anybody has the ability, and the right to be president, they forget themselves saying otherwise, this is a republic of will of the governed, it is a double standard of epic proportions. I don’t give a rats ass what you say otherwise. A natural born cultural marxist red diaper baby and black race supremacist was elected, twice, and hey you fucking numbnuts, how’s that worked out so far? Besides, if “fitness” to be president was an issue worth more than a bucket of warm spit, the Vagina Too Big Too Fail would have been disqualified in the democratic party primaries already.
    It isn’t Donald Trump’s fitness that is in question here, nor the psychopath in an oven mitt, it is the fitness of those who denigrate and poo poo the likes of Donald Trump and his Deplorables to be Americans to begin with. In a nut shell they are afraid, cowards to a man, true chicken shits who are scared of having to do the hard things, like fight for what is right, to stand up against the status quo and it’s collectivist class, truly, make America back into the great place it was and can be. They are afraid of things like defiance, resistance to tyranny, Lord forbid the idea of revolution is spoken, and Secession and Abolition of the federal leviathan, it’s apostasy. Hey you mental fucking midgets, how do you think this republic happened in the first place? They are the worst kind of enemy of freedom and liberty there is, worse than the likes of obama and his ilk, they outnumber the musloids by the millions, they are the resistance is futile crowd.
    Makes me sick, I want to gag.
    What a collectivist bunch of losers in their own class.
    They are the totalitarians creeping around among us.

    • I play a different track of thinking on Libs I meet these days.
      me: You are liberal and compassionate for others are you not?
      lib: You bet I am! That is why I am for HRC.
      me: You know Clinton has some health issues don’t you?
      lib: Yes but they appear minor and under control.
      me: Well if you are compassionate like you say you are you won’t vote this election. The office of President has aged the most hale of individuals, for anyone with less than stellar health it is a death sentence. You don’t want to kill Clinton do you?

      The three libs I have tried this on were left speechless. Clear indication of the cognitive dissonance in their mental views.

    • What you said.

  8. They are not ‘mainstream media.’
    They are treasonous shitbags,
    enemies of our Republic and
    whoring propagandists.
    There is nothing jounalistic about
    them deserving of the protections
    of the first amendment or the
    Fuck them.

  9. We’re going to win.

    What’s left probably won’t look like anything we Deplorables™ have imagined yet, and a lot of good people will die in the process, but we’re going to win. And by “win,” I mean kick some leftist ass.

    More and more people, every day, realize that our “betters” are full of shit. A dumb ass from a pro football team runs his mouth, and viewership of his team’s next game drops by 25%. A spin doctor tells a whopper about the anointed candidate’s health, and a second doctor calls them on it. Comments sections in the propaganda organs’ websites have to be closed, because the comments blast them for their lies.

    They’re going to censor the internet ,starting on October 1st, forcing people to print samizdat newspapers and gather face to face. Otherwise known as them shooting themselves in the foot.

    We’re going to win.

  10. wealthy farmer

    Before we get too worked up over the demise of Hillary/victory of Trump, may I point out that 1) the election has not happened yet, 2) the clintons are the two slipperiest, trashiest motherfuckers ever to grace ANY national stage.Young folks just don’t remember the ’90’s and Bill trying to worm his way out of the monica scandal with trash-lawyer arguing about the meaning of the word ‘THE’. That’s right-I can’t make this shit up.

    I PREDICT for 2016 MASSIVE targeted election fraud, using EVERYTHING at their disposal: GIS mapping of crucial precincts, AI hacking of electronic voting systems, at least a handful of targeted murders of local election officials to ‘send a message’ to potential whistleblowers, etc. It will make the hanging chads fiasco in Florida 2000 look like nothing.

    • And the Rove Republicans will be HELPING them in those states where they control the electoral process.

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  12. Hillary will be “elected” POTUS. If they have to blow up the voting machines, call up the National Guard and shoot protesting Trump supporters down in the streets, Hillary will be elected POTUS.
    A grown man knows the world he lives in. And these communist bastards are deadly, ruthlessly serious. Harden hearts.

  13. Fellas, Clitllary will be the next potus. They will try to cheat at the ballot box (duh) but if that falls through and Trump wins the popular vote by a landslide the bitch is going to take the electoral college. In 24 states (i believe), the electors don’t have to cast their vote by the popular vote. I’m sure the nsa has all the dirt she needs to extort the electors, ( aka Judge Roberts) that’s why some have already predicted her win early on. In response we will cry to do away with the corrupt electoral college, which is where the imported voters come in handy for the next election. Check Mate.

  14. I don’t know. The recent revelation that the anonymous collective of misfits and malcontents at 4chan has trolled Hillary into publicly denouncing a cartoon frog has made her look even more like a crazy cat lady than she did before.

    Mind you, I’m aware that all the dead people in Chicago will vote for the Hildabeast, at least twice if not three times, and ACORN–or, rather, the hundreds of splinter groups it broke up into after some citizen journalists shined the light of truth on them–is still out there, ready to produce as many absentee ballots as necessary from Mr. Zig Zag and Mr. Crack Pipe, Mr. Jack Daniels and Mr. Mickey Mouse, all for Hillary, of course. But it’s going to be even more ham-fisted and obvious than it was last time, and too many people are going to ask questions about the legitimacy of the obviously rigged election results.

    We live in interesting times.

  15. Steve Kristmann

    And….Trump caves!
    Trump says Obama born in US, ‘period’ – after new ‘birther’ dust-up

    Yup, the ‘murikan’ organs of Pravda, Tass and Izvestia are functioning
    for the elites just as they’ve been designed to do….

    Makes me wonder what threat or deal Trumpy was approached with;
    anyone with two functioning braincells between their ears KNOWS
    that obama bin lyin wasn’t born here nor is he an “American” (not
    even in the greenwoodistanian fashion).

    Yours In Liberty! Furthermore islam and it’s enablers MUST be destroyed!
    NorthGunner III